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Egypt’s Presidential elections 2018 in graph : Let the numbers speak facts

On Monday, Egypt’s National Elections Authority announced the final and official results of the March Presidential elections 2018.
Incumbent President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was elected unsurprisingly in a landslide victory with 97% of the valid votes in a-41.5%-turnout.

His rival, the leader of Ghad Party Moussa Moussa got 2.92%  of the total votes.
For the second presidential elections in a row, the spoilt votes come in the second place right after Sisi with 1,762,231 votes or 7.27% of the total votes.
It is worth to mention that the number of eligible voters increased from 53,909,306 in Presidential elections 2014 to become 59,078,138 normally.

Now the NEA, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Pro-regime media are claiming that there was a huge turnout thanking Egyptians inside and outside for once again proving to the world that they supported the current president.
Ballot boxes at a polling station in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018
Inside an Egyptian presidential elections polling station in Giza 
Well numbers, the official numbers released by the NEA says a different story; especially when compared with presidential elections 2014 and presidential elections 2012 which were released by NEA’s predecessor the High Elections committee
Let’s see my dear readers what the official numbers say.

First of all
Here is El-Sisi Vs. Moussa’s graph

You can see Moussa Moussa got very tiny percentage comparing to El-Sisi which is unsurprisingly considering what happened in those elections and how he ended up standing against him.
Presidential Candidate Moussa Moussa at a Polling Station in Egypt's presidential elections
Moussa Moussa voting for photographers waiting for after voting in the Presidential elections in March
The number of votes Moussa Moussa has got actually were smaller comparing to Hamdeen Sabbahi who is a well-known politician in Egypt unlike him and he actually presented a true show and a true fight as much as he could.

Sabbahi got 757,511 votes "3.1%" when Sisi got 23,780,104 votes  "96.1%" in Presidential elections 2014 when Moussa Moussa only got 656,534 votes "2.92%" and Sisi got 21,835,387 votes "97.08%" in Presidential elections 2018.
Ironically Hamdeen Sabbahi was among the opposition figures in Egypt that wrote on their social media accounts one word when the NEA was announcing the results of the elections on air.
That word was "Liars".
Sabbahi and his allies from Civil Democratic Parties declared that they would boycott those elections already. They called the public to boycott as well but honestly, the public did not need any call.

Now moving to the spoilt votes, the real competitor growing in front of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in both elections.
As I mentioned earlier Moussa Moussa came in the third place after the Spoilt votes and Abdel Fattah El-Sisi from the total votes in Egypt in 2018. The same thing happened in 2014. The percentage increased only.

This is the highest record for the spoilt in the Egyptian Presidential elections since we have had the Multi-candidate system in 2005 if I am not mistaken. Also, it is the first time, Egyptians choose a footballer as a rival to an incumbent president. 

There are local and international news reports that people were forced to vote by orders from the managers and superiors in companies, hotels, schools and factories in the last day of the Presidential elections.
Egyptian Facebook page "Al-Mawkaf Al-Masry" has published so far 8 posts with videos and testimonies from its readers showing elections violations including elections bribes and forcing citizens to go and to the election (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
The NEA has stated that there had been no violations reported in those three days of Presidential elections in March.
The NEA also stated that the number of eligible votes has increased yet the numbers show a decline in the total votes and correct votes but on the other hand a rise in the spoilt votes from 2012 elections to 2018 elections.

This means the turnout has declined from 2012 to 2018. The media campaign encouraging citizens to votes and warning them not to votes did not work as the local pro-regime media claimed or hoped.

The Egyptian Pro-regime media had been cheering for the Egyptian expats' turnout claiming that it was huge.
An Egyptian voter, an Upper-middle class Middle aged man I met on the first day of the Presidential elections was feeling sad that the turnout of the Egyptian voters inside Egypt was not that high like the Egyptian expats.
Well, I do not think that he shouldn't feel sad because the turnout of Egyptian expats in the Egyptian Presidential elections 2018 is actually compared to the last two multi-candidates presidential elections we have had according to official numbers.

I could not go deeper into the Presidential elections 2018's numbers when it comes to the breakdown in the governorates because those numbers above are saying enough.
We are on the verge of returning back to Mubarak's days when the Egyptian people used to boycott the ballot boxes in a silent protest without any social media because they know there is no use and it is only a charade
They only go to the polling stations when they feel that there is a true hope for change.
They stand in long queues for that hope for hours with no complaints.
I think the world knows that.
The world saw that in 2011 and 2012.

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