Monday, June 11, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 26 “The King’s nightmare , the King’s daughter”

And here we continue our tale for this year, the tale of the amazing tales challenge.
Tonight we will complete listening to the tale of the city of bras and how its people reached that grim fate.
You can listen after the break to episode no.26 of our Ramadan Arabian Nights or episode No.287 of Egyptian State radio’s Classical One Thousand and One Nights Show.

Sheikh Etman is in prison because of King Kasseman’s crazy dream. The old priest is waiting for death as the king ordered his men to melt lead and copper and then throw the old man into that hot hill mix. While sitting in his cell, Etman finds the King’s daughter Miamona coming with food and her maid.
Arabian nights by Anton Pieck

The princess decides to help him escape with the help of her maid. She gives him the Abaya of her maid hiding his face while her maid will sit at the cell till she gets her out.
Meanwhile, King Kasseman is mad that Sheikh Etman got followers who protest in the city everyday especially their numbers are increasing.
The protesters demand unity. They also demand him to step down and to let his brother Salman rule. He orders his guards to crack them down.
At Night he dreams of Sheikh Wahdan, the older brother of Sheikh Etman. In the dream, Wahdan also slaps him warning him of the consequences of his actions.
Next day, the King wakes up and summons Sheikh Wahdan to slap him and to sentence him to death for attacking him in the dream !!
Sheikh Wahdan does not understand anything but he thinks he will meet his brother at a prison.
In the cell, he does not find his brother but rather princess Miamona’s maid.
Till next night inshallah.

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