Sunday, March 13, 2016

By the blessing of the Prophet , El-Zend is fired

And Minister Ahmed El-Zend of Justice is fired.
Yes Minister El-Zend of Justice has been dismissed following his unintentionally insulting statements about the "Prophet"
In an interview on Sada El-Balad TV channel on Friday, the former minister known for his controversial statements said that he was going to imprison anyone who broke the law even if they were journalists or even it were a prophet "PBUH".
He is already also suing a huge number of journalists in Egypt right now allegedly for defame or to be precise for bringing up his corruption scandals.
He did not specify which prophet but it was associated by Prophet Mohamed because he said "PBUH".
Ahmed El-Zend and his controversial comment about the "prophet"
Yes, he said that and you can imagine how such statement offended Muslims in Egypt despite he did not mean it but that's the last straw.
Of course , it tells a lot about the mentality of the justice minister who only thinks about locking up people.
On Saturday , there had been no official reaction but as the statement and the video spread online, it created waves of anger.
Top trending hashtags on Saturday in Egypt and several Arab countries like Saudi Arabia were about El-Zend like "#A_trial_for_El-Zend_No_Insult_to_Prophet_Mohamed" , "#El-Zend" and "#El-Zend's_Trial".
Former minister Ahmed El-Zend 
There were very extremely dangerous tweets that reached to the level of violent threats from Arab tweets in particular including Pro-Daesh tweeps.
El-Send apologized on TV channels on Saturday as well in a series of tweets on his alleged Twitter account saying that He did not mean it.
Ironically and pathetically he used the same hashtags, tweeps were using to call for his trial that has been top trending for many hours.
He also added that he would like to be forgiven in the same way Prophet Mohamed "PBUH". In another statement, he claimed that he was already forgiven !!
As soon as I have read and watched El-Zend's statements, I knew that it would be a matter of time when he would be forced to resign or dismissed.
El-Sisi's regime does its best to upstage the Mohamed Morsi's regime when it comes to religion especially now.
In the past 24 hours the most common comment you read on the social media about El-Zend was " Of course, he can get away with that, he insulted the Prophet not El-Sisi" and "If it were El-Sisi, he would be in jail right now".
Also, people including myself brought on the comparison on how El-Zend would get away from it when the charges  of "blasphemy" and "Contempt of religion" are chasing writers, scholars and even minors all over Egypt in the past 3 years.
But still I believe he would be dismissed from his position, at least in the first ministerial reshuffle.
It did not take time thought.
Tonight afternoon, it was announced that PM Sherif Ismail dismissed officially Ahmed El-Zend from his position as Minister of Justice after the later refused to resign !!
And the by the blessing of the Prophet "PBUH" as our people say in Egypt, El-Zend is fired at last unexpectedly and suddenly because of his statements.
Now and amazingly, his supporters from judges are protesting the dismissal !!
I hope they form a strike to object the decision.
The whole affair is like some sort of karma
Last week, Reformist Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz was forced into a retirement after found guilty by a Ministry of justice's disciplinary committee for storming Egypt's State security headquarters in Nasr City.
We all know that did not happen and Abdel Aziz even brought eye witnesses from former State security officers who denied that he stormed the security HQs.
The former head of Judges' club who headed the judges movement from ten years ago said in a press statement that El-Zend was behind that conviction and that decision to force him into early retirement.
Of course, what happened to Abdel Aziz is the latest when it comes to the witch hunt against the reformist judges as well allegedly Pro-MB judges.
Ironically, El-Zend replaced Mahfouz Saber the former minister of justice who also was forced to resign after his stupid classist statements.
When it comes to controversial statements, El-Zend got one hell of a record. To be honest, that stupid unintentional quote about the Prophet was truly the last straw but honestly one should not be surprised.
El-Zend once said that the judges were the masters and the others were slaves.
He does not only believe that for every fallen officer, thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters should be killed but also, he called for a legislation to  punish the parents of alleged terrorists !!
Currently, he is not missed except by bunch for extreme Pro-regime TV hosts like Ahmed Moussa who believes that Sisi gave up to the Facebook and social media's  pressure !!
His supporters launched a twitter hashtag against his dismissal.
Anyhow, Salam former Minister Ahmed El-Zend.
And I do not have any high hopes about the new upcoming Minister of justice.


  1. Salam Ahmed El Zend
    No one know Why you were hired
    In this Positon in the first place?

  2. While the rest of world largely freed itself from shackles of religion, the Muslim world goes into the deep abyss of self censorship and restrictions on thought and speech. No wonder violence reigns supreme across the Muslim world while science and education take the back seat


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