Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : King Haras Episode 2 "The King and the palace owner "

Good evening or Good afternoon or Good morning where ever you are and reading this post.
Tonight we will continue our tale for this year’s Ramadan Arabian nights 2019 podcast.
It is getting interesting by the minute.
I must say that I love the format of those episodes thanks to those geniuses behind it : Egyptian radio legendary host and director Mahmoud Shaaban and writer Taher Abu Fasha.
You can refresh your memory and hear last night’s episode here.
Now without further ado , episode 2 or rather episode no.181 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

In disguise the king and his vizier can't find a reason or logic behind why that beggar insists on receiving charity for being hit strongly on his face .
an Arabian-nights palace by Anton Pick
an Arabian-nights palace by Anton

They move on in their tour to see what is going on in their city till they meet another a group of people surrounding a man who does not do anything except ordering a horse mare to run in circle. “Run in circle , run in circle” he shouts at the animal while the king and the vizier stand amazed wondering what is wrong with him. When they try to approach to know his story , the man orders the horse to move outside the circle to return to where they come from.

Again the king and the vizier are surprised and left with many questions but this was not the strangest thing they will meet in their tour.

Just by the river at small bridge stands the biggest and magnificent palace that the King has not seen before. On the bridge stands its owner who invites both men in for dinner because he only befriends strangers for one night.

Generously , he invites them in as both men are amazed on how luxurious from inside.

After finishing dinner and drinking fancy wine , the mysterious man who owns the palace suddenly kicks them angrily because he can’t befriend people except for one night.
The king has too many questions .
Tomorrow we will know if that his questions about those encounters will be answered or not.   

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