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Beirut Blast : Welcome to post-apocalyptic Beirut

First of all, this how you can help Lebanon as a person if you can.

You can donate to Lebanese NGOs through this link.

You can donate to buy food items directly through this link

You can donate to the Lebanese Red Cross directly through this link

It is nearly 24 hours following the huge blast in Beirut port that is changing the fate of a whole country in the saddest way ever.

Last night Beirut was on another date with misery with those series of explosions that made it trend for all the wrong reasons once again, a city of disaster.

An old Lebanese lady spending the night at the street due to the explosion  "Twitter"
An old Lebanese lady spending the night at the street due to the explosion 

What makes me sad for real is that Beirut is a synonym for happiness and bon vivant for us, the Arabs but for the west Beirut is only in the centre of news for this kind of disasters and civil wars.

The photos and videos showing post-apocalyptic Beirut in a very sad way. 

Victims numbers are increasing

In the past few hours the Lebanese health officials announced that the number, we are speaking about at least 150 dead and over 5,000 injuries according in addition to hundreds of missing people.

On social media, you will find sisters searching for brothers and nephews searching for uncles.

According to the Lebanese officials, 300,000 Lebanese people spent their night in the street because they could not spend their night at their homes due to the huge damages the buildings suffered.

All the journalists living in Beirut I know or I follow online reported that some kind of damages in their homes.No one was spared.

You can measure on this on a wider scale considering the fact we are speaking about local and foreign journalists who are scattered in the city of Beirut !!!

By the way, there are three Egyptian workers who died due to the explosions in Beirut last night.

There are Syrian and Ethiopian workers who died last night in the port area.

It is heartbreaking.

Aids to Lebanon

Arab and the Middle East countries hurried to send aids to Lebanon.

Egypt opened its military hospital in Lebanon for the public, I did not know that we still have it. I know it was opened there during one of the wars in the past.

There is also an airlift between Beirut and Cairo to transfer medical aid supplies starting from tomorrow.

Al-Azhar has sent medical supplies too.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey and Algeria are among the countries that sent aids.

France sent rescue teams and its President Marcon is going to visit Beirut in what I considered a PR move in order to show France’s good face in the Mideast following criticism for his involvement for Libya.

This is his first destination in the Mideast after coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO sent 20 tonnes of medical supplies to Beirut

The first respondents' team from firefighters has been declared dead officially.

The 9-people-team including a young woman was the first to arrive at the scene following the first explosion only to die due to the second huge explosion.

Possible wheat crisis in Lebanon

Lebanon is on a verge of a wheat shortage as its main imported wheat silos were destroyed in last night blast as you can see in the photo.

Wheat at Beirut port following the explosion "AFP"
Wheat at Beirut port following the explosion "AFP"

The silos may have also saved other parts of Beirut from more destruction by absorbing the explosion shocks.

According to news reports, the only wheat available in the capital is the wheat available in the bakeries and groceries.

Here is a collection of photos showing the impact of the blast last Tuesday.

A double Economic disaster for Lebanon

It is not a big secret that Lebanon is on the verge of bankruptcy and I believe that it is a matter of time only after this disaster.

According to Beirut Mayor Marwan Aboud, the financial losses may reach between US 10-15 billion. This is an initial estimation. 

Rich influencers and singers in Beirut already reported damages in their homes in the past 24 hours, one can imagine what happened to the people from the Middle and Working classes who are already struggling to meet their needs in the hard economic crisis going for months now. 

Lebanese politicians continue to **** up as usual

The good for nothing politicians of Lebanon who actually played a role in building up this disaster is back to the front including former PM Saad Hariri. 
First of all, the Special Rafik Hariri's tribunal who has been investigating in the murder of late PM said that it adjourned declaring its results due to the circumstance in Lebanon and that makes you wonder and ask you a lot of questions. 

Second, Saad Hariri is calling for an independent investigation into the reasons behind the explosion. 
Ironically Saad Hariri who is one of the wealthiest men in the Middle East did not announce that he would donate a penny as far as I have followed. 

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