Saturday, June 18, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.13"

And Prince Hassan was swallowed by a huge Whale after he was pushed by Fatak during a sudden storm in the sea.
But fear not as tonight episode , the 13th episode is a true magical one.
Oh yes , Abbas Al-Aswani transfers us to the world of magic in the 675th episode of the famous One Thousand and One night Radio show. You will find familiar themes from the original book.
You can hear the episode right after the break.

Just as Prince Hassan tries to find his way inside the huge whale that swallowed him , he finds a ring that where things turns upside down after touching it.
He suddenly hears a big strong laugh and then he finds himself in the sea, not inside a whale.
In front of him, a strange creature who introduces himself as "Farkuk" , King Solomon's Jinn servant.
By Dulac "1907
From Fairytales magazine

Yes, Hassan found the seal of Solomon in the least expected places.
Farkuk asks Hassan what he wishes and the 17-years-old prince tells him that he is hungry. His new Jinn servant brings him food.
Back at the Kingdom , imprisoned King Rokn El-Zaman tells his new friend Salman about how his son told him about Shoms and he was imprisoned.
"They thought that you are a commoner who can be imprisoned easily !?" The shepherd tells the king.
Shoms is alone and suddenly she finds once again Safwan forcing himself on her.
The beautiful shepherd girl runs away and Safwan pursuits her but he falls off his horse and breaks his leg.
While running away in the wilderness , Shoms finds an enchanted deserted cave or that what she thought. Inside the cave , She hears an old woman's voice that asks her who she is.
The old woman voice tells Shoms that she would allow her to stay on one condition to tell her all what happened her.
Suddenly , she found herself in front of a very ugly and old woman whose name is Farfash who was once an extremely beautiful woman.
Shoms is terrified especially Farfash tells her to obey all her orders.
By the way , did you notice the subliminal political messages about corruption , torture and judiciary in Abbas Al-Aswani's tale during Nasser's iron fist rule !?
You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
Till another night , folks.

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