Sunday, May 31, 2015

Demolishing Egypt's NDP Building While its Soul survives

On Sunday , the Egyptian government started to demolish the building of the former National Democratic Party in Cairo. The Egyptian armed forces’ engineering authority is supervising the process.
The end of that building after decades "Mosaab El-Shamy for AP" 
Bulldozers began to bring that building which was another sign of authoritarian regimes in Egypt since late 1950s despite the demands of many Egyptians to leave the building as a landmark of the 25 January revolution. "Read more about its history at Cairo Observer"

A group from 25 January supporters started petitions in order to keep the NDP building as a reminder for any ruler in Egypt that the Egyptian people are capable to revolt against dictatorship.

On 28 January 2011 a fire started in the NDP building in the evening after the epic storming of protesters to Tahrir square and their clashes with security forces. Legend says the NDP building fire started from inside the building at one of its secret rooms by the orders of Ahmed Ezz himself.

On the other hand , what we have seen in front of the TV channels on that day angry protesters outside the building torching it as well looters who looted the Salons of the NDP in an unforgettable scene.

I remember seeing smokes coming from it next day on 29 January 2011. I remember it like hours earlier today and that feeling while heading to Tahrir square after a sleepless night.

For three years that torched building was a symbolic reminder of that change brought by 25 January revolution despite its failure.

Well,the current government demolished the NDP building today while it is still keen to keep the heritage of Socialist Union then and the NDP alive with the same old authoritarian policies.

They can demolish the building as they want, its stinky evil soul is still there and alive suffocating us for years to come. 

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