Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy Arafat Day and Happy New Egyptian Year

We got too many things today.
First , Happy Arafat Day for all Muslims around the globe.
Muslim Pilgirms at Mount Arafat "AP" 
Muslim Pilgrims outside Arafat "AP"
Let's pray for peace truly in the world and stability as well democracy in Egypt.
Let's pray for Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya and other war-torn areas
Second , Happy New Egyptian year from Egyptian Chronicles.
Today marks the start of the first day in the ancient Egyptian calendar.
The 11th of September marks the start of the Ancient Egyptian year "6258" and its first month in the Ancient Egyptian Calendar Thout.
The ancient Egyptian calendar in temple of Kom Ombo
Ancient Egyptian calendar on the walls of Kom Ombo temple "Kodak Agfa"
The reformed ancient Egyptian calendar is still used by the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church till this day as Coptic Calendar.
Today, the Egyptian Coptic Church will celebrate the Nairouz  or rather "Ni-Yarouou" Day.
It is known that Egyptian farmers are still using the Ancient Egyptian Calendar till this day due to its accurate timing when it comes to weather.
Of course, I shall not forget that it is 9/11 and I pray that this won't happen again.
I pray for the 9/11 victims whether those who were killed on that or killed after it.

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  1. As we in Britain say: Better Late Than NEVER?? Even though a fortnight passed since 11 September, on the NEW YEAR,according to the old Egyptian calendar...and 6258 years that it celebrates, Also my COBTIC brothers & sisters do follow..still!! All i can wish them ,particularly & the DEAR EGYPTIAN people as whole, a very happy /prosperous/ successful..and a PEACEFUL one indeed,if Egyptian civilization survived that many thousand years.. it will survive IN SHA A ALLAH 100 thousand years, and More!! Pity i, We won t be around then to see,but what we witness today how this beloved nation pulled through all the difficult Eras/Ages and centuries with its Ups & Downs

    ..but still came out AHEAD and human History can not deny the great roles it played..and enriched culture/trade/education not just in Egypt ,but all around the Globe?? Even when was occupied by different big nations ,Egypt never lost or gave away its Pride/Dignity..and its role as leading nation... in recent times when oppressed by the OTTOMANS followed by the BRITS....Egypt carried on spreading HAPPINESS .. all around ,in every an which way it could....Pharaohs /Kings/Tyrants./imperialists came and perished but Egypt & Egyptian people stayed high headed and indestructible like its ABU EL HOLL monuments and GIZZA PYRAMIDS ,and in 1953 the MIGHTY revolution opened a new page in its History...and when President GAMAL ABDEL NASSER may Rest In Peace , PEACE indeed , i am sure his beloved Soul & Spirit are disturbed with goings on since he left us 1970?? and whom lead this AMAZING country ,Egypt entered the remaining portion of the 20th century with an>>> ALMIGHTY BANG <<< its echoes do shake and vibrate the whole region ,if not the whole world ,to this day!! Please do revive that GOLDEN DAWN that BEGAN , almost after 1956, when Egypt regained its stolen rights... and LEAD THE ARAB WORLD ..THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!! GOD bless & save Egypt and every single individual in it ..and lead it to everlasting PEACE & HARMONY!!A VERY HAPPY NEW EGYPTIAN YEAR TO ALL!! with LOVE & Best WISHES from: I. Barsoumian/LONDON


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