Saturday, October 8, 2016

The return of Mubarak living dead week !!

It was not only Ahmed Ezz or Hussein Salem who had a comeback last week , it seems that most of Mubarak cronies above them the controversial officials are back to public life shamelessly.

Amr Adeeb hosted on Sunday Mubarak's minister of planning Osman Mohamed Osman in Ahmed Nazif's cabinet who wrote an op-ed in Al-Masry Al-Youm Daily "Just like Ezz" suggesting the cancellation of subsidies.

Speaking about the cancellation of subsidies "which Adeeb advocates in his show and actually IMF demands El-Sisi to do" , Osman said  something that is very interesting.
Mubarak on 6 October waving for his fans
at Maadi hospital in Cairo "AP"
He says that the person who earns LE 20 "$2" per day in Egypt is not poor !!
In the same moment , he said that those who earned LE 16 "$1.6" per day are living under the poverty line according to the official US exchange rate in banks on Sunday "USD 1 = LE 8.88"
He forgot that the price of US dollar in the black market reached this week to LE 14.30 as far as I have heard!!
There was a joke on social media that soon after hosting Osman and Salem , Adeeb would host Suzanna Mubarak.

Former PM Ahmed Nazif is back to teaching at Cairo University and according to Youm 7 Sources he is going to supervise the post-graduates' studies in the faculty of engineering.

It is worth to mention that Nazif was acquitted from all corruptions charges he was convicted of.
Speaking about Cairo University , you know that the minister of higher education cancelled the Student Unions elections in Universities because last year elections brought opposition and Pro-Revolutionary students into the leadership of different unions across the country !!

On Thursday ,  TV host Rashad George of State TV made headlines when he appeared on "Good morning Egypt" on Ch.1 early Wednesday saluting the hero of 1973 war Hosni Mubarak slamming 25 January , April 6 and Muslim Brotherhood.

Some say that this is the first time Mubarak is praised in the Egyptian state TV since five years , a thing which I highly doubt it considering how much the 25 January revolution and its supporters as well icons have been slammed in state-media since day one.

Rashad is reportedly suspended from work for going off script.

The Pro-Mubarak supporters are flying over the moon.

Nobody has denied the role of Mubarak in 1973 October war but nobody should forget that he was officially found guilty of corruption and emblazing public funds in the presidential mansions trial.

According to that conviction , Mubarak is officially stripped off his honors including the Order of Sinai star.

This is the law and this is the judiciary.


  1. This is the Law? and
    This Egypt today!!!!!!!

  2. COULD ANY SANE INDIVIDUAL NAME ME -JUST ONE mIDDLE-Eastern COUNTRY,THAT HAD A COUP, of any rank and turned into a UTOPIA??...For the sake of arguement. let us exclude the 1953s revolution in Egypt,as an exception with all its rights & wrongs,apart from this..WHICH OTHER ONE??...i see no one would be able to name me JUST ONE..!! Our ancestors in the region got rid of>> AL MOSTAASMER AL IMPERYALI/>>the occupying Imperialists such as THE OTTOMANS/..THE FRENCH/..THE BRITS./..THE ITALIANS since 1900s...whom left, FORTUNATELY .. BUT leaving behind their shadows..still,.. we all cheered up as the victorious party WE partied, OR WERE WE finally INDEPENDENT/FREE??..has anything CHANGED..I DOUBT IT PERSONALLY in my humble opinion, read any Arabic NEWS paper today..,you may get confused for few minutes,thinking that its an ancient newspaper that one is able to log on the Internet ..apart from the names been changed..or the geographical location... but the events..DID NOT!! SAME HEADLINES FOR MANY DECADES /REPEATS about...Corruption/Treason/Bribery/Scandals and to many to mention..a encore ..a rewind as if running a video tape, so why bother? seems all is in vain HE was right when the wise man said THE DEVIL YOU KNOW,.,.blah.. blah , or as we say in Lebanon TEETI TEETI MITHL MA ROHTI ..MITHL MA JITY<<(or in Egyptian -GITY), meaning, The way she s gone ..the same way she returned!,,or in nutshell>>NO CHANGE AT ALL!..ONCE in a fairy tale i heard, as a kid,there was this Mill owner whom had a greedy cat ..eating 6/7 mice a day,one day the mice had a conference and decided to provide the cat with cheese/eggs/any leftover meat,,so when the cat woke up every day..he became a lazy cat also unable to chase the growing number of the mice ,which angered the Mill owner,,as the mice pinching his flour ,so he got rid of that cat,,the mice cheered and celebrated all day long,but next day the farmer replaced the lazy cat with a>> pet snake<> THE BIG FISH SWALLOWS THE LITTLE ,TILL IT CHOKES ON THEM >!...Regards:I,barsoumian/London


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