Tuesday, February 16, 2016

And the Egyptian Interior ministry says it did not arrest Giulio

Egypt's Ministry of interior "MOI" issued a statement early Monday in Arabic and English denying Giulio Regini on 25 January 2016.
Guilio and his family in his sister's graduation 
that what was published in the New York Times about the arrest of late
From three days ago , New York Times issued published a report about Regini's murder where it claimed that he was taken into custody by the Egyptian authority quoting anonymous witnesses as well unnamed three officers allegedly with knowledge about his case.
Those unnamed sources claimed that late Regini was arrested by plainclothes officers because "he was rude" and that he was believed to be a "spy ".
The NY Times came at the same time Reuters published a report with more alleged shocking details from Giulio Regini's autopsy in Cairo.
Now on Monday, the MOI issued that statement in Arabic and English.
Security Information Center official denied reports by western media and newspapers that Egyptian police arrested the...

Needless to say, the Italian media and press published the NY Times report as a fact and their evidence was the human rights record of the Egyptian interior Ministry.
Despite what the Egyptian interior ministry says, it is still among the primary suspects when it comes to the tragic and enigmatic cold bold Regini's murder for one simple reason: Its past black record when it comes to human rights.
As usual, the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of interior will blame the foreign media of spreading lies when they do not realize that the Italian officials themselves release statements about the incident. The Italian officials speak and their words reach to us in Cairo in no time directly thanks to the internet as we are in the 21st century for God's sake.
We are not in the 1960s.
I expect at any moment a media gag order issued by the Egyptian prosecutor general in Giulio Regini's case by the way. 

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