Saturday, October 27, 2018

Once again the fate of Syria is determined by Non-Syrians

This photo is another indication that Sykes-Picot agreement is still alive and kicking and Arab as well Non Arab people who live in Syria still have no power over their own destiny.
Where are the Syrians? "France 24"
Where are the Syrians? "France 24"

Leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Turkey met on Saturday in Istanbul where they called for a ceasefire and the formation of a committee to write down a new constitution.
There is no direct representative of Syrian people here in that photo.

Erdogan is in the photo representing his own government’s agenda whatever it is. He always speaks about defending the Syrian people’s rights but actually for PR purposes mostly.
Just remember how many times he said he would not allow any chemical attack to occur or how he would not allow Al-Assad to enter Aleppo bla bla bla bla….

Putin is in the photo representing Bashar Al-Assad regime which tortures and kills Syrian people and wants to rule forever after.

Angela Merkel is in the photo because she does not want any more refugees in Europe.
For me, Macron is standing because he or rather France considers the Levant aka “Syria and Lebanon” part of its colonial empire.

By the way, those leaders can find and bring Syrians to represent truly Syrian people to their meeting if they want. But it seems that they are not interested in that.

By there is an important question I can’t find a logical answer to since I have read the news: How can Syrian people sit with members of the Al-Assad regime to write down a constitution?
How can Syrian people who call for the unity of the country sit with Syrian Kurds who want to join the future Kurdistan area?
Constitutions are written by people who want truly to live together and build a future, by people who respect laws and human rights. I do not see Al-Assad regime is ready for this.

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