Friday, December 28, 2018

Can Sudan’s growing protest civil movement stand against El-Bashir ? "Updated"

The Sudanese Professional Association “SPA” declared on Thursday it supported the calls for protests on Friday as well on Sunday.

There are plans for protests across Sudan against the government demanding Omar El-Bashir to resign. Just like the tradition that started in Egypt during the 25th January revolution, this Friday protest is named and its name is “ Committed to the martyrs” dedicated to the fallen protesters who have been killed since last week.

Earlier Thursday, the Sudanese government said that 19 people were killed while over 200 others were injured in the protests across Sudan since 19 December.
This is the first official death toll released by the Sudanese government.
It is worth to mention that according to Amnesty International not less 37 people were killed since the start of the protests.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Sudanese journalists started a strike to object the censorship imposed by the Sudanese government.
Sudanese journalists on Strike
Sudanese journalists on strike " SPA"
Since the morning, I have been following reports several journalists were arrested. Some of those journalists were released later.
The Sudanese doctors also continued their strike except for the ER doctors.
Since Monday, the Sudanese doctors are reportedly on strike in several Sudanese states.

Different doctors associations also announced their support on the ongoing protesting movement calling their members to participate in the strike. 
Sudanese doctors on strike since Monday "Sudan's Doctors syndicate
Several doctors were reportedly arrested too.

Online, Anonymous hacktivist group declared an online war on the Sudanese official websites like e-Sudan service portal and official Sudanese cabinet website in an operation called "#OpSudan". The official spokesperson of the operation in Arabic is Mr.Robot on Twitter if anybody is interested in following this operation.

Just like El-Bashir managed to bring together Qatar and Bahrain to support him, he managed to bring both Egypt’s Sisi and Turkey’s Erdogan together to support him too.

On Thursday, Egypt’s minister of foreign affairs Sameh Shoukry and head of Egyptian General intelligence directorate and President Abdel Fattah Sisi’s trusted aide Abbas Kamel went to Khartoum to hold “officially” one of their 2+2 meeting with their Sudanese counterparts. They also met with Omar El-Bashir to deliver him a message from President E-Sisi.

After the meeting with the Sudanese president, the Egyptian foreign minister told the reporters that “Egypt is always ready to support Sudan and the ability of Sudanese people as per the government of Sudan's vision and policies.” What if the Sudanese people do not want this government and its policies !??
I think Egypt and the current administration should be wiser because Omar El-Bashir is a true heavy burden. He is already a convicted war criminal.

Interestingly Sudan’s government which is Islamist and supported by the Muslim Brotherhood is the only Islamist MB affiliated government El-Sisi got no problem with !!
Needless to say, as I have been gathering and reading more information about modern-day Sudan, I knew the stances of the Egyptian government under different presidents were all supportive to the President regardless of how bad he was.
Bunch of cartoonish parties in Egypt also declared their support to the govenrment of Sudan.

On the other hand, Egypt’s civil society got a different thing to say about Sudan.

On Wednesday, a group of Egyptian and Arab human rights organizations including Cairo institution for human rights studies, Syrian Network for Human rights and Nadeem Center issued a joint statement commending the use of extreme force against protests as well as demanding the Sudanese authorities to respond to the demands of the civil society in Sudan.

Those NGOs also demanded the international community to intervene to stop the violence against the Sudanese.
I hate to say the international community had had nothing to stop the slaughter of the people in Darfur.

Moving to Turkey , on Thursday Sudan’s ambassador to Ankara Youssef El-Kurdfany held a meeting with the top officials of Justice and Development Party “AKP” and after the meeting, AKP deputy chairman Jawdat Yilmaz told reporters that “Turkey knows very good about the plots against Sudan and that’s why it was standing beside Sudan’s legitimate government and its people !!”
Erdogan always attacks El-Sisi and says that he came on the back of a coup but he is okay with El-Bashir who also came through a coup and made a whole genocide in Darfur !!
I know that Turkey got huge investments in Sudan too, I have not forgotten that too.

That kind of regional support Omar El-Bashir is receiving from the Arab leaders will enable him to crash any protesting movement so easily.

Already he had done the worst and committed the worst kinds of war crimes against the people in South Sudan as well in Darfur and he got away with it.

The West is not interested in supporting any new Arab Spring movement because it fears more refugees and migrants as well as the return of ISIS.

There is growing protest civil movement as far as I tell. This is a very good thing. Every day I find a union or a syndicate that supports this growing movement without fear of repercussions.

For instance, on Thursday, I learned more about Khartoum University teachers union and how they were the first to oppose in Court the current law in Sudan banning workers from forming their own union through twitter.

The traditional political parties have disappeared from the scene and instead, we see unions and syndicates in the lead just like in Tunisia if you remember.
But realistically speaking that movement can be crashed anytime if El-Bashir decided to act according to the Third World Dictator Classical manual.
The question for real is “Can Sudan growing protest civil movement stand against Omar El-Bashir regime and survive ?”
God be with the Sudanese people for real.


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