Thursday, July 16, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.29 & 30”

The end of this season from Ramadan Radio Arabian Nights is coming as it seems.
Now Nour is mermaid now who is married to his beloved Seas Mermaid. They are supposedly happy, but there is something missing.

Nour is missing his father and mother. He feels sad that he left the land without saying goodbye to them. Frustrated and angry , he decided to head to old Sea Witch at the Sour sea with his wife
Princess Seas Mermaid. He wanted the old witch to find a way to undo or at least temporarily suspend that magical needle in his body so he can restore his human form.
The Old sea witch shocked him when she told him that she got no more magic and she could not help him.
Depressed and sad , Princess Seas Mermaid suggested that he would write a message to his dad on a deerskin and put it in a fancy box along with 100 pieces of gold and his father’s address so whoever found the box, he would take the hundred pieces of gold and deliver the message to Sheikh Mansour of Gor.
Seas Mermaid also put a curse on the box that whoever failed to deliver and decided to keep it for himself or herself.
Of course the box did not end up at Sheik Mansour’s house but it ended up at an old cursed lady in China as we know.
This was the story of Nour as inscribed on a deerskin, as it was read by an old man to the Sultan and his wife. Now the old Sheikh will tell the sultan and his wife what happened to sheikh Mansour.

Sheikh Mansour searched for his son but in vain as his boy seems to be vanished from the surface of earth. One winter and while taking a shelter at a waste and , a Jinn appeared to Sheikh Mansour who was crying for his son. The Jinn knew the story of Mansour and his son. He decided to help the old human. He told Mansour to head to the Dragon pond to see his sister Queen Sabrine who could lead him to his lost son. Sheikh Mansour should arrive the pond and cross it before Sunset otherwise he would miss meeting that Queen of Jinn.
The Jinn gave sheikh Mansour his winged horse because it would take two years to reach Dragon pond if he used his human abilities only.
Sheikh Mansour arrived pond and while he was crossing it , he found an old lady asking his help to cross it. As a good man ,Mansour decided to help the old lady despite she may slow him. For his surpris , the old lady turned to be Queen of Jinn , Sabrine whom he wanted to see.
He explained his problem , a problem which Sabrine can not even find. Sabrine tells Mansour to search everywhere for his son but the old man reminds her that his age is too old. Thus the good Jinn decided to make Sheikh Mansour drink form magical water that would prolong his life till the moment he would meet his sons or know anything about him.
For decades and centuries , the old man traveled chasing a mirage , till one he entered that city in China after an earthquake where he heard the people speaking about the old cursed lady and her box. He also heard about the deerskin and the Sultan’s demand.
Yes that old Sheikh standing in the Sultan’s court was Sheikh Mansour and for the surprise of everybody , the very old man just disappeared after finishing his story leaving clothes that turned in to dust.
The Sultan orders his vizier to write down the story of Mansour and his son Nour down in the city’s archives.
That’s folks, Scheherazade finished her story for this year.
Well at least our Little Mermaid had a more cheerful end than the original Hans Anderson’s Little Mermaid. Nevertheless I feel there is a bit sadness in it, how Nour lived away his family and how his father missed him.
By the way in 1985 , the Egyptian State TV presented a televised version of this story directed by Fahmy Abdel Hameed and starring legendary Diva Sherihan.

I hope you liked it this year.
See you next year inshallah in another Radio Arabian Night :))
Happy Eid Smile

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