Monday, March 14, 2016

And now the European Parliament is accused of being ... MB funded !!

On Thursday, the European Parliament passed a resolution about the member of Italian student Giulio Regeni and it is making the Egyptian administration angry unsurprisingly.
The resolution was approved by the majority of Members of the European Parliament. We are speaking exactly about 558 MEP voting in favor of the resolution while 10 MEPs including members of Greece's Golden Dawn voting against it and 59 abstained.
The resolution officially considered the murder of the 28-years old Italian political sciences researcher and student "not an isolated accident" in Egypt "but is placed within a context of a dramatic increase in reports of torture in police detention stations and other cases of death in custody and enforced disappearances across Egypt under the current leadership".
A Non-binding resolution, the statement actually slams the human rights records of Egypt since July 2013.
You can read its final version here at the official website of MEP Marietje Schakke's official website in English.
The resolution mentions the forced disappearances, the crackdown on NGOs like Nadeem center and the protest law.
In the end , it recommends the EU countries to follow the EU Foreign Affairs council's recommendation following the dispersal of Pro-Morsi sits-in in August 2013 to "suspend exporting licenses to Egypt of any equipment which might be used for internal repression and to reassess export licenses of equipment covered by Common Position and to review their security assistance with Egypt".
It also called Egypt's House of the Representatives to amend the Protest law, the terrorism law and the terrorist organizations laws. The European Parliament also called the Egyptian government to let the civil society and NGOs act freely.
The European Parliament's resolution is not binding to the EU countries but it is a big official as well international slap to the Egyptian regime over its security policies.
By the way, here is the Arabic translation of the resolution.
Now, you can imagine how such resolution was received in Egypt.
Officially, the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs slammed the resolution describing it as an "unfair" resolution based on "unproven accusations and baseless media reports".

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: Egypt regrets the adoption of an unfair resolution regarding human rights in Egypt by the...
Posted by Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday, March 11, 2016
Amazingly in the past couple of days, the Pro-regime media and prominent political faces including members of the House of the Representatives attacked the European Parliament for its recommendations and blamed the Muslim Brotherhood as usual for !!
Close to Presidency TV host Ahmed Moussa claimed on his TV show that the person who wrote the European Parliament was a member who was funded by the Muslim Brotherhood !!
Ahmed Moussa attacking European parliament
That claim was repeated over and over
MP Hamdy Bakhait , the long time strategic analyst/conspiracy theorist/former army general claimed that MEPs were paid money to issue that statement in a TV interview.
حمدي بخيت: أعضاء البرلمان الأوروبي "قابضين" من الإخوان.. و"مش ...
شاهد ... حمدي بخيت: أعضاء #البرلمان_الأوروبي "قابضين" من الإخوان.. و"مش هنتهز"
Posted by ‎البديل TV‎ on Sunday, March 13, 2016
I got tons of MPs' statements in my inbox full of similar claims.
On Sunday, State-owned Al-Ahram Newspaper published that report below about how the European parliament fell into the trap of the Muslim Brotherhood !!
European Parliament fell into the trap of the MB !!
The European Parliament fell into the trap of the MB
Salma Al-Wardany
By the way, except for Mada Misr I have not seen any news report about why Europe's radical right-wing and Nazi parties like Greece's Golden Dawn voted against the resolution.
I do not know what to say for real.
The Egyptian House of Representatives is going to send a delegation head by the House speaker Ali Abdel Aal to Brussels in April.
FYI, the Egyptian government has not presented up till its statement to the House of the Representatives. The newly parliament has not also started its real work in supervising the performance of the government and its ministries above them the ministry of interior.
So I do not know how MPs are attacking the European Parliament's resolution when they have not started investigating what came from allegations of human rights abuse in Egypt as representatives of the Egyptian people.

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