Monday, March 7, 2016

Regarding the MOI's Presser

Monday afternoon, Egypt's minister of interior Magdy Abdel Ghafer announced that the Muslim Brotherhood and Palestinian Hamas movement "aka the Primary suspects" are behind the assassination of late Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat in 2015.
Late Hisham Barakat 
Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood denied their involvement. The mainstream media is back to its favorite game about MB and Hamas.
In a press conference, the Egyptian interior minister aired footage of  young men, from university students allegedly from the MB admitting their involvement in several terrorist  attacks.
Those confessions are illegal and can not be considered a solid evidence especially that they have not referred to court yet.
The minister claimed in his press conference that the MB members who did the attack were trained in besieged Gaza and returned back to Sinai through the tunnels.
As far as we are being told the Egyptian armed forces have destroyed thousands of tunnels since 2011 with Gaza.
I do not know but if we are going to believe what the MOI says then the security apparatuses in Egypt had failed to protect Egypt and the late Prosecutor General.
Since the minister's announcement, I have been thinking all those hours about how the Egyptian Pro-regime media accused former Egyptian armed forces and currently Al-Qaeda commander in Libya, Hisham El-Ashmaway was the primary suspect in the assassination of the late Prosecutor General.
I think close of presidency TV host Ahmed Moussa , Al-Bawaba and Al-Watan newspaper owe  an apology to Al-Morabtoon Prince for naming him as the primary suspect in that huge attack !!

It made sense then considered the amount of sophistication in the case. That huge attack was not an act of amateurs.
It is worth to mention that as soon as the name of El-Ashmaway reached to the media , the acting Prosecutor General then issued a media gag order.
BY the way,  I remember last July the security forces killed members of the Muslim Brotherhood at their apartment in 6 October city  claiming that they were involved in the assassination of El-Ashmaway.
Also in October, the MOI announced that it killed two militants allegedly from Agnd Misr terrorist group who were involved in several terrorist attacks including the assassination of the prosecutor general according to security sources in several state-owned and Pro-regime newspapers.
Headlines then came " The MOI avanges for Hisham Barakat !!!"
Who did kill the prosecutor general for real ??
FYI, till this day, no armed or militant group has claimed responsibility for the assassination of Hisham Barakat.
BY the way, internationally Egypt's whole justice system is in question due to many incidents. We do not need more scandals.

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