Monday, February 8, 2016

Remembering the Zamalek UWK Massacre and the quest for justice

Just after a week from the Ultras Ahlawy's commemoration to the fourth anniversary of Port Said stadium massacre , Zamalek Sports club's  Ultras White Knights {UWK}  "commemorated the first anniversary of the UWK massacre or as known as the Air Defense Stadium massacre in Cairo.
UWK's commemoration to the Air Defense stadium tonight at Fustat Park
"Mohamed El-Ra3y"
From a year ago, Twenty Zamalek fans were killed in a stampede at the Air Defense stadium in an evil scheme planned by none other than the Zamalek SC notorious chairman Mortada Mansour according to the UWK.

Just like UA07, UWK07 matured politically and knowing that it could not stand against Mortada Mansour or the ministry of interior, it decided to play by the law.

The group would not take any chances especially the current head of Human Rights committee in Egypt's House of Representatives aka Mortada Mansour warned of coming near to Zamalek Club as the Club's guards would use their "live ammunition" weapons against them !!

I believe Mansour went mad after finding out that on 6 February the UWK hung on the gates of Zamalek club that banner saying "Mortada is a murderer, we want him".

The banner "Mortada is a murderer, we want him" 
There was an active hashtag in Arabic using that phrase already in social media in Egypt.
The fight between restless and eccentric Mansour and UWK can not be compared to the current fight between Ultras Ahlawy and Ahly SC's current administration by all measures.
We are speaking about Mortada Mansour for God's sake !!
He was already the man behind the court rule to designate the Ultras groups in Egypt as terrorist organizations.
He did not rest till a group of UWK leading figures were arrested above them the UWK Capo "Siyad Ali" aka "Siyad Moshghab" .
Despite being acquitted of all charges including "attempting to assassinate Mortada Mansour, Siyad is still detained pending investigation.
Siyad is allegedly detained pending investigation for allegedly participating in the 28 January revolution !!
On Sunday, UWK issued another eloquent statement about its preparation for the commemoration to the first anniversary of the sad incident.

بسم الله الواحد القهار..بإسم كل أم إحترق فؤادها علي فراق إبنٍ أو زوجٍ أو أخٍبإسم كل الذين فقدناهم بدافع الشرف والحب وا...
Posted by Ultras White Knights UWK on Sunday, February 7, 2016

In the statement, the hardcore football fan group announced that it was holding the commemoration this year at El-Fustat park in Old Cairo at 3 PM.

"We would wish to hold the commemoration of our martyrs at the club they adored, at the stadium {Helmy Zamora} where they considered it home but now the club is under the control of the murderers and corrupted." said the statement in direct reference to Mortada Mansour.

El-Fustat park is where unauthorized protests are allowed to be held in Cairo according to the law.
Knowing the political tensions currently in the country, I think that was the best thing.

At 3 PM, thousands of Zamalek sports club fans and UWK members as well supporters went to El-Fustast park which was heavily guarded by security forces.
Outside the park, heavy security preparations were noticed
by UWK lawyer Tarek Al-Awady
The families of the 20 Zamalek martyrs were there and it was emotional like in the case of Ultras Ahlawy victims.
The families of the Zamalek club martyrs by Momen Samir
More photos from the commemoration.

During the commemoration, the UWK presented its demands to the presidency if it is interested to know.
The UWK wants the following:

  • To reopen the investigations in the Air defense stadium massacre
  • To form a committee to supervise the investigations into the football fans cases where the Egyptian presidency, the ministry of interior, judiciary, the families of Ahly and Zamalek victims are represented.
  • To execute Mortada Mansour
  • Freedom to arrested football fans. 
Yes, Ultras White Knights group is saying explicitly what they want.
And they were chanting loud in El-Fustat garden that the people wanted to execute Mansour.

Zamalek's UWK07 and Ahly's UA07 do not search for any political goal or support any political group now.
They are only searching for justice for their friends who were killed.
I think it is a fair demand but unfortunately very difficult and expensive one in Egypt nowadays.
At 7 PM CLT, we will have our own Debry between Ahly and Zamalek on Tuesday. 

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