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Sudan Protests : They are still going on

Maybe because it is holidays season or maybe because the world just gave up on the news coming from the Middle East and North Africa region but for the 11th days the Sudanese people have been protesting against war criminal Omar El-Bashir and nobody seems interested.

Yes, there is huge press and media censorship but there is too much silence whereas there is something going on in Sudan for real.
I know there is a bit change because on Friday the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres expressed his concern for the developments in Sudan calling its government to investigate deaths during the protests across the country !!
I do not know what to say.
The thing is Omar El-Bashir does not give a fuck “pardon my language” to the international community.

The Sudanese Professionals association has called for new protests and rallies next 31 December 2018 on the eve of Sudan’s Independence Day anniversary.
The main rally will head to the presidential palace in Khartoum at 1 PM Khartoum Local time.
The Association also announced on 31 December 2018, there will be a general strike for lawyers in the country to denounce the violence against the protests and violate the right of assembly and protests among other things.

Well back to the protests, 28th December 2018 Friday protests dedicated to the fallen protests were a total success based on testimonies, videos and photos as more people from all ages whether men or women joined the rallies demanding Omar El-Bashir to step down.
Protest in Sudan 2018
ِA protest in one of the streets in Gazeera state
on 28 December 2018 "@ahmedhadads"

Even the mosque where El-Bashir allegedly was praying the Friday prayers witnessed a protest that forced to flee the scene quickly.

I do not know why I stopped at this alleged incident, it seems that the man is getting too old that the deep state in Sudan or its military institution may give up on him.

The Sudanese authorities dealt with the protests reportedly with violence using live ammunition aside from the usual tear gases.

Protest in Sudan 2018
A photo from a protest on 28 December 2018 in Omdurman
Sudan "@zienabhassan"
Again I can’t find any confirmed number of fatalities or injured or arrests on 28 December 2018 alone.
Guardian says that according to observers that at least 60 people have been killed in the past few days.
More people mostly from opposition figures have arrested in the past few days.

El-Bashir regime has continued its mass arrest campaign targeting Darfurian students studying in Khartoum’s universities claiming that they are forming cells to spread violence in the society to the end of the usual list of accusations.
The thing is that Omar El-Bashir is playing a dirty with tribalism once again in Sudan but so far the Sudanese people understood his game and they are not buying it.
Protest in Sudan 2018
A group of women from a family of a young protest "Mohand Ahmed"
who was shot down on 20 December participating in the protests of 28 December
at the state of Al-Qadarif "@Girfina"
The Sudanese doctors continue their strike and it seems that public hospitals began to take steps against those doctors.

Sudanese doctors “except ER doctors” have started a strike last week and continue in their strike till this week.

Dr. Mohamed Othman, the member of Sudan’s Religious Clerics Authority and TV host at Sudanese Ashorooq TV channel presented his resignation from the authority to object the early statements of its chairman Sheikh Mohamed Othman Saleh that supported the use of force against protesters.
Last week Sheikh Mohamed Othman Saleh spoke with Istanbul-based-“Al-Sharq TV channel” {yes, the MB funded TV channel} and said that if there are saboteurs among the protesters than the security forces should use force with them.
The statements were translated as a religious carte-blanche to El-Bashir regime to use excessive violence against the protesters which are currently called “traitors, saboteurs and agents” already in Sudanese official media.
I am not surprised because religious officials in all the Arab countries always say similar things
Despite being MB-funded TV channel, Al-Sharq TV channel’s shows support the current wave of protests in Sudan.

On 28 December 2018, footage and photos emerged for plain-clothed men on pick up trucks with guns and riffles attacking the protesters.
Those plain-clothed men are said to be members of Pro-regime militias related to the Islamic movements like the International Islamic Union “What the hell is that” in the country.
Those alleged militias use live ammunition against the protesters.

This video I made and released on Saturday on Egyptian Chronicles YouTube Channel about the Protests on 25 December 2018. “I know I am so slow but between work and checking facts behind each clip it takes some time”

In the video, you can see war criminal Omar El-Bashir vowing to “eradicate” the protesters whom he described as traitors and agents as usual during his speech in the city of Rufaa. “I love how the old Sudanese women reacted after knowing that he left the city so fast”.
you can also see those plain-clothed men attacking protesters and arresting them. 
Here is another video I compiled from videos online , mostly from Twitter showing the protests on 28 December 2018.

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