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The Hijacking of Egypt Air MS181 and the Conspiracy theory machine "Updated"

It did not take too much time to find out that there were conspiracy theories about the hijacking of EgyptAir MS181 already.
Yes , some people believe that there is something fishy in the whole hijacking affairs due to its strange circumstances and its timing.
The fact that this strange hijacking which includes very cheerful photos with hijacker came in less than 24 hours of dismissing Egypt's top auditor Hisham Geneina made many people suspect thus conspiracy theory exists.
Do not forget , people usually tend to distrust the governments.
 Hisham Geneina , the head of Egypt's Central Auditing Agency was dismissed by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi late Monday in a Presidential decree.
Geneina previously stated in 2015 that corruption in judiciary and intelligence agencies cost Egypt nearly some $76 billion between 2012 and 2015
The High State security Prosecution investigated the matter and issued a statement Monday afternoon claiming that exaggerated the sums of lost due to corruption.
Monday evening, Sisi issued his decree to dismiss Hisham Geneina.
There has been a discussion about the constitutionality and legality of such presidential decree
This is the nutshell of the Geneina affair which needs definitely a close up into the matter.
Next morning , the hijacking incident captured all the attention of the country and nobody remembered Geneina and how his dismissal could be unconstitutionality until late night.
Here is a cartoon expressing the same view.
Instead of look to the birdie look to the airplane
instead of speaking about Geneina 

As the photos and videos began to emerge from EgyptAir MS 181 showing surreal scenes unexpected in similar circumstances, some people began to embrace the conspiracy theory and accept it.
I found that through Facebook posts in the past 24 hours.
For instance, that video filmed by Dutch passenger Huub Helthuis showing how the flight attendants called Ben Innes to take his controversial photo "Which is not a selfie" fueled conspiracy theories not only in Egypt but in other Arab countries.

Taking Ben Innes' photo with hijacker

I think that video and actually Innes' photo were taken after EgyptAir flight attendant Neira Atef took a photo with hijacker Seif El-Din Mostafa in order to send it to the authorities.
Yes , the Egyptian authorities asked the crew to send a photo for the hijacker in order to have a closer look to his alleged explosive belt.
Flight attendant Neira Atef and EgyptAir Hijacker Seif El-Din
Neira Atef and her photo with Seif El-Din
Atef took the photo and I think Ennes asked to take his shot afterward.
Innes and his famous Photo with Seif El-Din
I also read that the flight attendants were trying not to lose their cool in front of the passengers.
Alhamdu Lellah who saved and protected us through this ordeal. Thank you all for your calls and messages.I arrived...
Posted by AbdAllah El Ashmawy on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Commenters on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are amazed how the flight attendants were laughing and drinking tea with Seif El-Din Mostafa
According to what I understood from the testimonies of the crew and passengers , the crew especially the women flight attendants were treating Seif El-Din nicely so he would not push the button as they believed it was a true explosive belt. Already, the one who was negotiating with Mostafa.
Also. I read they kept giving him drinks so he would go to the bathroom so they would lock him in the bathroom. You must admire the crew of EgyptAir MS181 !!
Updated : It turned out that there was a conspiracy theory that Seif El-Din Mostafa was actually army major general thanks to a photo of a major general who looks like with El-Sisi.
Egypt's famous rumors debunkers DaBaged debunked that pathetic theory. 
Dabaged debunks Hijacker conspiracy theory
Dabaged debunks that conspiracy theory 
DaBaged has also debunked another conspiracy theory that the hijacker was actually a man who always appears on Egyptian State TV as random guy who comments on news !! 
Personally, I believe that Seif El-Din Mostafa looks like late Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat.
Of course, you got the other side of the conspiracy theory.
You will find people like MP Mostafa Bakry who did not stop sharing his theories online despite he proved to be wrong.
First, he claimed that the hijacking was meant to make Egypt stop the foreign funding NGOs case.

Then, he claimed that the hijacking was a fake one made up in order to embarrass Egypt and prove the Egyptian airports are not safe; thus it is a conspiracy against tourism and Egypt.
I have to say that he is a master when it comes to wild conspiracy theories.
Personally , I believe that it was just coincidence and actually it did not divert attention.
Now people are back to ask questions about economy and Geneina as well other stressing issues in the country.
Yes , it overshadowed the case of Hisham Geneina and his dismissal but it did not kill the matter.
Regarding the latest developments of EgyptAir MS181's hijacker , it turned out that he was not that great loving family man who would hijack a plane to see his kids. It is unclear if he is going to be extradited to Egypt or not despite officially Egypt says that it presented a request.
The motives are still an enigma because the EgyptAir MS181 crew said he had political demands including the release of the prisoners without specifying who those prisoners.
The Cypriot authorities say on the other hand that he wanted to see his estranged family.
Anyhow , I am glad that we are laughing about the whole locally and international and that it became a meme.
It is better than mourning about victims for sure.
Anyhow, we are back discussing Hisham Geneina and whether he is under unofficial House arrest or not.


  1. The common thread of conspiracy theories shows this regime has lost creditability internally and globally. Whatever is officially said is probably a lie and it serves ulterior motive. There is public acceptance this regime can stage a disaster, or allow it to happen, if it serves its sinister political intent.
    The staged massacre of Regeni gang is still fresh.

  2. when i came to Egypt my first impression was i see everywhere Mubarak, now i see Sisi.. with above 100 same members in parliament... how could Egypte develop.. i just regret the daily struggle from the poorest who didn't improve


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