Monday, March 30, 2015

Operation Decisive Storm : Day 5

The Arab Summit is over and Operation Decisive Storm is still on.
Today is the 5th day if I am not mistaken when it comes the Saudi-led operation.
In the morning the sad news came that not less than 45 civilians were killed in a refugee camp by the strikes of the Saudi coalition according to the International Organization Migration “IOM”. According from what I understand the Marzraq refugee camp is close to some Houthi Military location. The photos coming from the camp are completely graphic. Sadly enough the Pro-Saudi Media claimed at first that the Houthis were responsible for this tragedy. Of course after the statement of IOM , you hear nothing.
Thanks to the decade-long fight between Houthis and Ali Abdullah Saleh not less than 100,000 Yemenis are displaced from their original homes especially in the North.
Those thousands are joined by new thousands who are leaving Sana’a and Aden in order to avoid the air strikes.
The Coalition spokesperson the airstrikes will intensify , which means things will be even harder in upcoming days. Regarding the airstrikes on the refugee camp , the Saudi spokesperson said in his briefing to the press that “Houthis implant their forces in residential areas” and that the coalition air forces were targeted from that residential area earlier today.
Interestingly The Saudi Spokesperson that there had been no Naval action or infiltration on Monday when news reports spoke about How the Egyptian Navy warships shelled the Houthis outside Aden.
KSA and allies have to intensify the air strikes as the Houthis are reportedly gaining more land in some irony. Already the strikes on Monday included new city in Yemen after Sana’a , Saada and Aden : Taiz
After the press conference with coupe of hours new air strikes targeted the Houthis’ missiles and ammunition’ facilities in Sana’a, in the  Fag Al-Attan area. The explosion were heard all over the city. Homes and windows were reportedly shaken due to the explosions. Things are getting from bad to worse because tweeps in Sana’a say that the Houthis spread anti-aircrafts missiles on the houses of some districts in the Yemeni capital. This means more civilians will pay the price.
Here are collection of photos and videos showing the situation there.
Those photos are stills from a video shot by political and communication analyst Hisham Omeisy in Sana’a. The video is below.
Hisham Omeisy

Hisham Omesiy 
Hisham Omeisy
Those photos below were taken by photographer called Mohamed El-Ama in Sana’a 

Explosion in Sana’a

Explosions in Sana’a’s Faj Attan hill by Hisham Omeisy

ما يحصل في فج عطان انفجارات تهز البيت والعمارات

Posted by Hani Ali on Monday, March 30, 2015
This video was shot by Yemeni journalist Ali Al-Mujhad and was sent to Washington Post Beirut-based correspondent Hugh Naylor
I really hope that all parties involved in that fight to think about the civilian casualties especially the coalition. The more civilian casualties fall because of the fires of Operation Decisive , the more Houthis will gain public support.
On the other hand the archeologists are concerned with the fate of Old Sana’a which is on the UNESCO World heritage list. 
By the way before I forget regarding the Yemeni refugees , the Egyptian government has issued new restrictions on Yemeni visitors.
From @NoonArabia

The Yemen is currently unhappy


  1. I guess the Arabs understand how the Israelis feel now, with all those mean old houthis using human shields while we try to bomb them.

  2. It is the same Sad story
    Arab kill Arab
    the simple people pay with their blood
    for the mistaks of the rich


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