Thursday, January 5, 2017

And Ahmed Maher is out of prison at last

Prominent Egyptian activist Ahmed Maher, the co-founder of April 6 Youth movement and its former coordinator is out of jail. He has been released at last early Thursday after finishing a three-years prison sentence for breaking the protest law.
Maher already was released from prison on Tuesday but he had been on tour in a number of Cairo's police station for some unknown reason in the past 48 hours.
Here is the photo of Maher with his brother Mostafa and their friend Mohamed Samy from a couple of hours ago.
April 6 Youth movement founder Ahmed Maher
Ahmed Maher in the middle, Mostafa Maher on the right and Mohamed
Samy on the left " Mohamed Samy" 
The prominent Egyptian political activist is out of jail but he is still on a probation for three years and according to this he will spend 12 hours on a daily basis from 6 PM to 6 AM at a police station.
He is also not allowed to have any political activity in the upcoming three years.
He can not travel of course.
It is like that he is out of jail but he is not completely free.
According to his lawyer, he can appeal against all that ..only after 6 months !!
Maher was sentenced three years in prison along with April 6 Youth movement co-founder Mohamed Adel and political activist Ahmed Douma for breaking the protest law in December 2013.
Mohamed Adel is expected to join Maher and to be released from jail within few days.
Unfortunately, Douma is serving a life sentence in the December 2011 clashes trial in addition to three years for contempt of court "Remember Judge Nagy Shehata".
Personally, I am glad that both Maher is released without a presidential pardon. Hopefully inshallah, Mohamed Adel will join him.
I hope that they will be free soon for real.
FYI, the current coordinator of April 6 youth Movement Amr Ali is also serving three years sentence. in jail for possessing leaflets calling for the regime's overthrow.

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  1. Maher is not allowed to particpate in any political activities, yet in this freezing cold he is free to take the advice of wearing a thick underwear .. just like a president!


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