Thursday, September 20, 2018

They are eating tree leaves in Yemen right now !!

People are eating tree leaves in Yemen right now to survive hunger because of the ongoing war between the Saudi-led coalition and the Iranian backed-Houthi rebels.

AP made this short shocking video from Yemen as part of its coverage that has had exposed war and torture crimes committed by the coalition countries (Saudi Arabia and UAE) on one side and the Houthi rebels on the other side.

Needless to say, all parties involved are denying that they committing any kind of war or human rights crime in Yemen but reality says otherwise and that video above is a solid evidence.
Numbers by United Nations organizations and humanitarian NGOs speak about this disaster. 

Baby Nusair
Meet Nusair, an 11-month baby, suffering from malnutrition.  I do not know what to say

On Wednesday, London-based Save the Children issued a statement saying that at least 5 million Yemeni Children are at a risk of famine.
The NGO says that more than two-thirds (64.5%) of Yemeni population do not know where their meal is coming from as the fight over Hodeidah port on the Red Sea goes on hand in hand with the Saudi-coalition blockade.
In 2017, Save The Children says that it treated 65,000 children for malnutrition across Yemen.
Till September 2018, Save The Children says that it has treated almost 400,000 under the age of five for severe malnutrition.
The London-based NGO also warns that 36,000 children can die before the end of 2018.
The UN’s children agency UNICEF says that 1.8 million children are starving in Yemen including at least 500,000 babies and toddlers who are severely malnourished.
I think we can understand now why Yemen is currently having a very high suicide rate in the past few years.

I just wish someone from those real decision makers in those war rooms watch this video above and read those shocking number to feel ashamed of himself
People are eating tree leaves and more children are going to die especially the winter is close.
I do not think that this ongoing war in war will create a generation that likes its neighbors from Gulf countries especially in Saudi Arabia.
As an Arab, I fear on the people of the Gulf countries from that blood curse or rather blood karma that will follow them.

By the way, those shocking videos and photos from Yemen are not shown in our mainstream media in Egypt.
Already all those voices criticizing the war in Yemen are being hushed.
I feel ashamed of the Arab leaders and the League of Arab states. I feel angry and sad that we are being dragged to this war even if the Egyptian contribution is considered symbolic and our role is only involved in “protecting Red Sea’s Bab el-Mandeb strait only.


  1. I'll share this, its the least I can do. Wish I could do more. Its horrendous, truly horrendous, and I'm afraid our country and probably Russia back one side of the other. But not the civilians of course. Blood money!

    1. Sharing as much as we can actually is important because I realized that such videos and facts do not make it to mainstream media in our countries dear Deb


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