Monday, May 4, 2015

Yemenis in Egypt want to return home

Today I passed by the Yemeni embassy in Dokki area , Giza where I found a large group of Yemeni men and women outside it demanding  to return back to their homes Those Yemeni men include students and patients who came to Egypt and found themselves stuck in Egypt as war broke out.

Now they cannot return to their home because the Yemeni airspace has been shut down by Saudi forces. They are also facing economic woes as the Yemeni banks do not transfer money across the borders.

Nearly every day they come and stand like that. According to Ahram Online report by Ayat El-Tawy, nearly 6000 Yemenis are stuck in Egypt currently.

The photos are not clear as I took them from the car while passing by the embassy earlier today.

They were standing everywhere in the very narrow street waiting for some lost hope to return back to their country while stuck in another country.
BY the way, the deployment of Egyptian military units participating in the Saudi-led military operation has been extended for another 3 months.

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