Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mohamed Mahmoud clashes : The Young people still remember it

Today, Non-Islamist Pro-25 January revolution protesters and supporters commemorated the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud clashes mostly online as usual.
In case you forgot, the Clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud erupted in November 2011 following the violent dispersal of a sit-in against the Supra-Constitution principles proposed by SCAF.
The clashes took place at Mohamed Mahmoud street and surrounding streets. Not less than 40 protesters were killed and hundreds were injured.
Many protesters lost their eyes in those clashes. 
Strangely we used to have parliamentary elections during then just like now and I remember that the Muslim Brotherhood leading figures were afraid that those clashes would spoil the elections.
In November 2012, the clashes renewed once again between protesters and security forces during the commemoration of the clashes in 2011.
It feels like ages !!
In November 2013, Once again the clashes erupted when protesters protested in Tahrir square and one protester was killed during the clashes.
In November 2015, a small group of protesters organized a stand at 6 October bridge Thursday afternoon.
The stand by Momen Samir
#Egypt_is sinking
I have seen this lady in protests since 2011 in many protests 

To be honest, I do not recall that I stumbled on any invitation or call for a protest or commemoration or a stand by any group in the past days.
The protesters carried anti-regime banners
During the stand
Support the Revolution youth
If you are against El-Sisi, honk 

Personally, I think it is April 6 Youth movement.
Those few protesters called for the release of the detainees above them Photographer Shawkan and April 6 Youth Ahmed Maher.
Freedom For Shawkan
Freedom for Maher
Freedom for Ahmed Abdel Rahman 

Glory for the martyrs 
Here is a video clip showing the protest filmed by Reuters' Aswat Masriya.

Anyhow, this is a very brave action from a brave few.
At least 5 protesters were arrested and transferred to a Downtown Cairo police station.
They are being investigated by National Security up till now.
By the way , the young people in Egypt are the ones that still remember Mohamed Mahmoud street and its clashes 


  1. I so appreciate being able to follow your blog in English, thanks for providing the translations on the signs above thank you for providing an on the ground perspective on what's going on in Egypt.


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