Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Seen in Cairo : Why is the Baron palace turning red ?

Baron Empain palace under restoration works

WTH is happening to the historical and magnificent Baron Empain palace?

I passed by it earlier this morning after months of restoration to find half of that landmark building has turned to red ??

This is how it looked before the restoration works
The Baron Palace before restoration works
The Baron Palace before restoration works 
Built by the founder of Heliopolis in Cairo in the early 20th century, eccentric Baron Empain’s palace is probably the first Indian Hindu inspired building in Cairo, Egypt and Africa as well.
I fear that some genius decided to paint it red like the buildings in India.

It's breathtaking whether from outside or inside and just like its owner the Baron, it got its share of eccentricity making it Cairo’s top haunting place of all times.

Designed by French architect Alexandre Marcel, its cues came from the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia. the Egyptian government launched its restoration works in 2018 as it is considered as a national heritage site.
Under the supervision of the ministry of antiquities, the government allocated LE 114 Million for the project that will finish in 2022.
The ministry of antiquities hired the Egyptian army’s Engineering authority to do the restoration works.

I do not know if the Engineering authority got expertise in restoration old palaces with history and cultural complexity like the Baron Palace.

To be honest I was worried when I first read the news about restoration works because I fear some of the Hindu characterizations may disappear by mistake.
details in the palace
The palace is full of amazing pieces of art like this
"Michel Hana" 
Everything in that palace was designed for a specific meaning to Baron Empain and his genius yet eccentric mind.
What I have read so far that the palace was extremely in bad shape and yet new staircases and statues were discovered.

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  1. The supreme commander and former chief of the army, the field marshal who hasn't fought in any field, has expertise in anything. He is a philosopher, he is a doctor, he studies everything before talking about it. If you follow his speeches and interviews, you wouldn't have wondered for a second whether the army’s Engineering authority has any expertise or not.

    You should your country's leadership, your country's army, and your country's people.

    Taheya Masr. تحيا مصر


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