Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2019 : King Haras Episode 3 "The King and the story of the blind beggar "

Okay Liverpool is going to play the Champions Leagues finale after one hell of a game to remember with Barcelona and nobody is paying attention to Ramadan Egyptian TV series anymore because they all suck as it seems so come and hear a new Ramadan Arabian night tonight.

Tonight we are going to continue our first tale , the tale of King Haras.

You can refresh your memory and listen last night’s episode to know where we stopped with that king who once ruled that faraway kingdom in China once upon time in the Arabian nights universe.

Now without further ado , you can hear to the third episode or episode no.182 of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights show in Arabic after the break.

The King and his vizier return to their palaces to spend all night thinking about those strange people they met during their little adventure in disguise : The blind beggar , the horse owner and the strange palace owner.
From the beggar of Baghdad  "Erica Guilane-Nachez"
From the beggar of Baghdad
"Erica Guilane-Nachez" 

Next day in court , the King orders the vizier to bring him the blind beggar and the horse owner. He will visit the strange palace owner later that night.
The blind beggar and the horse owner are brought to the king who asks them about why they act like that in the city.

The blind beggar is hesitant but eventually he begins to share his story with the king. “Story inside story alert” 

Originally he comes from the city of Azadsheer and his parent was a wealthy merchant. Following the death of his parents , he decides to go in a caravan of 80 camels with his assistants and slaves to the city of Shangaar.

In the way , the caravan meets an oasis where our young merchant takes a nap under a shade.
He is awake by the presence of an old Darwish that appears out of no where. The old man speaks in riddle about a buried huge treasure that will appear when a big star appears in the sky and that he needs camels to transfer the money and treasure .

The young man tells him that he has got about 80 camels and he can share them with him.
The two agree but suddenly the old man disappears and the young man can’t find him.
Instead, his travel companions tell him that there is no old man in sight and that he has been sleeping all this time.

Tomorrow inshallah we will know if our beggar who was once wealthy merchant was dreaming or not.

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