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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : Aladdin " Mama Aladdin goes to the King’s palace " Ep.5

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First of all , you can refresh your memory and see where we left Aladdin last night here.

Here is the fifth episode of Aladdin and the magical lamp or episode no.156 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

Once again our boy takes the silverware he got earlier from the genie to sell it in Downtown to get some money but one day he returns back home to his mother with no money. He did not sell anything.

Mother asks why and he tells that when he got to the market it was closed down by the guards for the procession of Princess Tot , the daughter of king Clatot as the commoners are not allowed to see her.
Aladdin watches the procession and his eyes meet the eyes of the princess, he is in love.
Aladdin sees the princess for the first time  by Walter Crane in 1890
Aladdin sees the princess for the first time
by Walter Crane in 1890

He tells his mother that he will marry the princess regardless what including the fate that he is already engaged to the son of the vizier. 
Nothing matter as he has got the magical lamp. He orders the genie to bring him that Pearl branch from the Pearl tree in the cavern despite the warning of the genie that that action may kill the genie guard of that tree.

It does not matter as Aladdin wants to wow the King and ask his daughter’s hand in marriage.
The genie brings the pearl branch and the young man tells his mother to go to the palace to give it to the king.
For several days , Mama Aladdin fails to meet the king but eventually he tells his guards to let her in so he can know what her problem is.

She comes to his court and shows him the pearl branch. The king is amazed and tells her that he will fulfill what she wants.

Mama Aladdin asks the princess’ hand for her son and in return the vizier laughs at her.
The vizier asks the king to give him a-3-months-period so the princess can choose between his son and Aladdin.
The king agrees and tells Mama Aladdin about that 3-months-period. She goes and tells her son.

As the 3-months-period is near to end , Aladdin goes the market to buy gifts for the princess only to know she got married from the vizier’s son.

Tomorrow inshallah we will know what our boy Aladdin will do.

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