Friday, November 3, 2017

Watch The Campaign which most of us missed

It turned that earlier this year , there was a TV campaign about sexual harassment and it seems that very few saw because I do not recall seeing it or even reading about it.
I knew about that campaign through Jenny Montasir's short documentary “The Campaign”.

It turned out that since 2010 Cairo-base Harassment Map wanted to have a TV campaign to increase awareness about the sexual harassment epidemic.
The famous initiative had an agreement with JWT to produce a campaign but it seemed from the documentary that it did not work but eventually after years, the TV campaign saw the light.
Three TV ads were directed by award-winning director Ahmed Abdullah.
Unfortunately, I do not think that they spread as they should. As I said before, I have not seen those ads or have seen people talking about them.
I believe you should see this short documentary and share it on the social media

You Won't defeat my soul
"You won't defeat my soul" by Egyptian cartoonist
Doaa El-Adl 
FYI, as the #MeToo campaign is rocking world for real, Egypt or rather to be specific Egypt’s social media realm was rocked for short time by a #MeToo scandal when girls and women spoke about famous social media influencers harassing them.
In the beginning, it was a shock because the names shared including self-claimed feminists but then the campaign went off the rail when it turned to vengeance and personal fights space.
Famous social media figures and influencers also began sharing their Twitter’s DMs messages and Facebook messenger to prove their innocence turning the whole matter into a circus.
Then came the Wahat shootout or attack on 19 October and all people got busy on the social media on something else.

Anyhow please watch this short documentary and share it as well share those three ads among your circle whether you are Egyptian or not. After all, #MeToo proved that it is a global problem.


  1. Hat pins. Chopsticks. Punch a man with a knitting needle and pierce him all the way through. All good weapons used by Western women during the 19th century when sexual harassment was worse than it is today, though it was never as bad as it is today in Egypt. If Egypt allows concealed carry, do that. Tell your attacker you are prepared to defend yourself with deadly force, and if they don't cut it out, shoot them. Don't be weak. Own the problem.

  2. The problem is not about women being weak. It's about men behaving in a terrible and disgusting way. The solution is not telling women to use deadly force. It's about men controlling themselves and respecting women as human beings.

    1. Your way's been tried since forever, Sam. How's that working out for you?

  3. Working pretty great for me. I respect women as human beings and many other men I know also do. I'm not saying that women shouldn't hit back, but you know there are times when a women is overpowered or coerced beyond being able to fight back. This isn't women being weak. I'm not going to participate in victim blaming. It's counter-productive and harmful.


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