Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 15 “The Occupation ”

Dear all, it is time to complete our tale for this year, the tale of “Amazing tales challenge”.
Now Do you remember when I told that Tahar Abu Fasha was inspired by social and political events in the 1950s and 1960s in some of the tales he had written to the Egyptian State Radio’s “One Thousand Nights and One” ??
Well, tonight you will know immediately from our 15th episode of our Ramadan Arabian Night Podcast which event was Abu Fasha was referring to.
For the past 14 days, we knew that Abu Fasha was speaking about Pan Arabism and how the Arab countries should stand together or they will be weak and conquered by their enemies.
You can listen to episode No.276 of the Egyptian state radio’s One Thousand Nights and One after the break to know more.

Arabian Nights The high priest who is transformed as an Ifrit for his treason flies back to the Underground in order to see if he can marry his beloved Kheina or Rouh.
He is demanded to do the following to persuade the enemy brothers to host the Safa’leal Djinn people in the orange island as they are scattered in the Demons and Ifrit realm with no specific home “Sounds familiar? “
Evil Priest Nomaan goes back to his isle and begins also to turn the brothers against each convincing them to make a peace deal with Haddam in order to protect them from King Saeed.
Haddam sends a message to Safa’ leal’s king telling him to attack and occupy the Orange Island.
The evil Ifrit’s king also prepares himself to fight the war.
I guess it is clear.
Abu Fasha was speaking about Palestine and its occupation in 1948

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