Tuesday, December 1, 2015

And it does not get better : Ismail Alexandrani is detained "Updated"

Ismail Alexandrani 
Egyptian political researcher, Sinai Expert and award-winning investigative journalist Ismail Alexandrani was detained upon his arrival from Berlin Sunday afternoon at Hurghada airport on

He was detained for more than 9 hours in the airport where he was reportedly questioned by the National security without lawyers.

I knew it from his friends and his wife, Khadija Gaafar who kept updating his status on Sunday and Monday.
Ismail Alexandrani returned to Egypt because his mother is sick.

After so many hours about wondering on his whereabouts, political science professor Rabab El-Mahdi then revealed that she got a call from him telling her that he was referred to the State prosecution in Nasr City in Cairo.

 Khaled Ali, the former presidential candidate and leftist human rights lawyer is going to attend the investigation with him

تلقيت اتصال من اسماعيل الاسكندراني سيعرض غدا صباحا علي نيابة أمن الدولة بالقاهرة و سيحضر معه خالد علي
Posted by Rabab El-Mahdi on Monday, November 30, 2015

Updated @ 11:05 PM 
The State security prosecution has ordered the detention of Alexandrani 15 days pending investigation for allegedly spreading false and joining a banned group aka The Muslim Brotherhood !! 
A fact that anyone follows Ismail Alexandrani online knows, he hates the Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders and its members. He was the one who invented the Zombie term to describe the MB !! The investigation continued for 8 hours by the way. 

According to the political researcher and investigative journalist’s friend, he was allegedly detained due to a memo issued by the Egyptian embassy in Berlin allegedly for cooperating with an international human rights organization.

Journalist and political researcher Abdel Rahman Ayyash , it turned out that last October and he and Ismail Alexandrani as well a group of Egyptian political analysts were invited to Berlin to speak in a workshop organized by The German Council on Foreign relation.

The workshop was about “Deconstructing Islamist terrorism in Egypt” and it was attended by experts from UK , Germany, Lebanon and the States. Since Day 1, it seems that the Egyptian embassy in Berlin disapproved the workshop and the Egyptian participants in it.

It even sent a message to the workshop organizers that the Egyptian participants were all members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian FM even intervened and made the Egyptian ambassador contact the German ministry of foreign affairs.

The organizers were alarmed and told the Egyptian participants about that and two Egyptian participants even decided not to leave Egypt.Ismail Alexandrani was not worried about that but it seems that he was wrong.
In other words , he was detained allegedly  because of the Egyptian embassy in Berlin's memo over what he said in Germany about Sinai

Needless to say , he is not a supporter of Egypt’s current regime and is extremely critical for its policies in Sinai.

This reminds me so much with what happened with Hossam Bahgat.
I hope that Ismail Alexandrani will be released soon just like Bahgat.

Now when it comes to Alexandrani and his expertise, I can say that he is from best and few true experts who understand Sinai and what is happening in it.
His only side in that war on terrorism in North Sinai is the people of Sinai’s side. He only focused on the people’s agony.

Personally , I believe the army should listen to Alexandrani and his views on North Sinai and ISIS affiliated group there. I pray actually that this day comes because we do not need crazy conspiracy theory generals who live in the 1960s but rather researchers like Alexandrani.

Originally from Alexandria , He is internationally award wining investigative journalist.

The 32-years old sociopolitical researcher and his wife have been living in the United States for more than a year now. He was a visiting researcher at Wilson center.
I hope that he is released on Tuesday inshallah.

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