Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On Martyr's Day , questions must be asked for the sake of the martyrs

On 9 March, Egypt commemorated the Martyr's Day where the Egyptian armed forces remembered its martyrs especially those who have fallen recently in Sinai.
The Egyptian armed forces' Morale department released a group of short documentaries about fallen officers and soldiers and their heroic acts in North Sinai against the terrorists of Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis.
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The tomb of the Unknown Solider in Cairo 
All respect to Egypt's martyrs whether military or civilians as well their families who are paying a huge price.
I believe on the Martyr's Day, we should not only remember our martyrs and heroes whether they are military or civilian, put flowers on the Unknown Solider graves and share short documentaries and patriot songs. We should ask questions about why and how those people are killed like that in young age and how that blood river in North Sinai does not want to stop.
We should stop commemorating our martyrs whether military or civilians using very empty nationalistic slogans and empty words for real.
Already I have lost counting on how many times Egyptian military and security officials that Egypt purged North Sinai of terrorism and next day we find a terrorist attack killing not less than 4 security personnel !!
BuzzFeed's Maged Atef revealed in his report about life in North Sinai between the fires of Daesh-Subsidiary Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis "ABM" and the Egyptian security forces that no less than 2000 soldiers were killed in clashes according to an anonymous source in the army.
I think this number is realistic if we add up all the casualties of the Egyptian security forces since 2013 unfortunately.

Of course, we do not have any confirmed or official or precise number of casualties among the terrorists or the civilians who are paying the heaviest price actually.
Jut scrolling back in the official posts and announcements on the Official Facebook page of the Egyptian armed forces spokesperson , I noticed that recently there has not been any statement about the losses among the Egyptian armed forces personnel.
This is at the same time, I find out about the Egyptian armed forces officers and soldiers getting killed from the social media and unofficial Facebook.
We must ask questions for the sake of those martyrs and their families.
Who will stand accountable from the officials for what is happening in North Sinai ? When will they stand accountable !? Why are they getting killed like that !?
Egypt's Marty's Day commemorate the martyrdom of the Egyptian Chief of staff Abdel Moneim Riad in 1969 during the war of attrition between Egypt and Israel.
Riad was from the men who re-built the Egyptian armed forces after the humiliating defeat in 1967.
I think it is frustrating to find out that after 47 years , we find Egyptian military personnel as well civilians are still getting killed in another North Sinai endless war.


  1. Where are Egypt's heroes of Sinai? Why have the army not awarded the famous medals like the Star of Sinai to its soldiers? Why do they keep it secret?

  2. I consider each sand grain in Egypt s deserts.. A Most Precious GEM there is on this earth,because it was stepped on by the Egyptian Army soldiers whom gave their lives for the mother of all the Arab nations..EGYPT,Their SACRED blood will never DRY in that desert heath , Young & Old boys/men and women too gave their lives to keep us all ALIVE...they SACRIFICED also their ambitions/dreams/hopes/future plans they had once, just to defend OTHERS,back at home ... a of the Arabs everywhere ,whatever WE say or BUILD will never MATCH that Sacrifice and spirit of martyrdom that GOD provided those Heroes, with... for the last 60 years or even more?? Yes PEACE came to Egypt with much heavy/HIGH price after years of war/destruction ruins of Port SAIID/Al SUEZ..and in every front else, during 1956 Suez war ,our hearts and prayers wers you all in Egypt,ever Egyptian soldiers killed we considered him/her one of our family member passed away,every home in Port SAIID destroyed as if our roof came down...and when AL AKHBAR/AL AHRAM/ AL GOUMHORIYA papers delayed to reach us due to air/sea blockages,we felt as Sad Sad phase we all were going through and worrying too!a..ANY EGYPTIAN /MAGAZINE on our newstands were considerted as Prophet NOAH s olive branch carried by his DOVE, a sign that the flood water is receding?! gave us hope that things getting better...if Egypt s gone ,means WE are all..HISTORY!1 so every drop of every martyr s blood spilled in that hot desert is a jewel in our crown of Peace that we enjoy thanks to them ..may their memories be always ALIVE..! ..Regards I.BARSOUMIAN


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