Monday, March 26, 2018

Egypt's Presidential elections 2018 : Day 1 "Senior Citizens Day"

Elections ink at a polling station n Dokki , Egypt
Elections ink at a polling station n Dokki , Egypt 
The first day of presidential elections 2018 in Egypt is over as 13,706 polling stations in 26 governorates close their doors after 12 hours of voting.
Since 9 AM, the polling stations secured by Egyptian armed forces units opened the doors for nearly 56 million eligible voters hoping for a high turnout that would send a direct message to the world as well to inside that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has still got popularity.
Scoring victory in elections with a high percentage is not enough proof especially that old Mubarak used to do that and no one bought it.

After the January revolution, Egyptians surprised the world somehow of standing long queues in different weather conditions in 2011 in a referendum followed by parliamentary elections then followed by the first multi-candidate democratic presidential elections with its two stages in 2012.
The true change was in the turnout. The turnout proves that the people trust you and trust your process.
Long queues give a good image in the foreign media. It is good for the foreign partners who will use it to prove that you are popular.
I have not seen those long queues the Pro-regime media whether mainstream or social are urging the people to show the world 

All that I saw in Cairo and Giza till 2.30 PM was a moderate turnout for senior citizens and some people in their late 40s.

I couple of young men under 30 in a Cairo polling station from the working class who were clueless on how to vote properly and three women in their early 30s from Middle Class in a Giza polling station.
One of those ladies, a housewife who voted for that “other guy” aka Moussa Mostafa Mossua because “she wanted the elections to appear nice in front of the world” !!!!!!

The main thing when I spoke with those people I found; they all complain about economy and prices. Sisi has to fix the economy in those four years, that what I was told.
This is for now. I saw and noticed other things but I am tired to write anything. 


  1. Same in the U.S. where Trump says he had long lines and tons of people at his Inaguration Day. The Photos prove otherwise. Very sparce, compared to President Obama.

  2. Reconciliation and unity is possible by incorporating wishes of all sides. Many people would have voted, then dipping Khalid Ali’s finger in the bottle of electronic ink


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