Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 3 "The Festival"

Good night or Good morning ya people where you are currently while reading and listening to the new episode of Ramadan Arabian Nights’ tale for this year, the tale of the amazing tales challenge.
Tonight we will complete our episode and see if Anbar manages to get the beginning of that tale and wins the hand of his beloved Sokar or not.
To refresh your memory before we go to tonight’s episode, check last night’s episode.
Now here is tonight’s episode, the 264th episode of Egyptian state radio’s One Thousand and One nights show.
P.S a trivial info in Arabic, the word Mirzaban means the King’s knight.

The suitors and Anabar as well the King’s man Mirzaban are still searching for the first and last parts of that amazing tale in the world. They have been absent for several hours. The suitors’ families have complained to the King about how his vizier Habhan was the reason for the absences of their sons.
By Edmund Dulac 

The King summons his vizier and reminds him that he has got until the end of the year when the kingdom’s festival is held.
Despite he was hesitant to share the second half and the end of the tale with his daughter for fear the king would know it, Habhan shares the end of the tale with Sukar.
The end of the year comes and nobody shows up whether the suitors or Marizban or even Anbar. The old vizier goes to the palace.
At the same time, Anbar arrives at the vizier’s palace with an unusual company: cats and a donkey. 
His beloved Sukar asks him what those animals are and He answers telling that the cats are the suitors while the donkey is the Marizban and that’s another tale.
They are turned in to animals by a spell that will end by the end of the year after a couple of hours later
Sukar asks him if he has found the tale’s first part and whether it has the end that her dad told her earlier. Anbar tells her the tale’s end and it turns out to be the one.
Both Anbar and Sukar take the donkey to get to the King’s palace in time along with the poor cats.

Scheherazade stopped here to get some good sleep to complete the tale tomorrow inshallah.

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