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Media Empires of Egypt : Ghada Abdel Razek Vs. Egyptian Media

Earlier Saturday, I found people sharing a screenshot of a famous Egyptian actress boldly attacking Egyptian Media Group, Egypt’s biggest empire on social media asking whether the army or the intelligence was behind it only because she wanted a higher pay as usual.
Late Friday, famous Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek posted a post with the photo of her daughter and two granddaughters “Yes, she is a granny” with an unrelated surprising caption. "She removed it"

Dear fans , I am being fought by a group called Egyptian Media that does not want me to work in drama this year. It is not only me but many people including artists and they say that we will make you stay at home if you do not like and if you ask them on behalf of whom you speaking , they will say on behalf of the army or the intelligence. Is that true ? This is a question because the whole field “actors”are asking with me whether it is truth or a lie. Please someone answers.
The actress who became a fixture in Ramadan drama annual race with a TV series posted that on her Instagram wisely closing the comments.
Instagram screenshot
A screenshot of the controversial Instagram post
In no time, a screenshot of that post was shared and went viral. Some say she is outing the truth about the media empire whose alleged affiliation to the General Intelligence service was brought up over and over.

In a few hours, “#Ghada_Abdel_Razek_is_most_failed_actress” topped Egypt’s Top Twitter trends amazingly to the level I wonder when it had all that time to top all other hashtags.

Aside from the people who make fun of her and the people who gloat, most of the tweets in the trends are repeated by twitter e-flies “as Jamal Khashoggi used to call them” aka trolls attacking in the most disgusting way sharing infamous inappropriate photos of her to the rest of that crap.
Ghada Abdel Razek has been pro-regime since the time of Mubarak.

She already was the celebs who led the infamous Mostafa Mahmoud square protests “demanding Mubarak to stay in the rule” when the world was echoing Tahrir square’s call for him to leave.
Abdel Razek then supported Egypt’s strongman Abdel Fattah El-Sisi since he was a minister of defense and publicly supported him in a way that made Bassem Youssef make fun of her in that famous episode that he paid its price dearly.

She did not change her hear or her political beliefs but according to some of her problem with the Egyptian Media Group is not its monopoly but rather her paycheck.

Ghada Abdel Razek
Actress Ghada Abdel Razek

One of the highest-paying actresses in Egypt, Ghada Abdel Razek got LE 22 Million ( USD 1,238,180)  for her latest TV series in Ramadan 2018.

Now rumors say that she is demanding LE 50 million for her upcoming TV series in Ramadan 2019 and that the Media Empire that controls main TV channels in the country refuses such high numbers.

Rumors say that it is not Ghada Abdel Razek that is bitter because she is staying at home but other big stars who demand ridiculous numbers have joined her too.
Some say the economic crisis has hit the media city and it is not speculations.
Famous director Kamla Wagih Abou Zekri wrote a post on 28 October 2018 telling people that the filming of most Ramadan TV soap operas was suspended this year and she did not know the reason behind that.
Abou Zekri reminded people that Ramadan TV soap operas season was a source of living for nearly two million Egyptians aside from the big stars, but rather a big crew of technicians, editors, make-up artists and etc.
I believe Kamla Wagih Abou Zekri and her concern more than Ghada.

Now Ghada Abdel Razek has spelled the bean about Egyptian Media Group and most Pan Arab and Arab news website whether a serious one or partisan one or simply tabloid one is sharing the news that Egyptian Media is owned by the Egyptian army and intelligence.
Maybe she will pay the price and maybe she will not.

But for she was not the first celeb to brought up the connection between Egyptian Media Group and the intelligence agency or the state.
Former footballer and current Sports TV host / Zamalek sports club fanatic Ahmed Hossam aka Mido said on his official Twitter account that Sports Media company “Presentation Sports” was a state-owned when he was attacking it for signing a sponsorship contract with Al-Ahly Sports club in October.

Mohamed Kamel , the CEO of Presentation which is owned by the state , cries because he sponsors Al-Ahly club saying that if he dies today , he will be happy despite he sponsors Zamalek too. Today , the state confirms what we have been saying that the state favors Al-Ahly club and the proof is in Mohamed Kamel and Presentation !!
He said and aside from that the fact that the state does not favor Al-Ahly and he is just bitter in a way that I can’t understand it but he mentions a naked truth about Presentation Sports, the country’s biggest sports media company.
Presentation Sports company is one of the Egyptian Media Group’s companies.
Following his attack on Presentation, Mido was a subject of constant attack in Egyptian Media’s Youm 7 in the last month of October.

Pro-regime supporters, Mido like Ghada Abdel Razek did not have a true problem with Egyptian Media Group or its true owners as long as they are not harmed nor their interests are harmed.
People like do not have a problem with media monopoly or how the state controls media in 2018 as long as they get paid and Presentation sponsors Zamalek only forever.

But some people actually have got a problem and even they spoke about it publicly in a state-owned media publication.
On 31 August 2018, renowned Egyptian poet and journalist/writer Farouk Gouida wrote in his half-page column in Al-Ahram Newspaper about the financial crisis in the private Egyptian TV stations.
“ We should know the true new owners of those private Egyptian TV stations adding that “it was better for the State to spend its money on the State-owned TV and fix its problems”.
Yes, he did not reveal any info or speak about certain companies but it was interesting to bring up that in Al-Ahram Daily.

Now, I expect that Ghada Abdel Razek will remove its post sooner or later but that won’t solve the current financial crisis and how it hits TV drama industry in the country or it will change the facts about Egyptian Media Group.

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  1. Media Role to INFORM Then EDUCATE Lastly to ENTERTAIN , Gada A/Razik,Main Artist in the Entertainment Business,WHY NOT..?OR this is Still a Muslim Brotherhood Decision by Someone from Them Hidden Among us.??


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