Wednesday, July 11, 2018

News from the Egyptian Galaxy : National anthem in hospitals , Nile River in new Capital and a new Egyptian bid for World Cup 2030

The vacation is on a verge to an end so I gather a couple of interesting news to share it with because they are to be ignored.
I can not ignore something like this below especially it has been creating buzz as well as endless memes in Egypt’s social media universe.
From left to right: Minister Hala Zayed, CEO Ahmed Zaki Abdeen and minister Ashraf Sobhi
From left to right: Minister Hala Zayed, CEO Ahmed Zaki Abdeen and minister Ashraf Sobhi

Egypt’s health minister decides to make hospitals all over the country play the national anthem daily

On Tuesday, newly appointed minister Hala Zayed issued a decision to make state-run hospitals play the national anthem daily in order to bolster patriotism as well the medical oath to bolster professionalism among the hospital staff.
As soon as the news hit the social media, it turned into a meme but seriously speaking it drew huge criticism as there are bigger and more serious problems in state-run hospitals and its staff from doctors than bolstering their patriotism.
Despite the criticism, Minister Zayed insisted in a meeting with editors in chiefs on Wednesday that she would not pull her decision back because it will bolster the patriotism and professionalism among the listeners.
On Wednesday the decision came into effect and Al-Warraq Central Hospital was the first in the Arab Republic of Egypt to play the national anthem like that.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi held a meeting with PM Mostafa Madoubly and health minister Hala Zayed on Thursday where he urged them to work on developing the health sector in Egypt aka the new health insurance system.
I do not think that he meant by developing the health sector in Egypt that the national anthem should be played loud in the public hospitals’ sound system !!
Minister Hala Zayid of health and population
Minister Hala Zayid of health and population

Anyhow that national anthem decision put more media pressure on the 50-years old academic doctor who is already in hot water thanks to the 57357 hospital controversy.

Before becoming a minister, Hala Zayed was the CEO of the Health Science Academy following 57357 Hospital. She is trying to distance her “to show there is no conflict of interest” by ordering an investigation into the famous charity hospital.

Minister Hala Zayed was appointed in the new cabinet as the minister of health and population in Mostafa Madoubly’s cabinet which swore in June.
Madoubly’s cabinet got 8 women ministers; which is the highest number of women ministers in any cabinet in Egypt since the 19th century.
I think that the decision of Hala Zayed proves my point about women empowerment in countries like Egypt.

Egyptian government to transfer more than half million cubic meters of Nile River Water daily to New Administrative Capital

Former minister/governor and current CEO of Administrative Capital for urban development  Company Ahmed Zaki Abdeen said on Monday that the currently-being-constructed main water plant in the city will transfer more than half million cubic meters of Nile River river water to the New Administrative Capital mega project.
Ahmed Zaki Abdeen
Ahmed Zaki Abdeen
According to the plan, nearly 850 thousand cubic meters of Nile River water will be transferred to the new administrative capital on daily basis.
Since 2015, Egyptian officials spoke openly about how we entered the “water poverty era” and the official numbers supported that.
After being a country that has exported rice for too long, Egypt became an importer to save Nile river water so I do not know how officials do not see a problem in taking all that amount of water to the Administrative Capital city !!

Egypt is seeking to host the World Cup again

It is not only the ugly faces of Mubarak era’s faces that are having a nasty comeback but also his era’s most failed projects and plans.
Newly appointed youth and sports minister Ashraf Sobhy said on Tuesday that Egypt aims to host World Cup in 2030 and the Summer Olympics games in 2032 because Egypt owns the financial and tangible abilities to host such events.
Egypt indeed managed to host a number of international and regional tournaments but not the level of hosting the World Cup or the Olympics !!
Ashraf Sobhi
Egypt's minister of youth and sports Ashraf Sobhy
For the love of God, the Egyptian football fans have not returned yet to watch the matches in the stadium !!
Already Egypt wanted in 2004 to host the World Cup in 2010 but failed miserably to the level that no one voted for us.
Up till this moment, we do not know what happened in the infamous World Cup Zero scandal’s investigation.
What I know for sure about it is that the man who was responsible for Egypt’s file in front of FIFA were Gamal Mubarak’s friends.
This is just a very bad Deja vu.

An extra special news that deserves special recognition

The Egyptian People have been pampered for the past 80 years” according to former Presidential advisor and current head of Alexandria Bibliotheca Mostafa El-Faky because of the economic subsidies !! 
This is by far the quote of the week !!
Historically, Egypt knew the subsidies system in the 1950s when Nasser’s regime presented it as a way to create social justice in food distribution.
I do not think that the Egyptian people have been pampered in the past 8 decades considering the social injustice in time of monarchy or the fact they paid the bills of three wars in the time of Presidents Nasser and Sadat not to mention their successive contradicting socialist than capitalistic economic policies.
CAPMAS officials also announced that they expected the percentage of Egyptians living under the poverty line would increase in 2017 as a result of the economic decisions and reforms take recently.
They think that in the year 2017, the percentage will be 35% !!

I have always wanted to continue presenting news like that from time to time and I had done it before.
Hopefully, I will continue doing it more often.

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