Monday, November 30, 2015

Political Graffiti reaches Luxor

Following the escalation in the torture case of Luxor, a new political graffiti appeared in the Upper Egyptian city that says a lot.
That graffiti painting surfaced days after the death of Talaat Shabeeb last Tuesday in the police custody.
No Hatem has ever stood a trial

It says “Is this chaos ?? No Hatem has ever stood a trial” depicting from a silhouette of a low ranking police officer.
Hatem and the Silhouette depict the character “Hatem”, the corrupted low-ranking police officer in Youssef Chahin ‘s last film “Is This chaos !?”.

I can tell that the graffiti was inspired by the film’s poster.
The film's poster
I do not know who is the graffiti artist behind it.
Portrayed by late Khaled Saleh , “Hatem” has become a symbol for the corrupted and much hated low ranking police officer  and police officers in general.  
The words in the graffiti come from the fact that very few police officers and low-ranking officers stood trials in the past years for torture-related charges.
Eye witnesses in Luxor city say that it is spread but to be honest I have not seen more photos for it in Luxor in various area.
In 2012 during my visit to Aswan and Luxor, I saw several political anti-regime/anti-SCAF graffiti paintings. I saw more graffiti in Aswan city than Luxor. Most of the graffiti paintings had that sign of Ultras groups.
It was right after that bloody night in Port Said Stadium.

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