Saturday, December 26, 2020

Coronavirus on The Nile : Official COVID-19 cases in Egypt by governorates

Last Wednesday, Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed held a press conference to discuss the latest developments concerning the coronavirus situation in Egypt.

Zayed stated at last Egypt was having its second wave moment of the pandemic, it was not a big secret.

She also spoke about how the official numbers of coronavirus witnessed a leap in the past two weeks.

This was not secret too.

Because aside of every day talk between Egyptians themselves concerning the real numbers of cases and fatalities, we got members of the official coronavirus committee in the government speaking in mainstream media about how the real numbers of coronavirus patients are higher than the official numbers because patients do not go to the hospital except in late deteriorating case according to them.

Minister Hala Zayed at the Ministry of health's presser in Cairo 
last week by Mohamed El-Raai

Now one of the things that were important in the Health Minister’s presser that was completely ignored by most of the news outlet is the official percentage of COVID-19 cases in Egypt by governorates.

I believe that the ministry of health should including daily cases per governorate in its daily tally because it will warn the citizens.

Already countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon are doing so.

One of the reasons we are having an increasing number of cases every day is that false feeling of being safe during the pandemic.

Anyhow according to the statement of the minister, Cairo tops the cases of coronavirus since February with nearly 31.7% of the cases.

Cairo’s sister across the Nile bank Giza recorded 9.6% of the cases since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Egypt.

Alexandria follows Cairo and Giza by 8.2% of the cases and again it is not surprising. Already Alexandrians report online about a scary situation in their governorate.

Then comes the rest of the governorates.

This interactive chart shows the percentages if you click on it.

Please stay safe and stay at home as you can.

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