Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Sudan protests : El-Bashir promises economic reforms while Khartoum prepares for a big protest on Tuesday

Just like a very bad and belated Christmas gift, Sudan current president and internationally wanted war criminal Omar El-Bashir addressed on Monday the Sudanese people in short statements via official news agency as they continue to protest against him for the sixth day in a row.

In statements released by Sudanese official news agency “SUNA”, El-Bashir promised to have real “economic reforms” to “make citizens trust again the Sudanese banking system”.
He also added the state would continue doing economic reforms to prove the citizens with “decent living”.
He urged the Sudanese people not to follow the rumors warning them from giving up to “attempts to implant despair” !!

Someone did not get the memo about how troubling the Sudanese economy had been recently and how economically can’t live on bailouts from the Gulf forever.

In the same SUNA news report, the director general of the National security and intelligence agency general Salah Abdullah was quoted saying that the agency’s forces supported its commander in chief aka Omar El-Bashir claiming at the same time the agency respect the right to peacefully protest.

Abdullah’s statement comes 24 hours after the official statement of the Sudanese armed forces also declaring its full support to President El-Bahsir.

The statements of Omar El-Bashir and Salah Abdullah comes 24 hours before the big protest or rally demanding his dismal from the office in Khartoum on Tuesday.
The rally announcement in Arabic
The rally's announcement 
On Tuesday 25 December 2018, a rally called “Public Procession” will head to the Sudanese president palace to demand Omar El-Bashir to step-down from his position as the President of the state.
The Sudanese professionals Association “SPA” is organizing the event.
Despite the usual political powers and figures disappeared suddenly, the SPA emerges as a hope to organize the opposition movement in the war-torn country.
An independent body, SPA including 8 syndicates and unions representing doctors, teachers, engineers, veterinarians, journalists and universities professors.
Several Sudanese political parties declared their participation in the rally including none other National Umma Party which is headed by no one other El-Bashir’s brother-in-law controversial Islamist figure and former Prime Minister Sadiq Al-Mahdi !!

The latest economic crisis hitting Sudan is truly the last straw as it seems for many Sudanese people who have had it from El-Bashir regime for 29 years.
The protests continued for the 6th days in a row in different parts of Sudan but the fact that the social media networks are blocked in various Sudanese
I did a video compilation for that big protest held at Hilal stadium during the football match between Sudanese Hilal SC and Tunisian Africain SC in the CAF Champions league “it was a regional game and the fans must attend” in the city of Omdurman.

Thousands of Sudanese football fans chanted “People want to topple the regime” at the stadium and afterward a protest left the stadium to roam the city chanting anti-regime chants.
Security forces attempted to disperse by force the protest and there were injured according to what I read on Twitter.
The protesters chanted “Freedom, Peace and justice”.
I think those demands can be fully understood their need after those decades of El-Bashir’s rule.
On Tuesday, the Stadium protests continue as the same scenario in Omdurman was repeated in the city of Khartoum as the football fans chanted “Down with the military regime inside the stadium.

I found out that there is a Ushahidi website following the protests’ locations in the Sudanese cities according to the social media.
We will see what will happen and whether this rally planned for Tuesday will reach its goal or will it be dispersed forcibly.
After few hours inshallah we will know.


  1. This reminds me of the first time I started reading your blog posts, exactly eight years ago. Days before the planned Jan 25 street protests. Uncertainty was prevalent. Expectations were low too. Frankly, I, like many old folks, didn't take these calls too seriously at the beginning.

    Except for Aljazeera muted coverage of the Sudan protests, the similarities are uncanny.

    1. :) it reminds so much with Jan25 street protests , I hope that they will be more successful


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