Thursday, July 9, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.22 ”

The old sea witch is now telling what happened with Princess Seas Mermaid to her father King San-hur in an attempt to defend herself against his anger.
We continue listening to our tale this Ramadan, the tale of the Cursed Lady’s Wall.

The witch told the king of the seven seas, San-Hur what happened between her and his daughter whom she turned to a a full human.

The king is furious. The old wicked witch tells him that she expected that to happen and so she searched for a way to make his daughter return back to him. She gave to him a magical serpent that turned into a dagger.

The Witch told the king that if that dagger reached to Seas Mermaid and she used it to kill her human love Nour, then everything would return as it used to be including her mermaid nature and voice.

The king orders his men to detain the old witch while he would go to his daughter and save her life at the Yellow sea. His niece told him that she would go instead of him because she may convince Seas Mermaid to kill her love better than him.

That’s how she found Princess Seas Mermaid crying while unable to speak on the ship. She convinced her to kill Nour by the magical dagger. “When his blood appears on the magical dagger’s blade, you will return to her Mermaid’s nature and voice, you only have to do it before dawn” She told our little mermaid. 
Unfortunately during then Seas Mermaid decided to take the hard the decision to kill her prince charming Nour. She sneaked inside his cabin to find his dad sleeping beside him. She could not do it as he was dreaming about her mentioning her name during his sleep.
She kissed him and decided to throw the drag into the sea. She also decided to kill herself and throw herself.
She did throw herself to the sea and then …
We will know tomorrow inshallah in another night from our Ramadan Arabian nights. 

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