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The blood cycle won’t stop in #Egypt “Updated”

Earlier today, Egypt’s Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat survived was killed in an assassination attempt in Heliopolis where a car carrying TNT targeted his car convoy in his way to work in Downtown Cairo.
The explosions resulted from the attacks were heard in Heliopolis. The photos are showing a huge explosion. At least ten were killed in the explosion including the prosecutor general appointed in July 2013 following the ouster of Morsi.
Hisham Barakat "1950-2015"
Already 4 cars were reportedly torched down and 30 other cars in the area were destroyed.

You can see the impact of the explosion in the photos. "Source: Dr. Monica Hanna on twitter "

The attack happened on his way to work, it is his daily route from what I understand from his home in Heliopolis to his work in Downtown Cairo. The blast happened near the Military academy by the way and supposedly this is a very high secured area as there are lots of military and army buildings there.

Here is a photo gallery from the attack.

Here is a video clip showing the aftermath following the blast.

شاهد على AlMasry AlYoum TV تليفزيون المصري اليوم| اللقطات الأولى من آثار تفجير موكب النائب العامتابع تطورات تفجير موكب النائب العام بالقرب من #الكلية_الحربية عبر الرابطوتابع المزيد من تقارير المصري اليوم المصورة عبر الرابط التالي:
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For hours ,there were contradicting news reports about the health condition of Hisham Barakat. Some news websites like Al-Masry Al-Youm and Youm  reported that his health condition was critical and Ahram Arabic Portal said that he underwent an operation. His assistant told AFP correspondent that he was not injured “lightly”.
On the other had we got statements from the ministry of health officials above them the minister of health himself saying the injuries were light, mostly in his face and in his nose.
Updated: Hisham Barakat , Egypt’s Prosecutor General has passed away hours later

Health Ministry official spokesperson to MBC Masr : The Prosecutor General got a cut in his nose.
Now I am reading reports that he came out from the Operation room and he is fine while other reports say that he is still in a bad condition.

A security source to Ahram Arabic portal : The prosecutor general is suffering from internal bleeding and his condition was not stable.
Of course others who accompanied him are not fine. I read that two of his guards were in a critical condition. Updated: The two guards passed away as well. 

Officially Hisham Barakat is the first Egyptian prosecutor General to be killed in Egypt's modern history. He is also the highest Egyptian official to be assassinated since the assassination of late People's assembly speaker Rifaat El-Mahgoub in 1990

In no time a militant group “The Popular Resistance in Giza” claimed responsibility for the attack,  according to a Facebook statement following the attack directly.

Nevertheless, a couple of hours later the statement was removed and instated we found a post with photos from the blast.
The alleged announcement 
An alleged official “ Popular resistance” Twitter account claimed that the group had no Facebook pages and its announcements were released through its twitter account only.

Anyhow here is a profile about that group.
If I am not mistaken, this is the first time the Prosecutor General is targeted in assassination attempt like that.

It is similar if not identical to the attempt to assassinate former minister Mohamed Ibrahim of interior in Nasr City. Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM” claimed responsibility of that attack which was allegedly led by a former military officer.

“ABM” is considered the first militant group in Egypt to announce its allegiance to Levant-based “Islamic State” in November 2014. The group is now known as “Sinai province”

I won’t be surprised to find out that “ABM” or rather so-called “Islamic State” is standing behind that attack considering their activities recently to celebrate their bloody “caliphate” anniversary.

Already ABM released yesterday a video showing the assassination of 4 judges in North Sinai, an operation that took place last month. This can not be a coincidence.

Despite officially the investigations have just started Egypt's Information Service "SIS" officially sent an email to foreign correspondents that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for the attack.
From journalist Jihad Khalil 
The Muslim Brotherhood members from their side, the official MB members are accusing the regime to stand behind the blast in order to foil their attempt to peacefully protest against the 30 June Coup.

I think one thing is that such attack will generate more anger and we will have more vengeful actions from the regime which already did not waste any time in the past when it comes oppression and fighting freedoms in the name of counter-terrorism. It is like expecting darker times.

