Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 20 “United ”

Dear all, from 51 years ago on that day the world had changed forever … for worse I am afraid when Israel attacked and invaded Arab territories creating a bigger mess than the one it had originally made in 1948.
Revising the history and what led to the defeat of the Six days war politically before militarily we know that that defeat did not happen because had military geniuses or better armies but rather number of factors including how the Arab countries were fighting each literality and figuratively speaking just like the heroes of our tale, the Amazing tales challenge.
Divided, as usual, Arab leaders reconciled too late after that defeat and it did not take too many years to find them also divided plotting against each other.
“The Arabs agreed to disagree,” We say in our sad part of the world.
Arab people pray for truthful and rightful unity but it never comes.
Anyhow, we go back to our tale and our fantasy world which is a good escape from the cruel reality.
Tonight we are going to listen to the 20th episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast.
You can listen to the episode after the break.


King Saeed returns back to his kingdom angry after knowing King Haddam’s evil scheme with his brother Masood yet he refuses to attack his own brother.
Saeed got a very good plan to restore back his brother and to get back at Haddam. He also asks his brother Mosa’ad to go to his brother Masood using the winged horse and invisible cap.
A palace in the 1001 realm by
Anton Pieck

At the same time, he calls King Haddam for an urgent meeting at his palace.

Haddam comes immediately and asks the young king for a meeting privately behind the closed door. He gets what he wishes despite he sees suddenly the doors of the hall open.
Haddam claims that he has just known from Masood that he was planning to attack Saeed and that he is warning the kind and even ready to fight with him against his own brother.

Suddenly a voice comes out of the air telling him that he is a liar and it turned out that Masood was wearing the invisible cap and has heard what evil Haddam has been telling to his brother.
Mosa’ad comes in and suddenly Haddam turns in to fire and disappears as it turns out that he loses his wicked power as Ifrit when the brothers have united once again.
The brothers once again reunite their kingdoms into one under Saeed’s rule just like what their father wants. 

The three brothers live happily forever after in their Djinn realm.
Back to the Human realm, Sukar finishes her tale and saves her father, Vizier Habhan but she starts a new tale, the tale on how her suitors and the king’s envoy went for a year to search for that amazing tale.
Till we meet next night inshallah.
Please pray for those people who were killed on that day whether in Egypt or Syria or in the West Bank.

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