Sunday, February 21, 2016

This is why El-Nadeem Center is being picked on

Last Wednesday, El-Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of victims of torture was on the verge of being closed by the health ministry but its lawyer managed to postpone the execution of the ministry's order till the center knows what is really going on.
The famous and important NGO issued a statement on the same day explaining what happened.

It states that the closure decision was based on law No.453 for 1954 which does not involve clinics but rather restaurants and shops, yes restaurants and shops
Personally, I believe what is going on is part of the crackdown against political activists and NGOs recently in Egypt and the turn is on the famous anti-torture NGO now.

EL-Nadeem HQ in Downtown Cairo "Facebook" 
One of the reasons I think behind this decision to close down Nadeem center is its annual report about violations and torture centers in Egypt in 2015.
According to that report, 700 torture cases were documented in detention n Egypt including 267 cases in the police stations and 241 cases in prisons.
The report also added that 137 death cases were documented in detention whereas 81 deaths resulted due to health negligence.
Interestingly and not surprisingly, the Mataria police station comes as the highest police station wit death rate due to torture in 2015 with 7 cases.
The final fate of the Center will be determined on Monday.
The center is going to challenge the administrative closure in front of the court as well.
Currently, there is solidarity campaign going on with the center originally founded in 1989 whether inside Egypt or outside it. Several international Human rights organizations like Human rights Watch issued statements in solidarity with the well known and respected NGO.
We will see what will happen on Monday isa. 


  1. La hawel WA la Quat El bi Allah swt
    What else they wanted to attack and close: The Sun and The Moon

  2. If only they would attack and close your mouth.

  3. The Press Release Regarding Closure is not too bad I think, but it could have been better. It has an unnecessarily confrontational tone for no reason. Better to say you have done this this and this in accordance with some speech or policy authored by Sisi or one of his flunkies. Just look for one and use it. This is quite easy to do.


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