It is like an endless cycle of opposite vengeance and retaliation from both sides “The regime and the militants regardless of how they are” away from justice and human rights. It is an ugly cycle of blood that should be broken now in the correct way in order to save this country from its own Iraq/Syria Scenario.

Now I am ready pleas from El-Sisi supporters to impose the emergency law in the country and to carry out executions as well to have military trials. Those guys do not know that military trials are now active.

Of course, anyone dares to criticize Hisham Barakat now is  a traitor and is working with the terrorists.

U.S Embassy condemned the assassination of the Prosecutor General in a short statement issued Monday afternoon.

Other foreign embassies in Egypt including UK, Netherland and Switzerland as well the UN secretary general condemned the attack.


  1. Where did you find the other information about 10 dead in the attack? There is still a lot of conflicting information, as far as I can see Egyptian media is not reporting any deaths aside from the prosecutor general.

  2. It is apparent that Egypt is targetted by terrorism openly now....the Armed Forces, Thunderbolts, and CSF/Police must exact a terrible punishment on MB and Islamists throughout the country. The forces that have been trained to fight Israel must be unleashed on internal enemies now.

    Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud Shehata
    Egyptian Army
    Corps of Combat Engineers 1985-2009

  3. Remember the Mahallah revolutionary council and the Republic of Mahallah? Egypt does not have to be defined by blood soaked jihadists and blood soaked military fascists.

    There is no reason why democratic confederalism should be considered only acceptable in select parts of Syria. Let it wash over all of the Middle East. The jihadists and the military fascists both want everyone to expend their blood to for a few psychopathic individuals. But there is a third option. One that does not require shedding blood.

    1. Not a fan of the PYD?

    2. Actually, Anonymous 6/30/2015 10:29:00 PM, it was the self-important Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud Shehata whom I meant to tell to "go away"! Sorry for my mistake.

    3. Ah, I see, no problem.

  4. People should also be careful about racist rants against the right of the Egyptian people to liberty and democracy. Racist rhetoric can manifest itself in the form Dylan Roof style actions. The jihadists, the military fascists, and the baltegya terrorists all derive their power from the Arab slave/minion manual. If enough people shed the slave/minion consciousness, these dips will crumble away. The Arab tyrant-terrorist (same thing) is powerless without the Arab slave/minion.

    1. The Armed Forces of the Arab Republic of Egypt have the moral duty to define the rights and obligations of the people as well as to direct the politics of the people. This is part of the Armed Forces' historic obligation or covenant due to the Revolution of July 1952 which was renewed in July 2013.

      Right now the Army, Special Forces/Thunderbolts who have been armed and trained to fight Israel and external enemies/invasions must be unleashed and go to war against internal enemies - the Criminal Brotherhood so that not a single Egyptian will ever dare to support the Criminal Brotherhood again.

      Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud Shehata
      Egyptian Army
      Corps of Combat Engineers 1985-2009

    2. Such view is truly the definition of a military dictatorship. Rights and obligations of the people of Egypt are defined by a Parliament that has been established by democratic elections. It is the obligation and duty of the Armed Forces to defend the nation and to uphold the will of the people of Egypt. It is NOT the obligation of the Armed Forces to rule Egypt.

      As for Barakat - he does not matter. What happened in Tunisia is what we really should be afraid of. Once the terrorists will direct their aggression on tourism it will kill our economy. Now - the regime is not even capable to safeguard their own henchmen - does anyone seriously trust they could protect our foreign guests?

    3. A Tunisia-like situation will not happen in Egypt because of the ever vigilant Interior Ministry, Central Security Forces and State Security. However if some Egyptians keep on talking about human rights and democracy then it might happen, because too much emphasis on human rights and liberty hinders and obstructs the work of our Army and Police officers, and ultimately lowers THE MORALE of the Armed Forces and the Interior Ministry Forces. For army and police, morale is everything and too much talk about parliament being the boss lowers our morale.

      Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud Shehata
      Egyptian Army
      Corps of Combat Engineers 1985-2009

  5. Allah swt ya Rham Barackat

    Still Arab kill Arab??


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