Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Coronavirus on the Nile : The COVID-19 Spring of March “Live updated”

And the time comes again a new live updates post for 15 days to cover everything coronavirus as much as we can.

The mass vaccination in Egypt continues but in a very slow phase.

There are not many people registering on the website launched by the Ministry of Health and it is a problem the officials are speaking about publicly.

It is a problem and it has several reasons.

An Egyptian lady receiving her first dose of the vaccine in Cairo  "Adel Eissa"
ِAn Egyptian lady receiving her first dose of the vaccine in Cairo 
"Adel Eissa" 
The target age group is the elderly and chronic disease patients. Not all elderly and chronic disease patients have access to the internet or know the website, especially in the countryside.

We need more campaigns targeting those people.

Another reason: The God damned bloody conspiracy theories.

I thought that the conspiracy theories were not that effective till I know that in working classes bloody WhatsApp messages are being shared warning about the vaccines and how they will round people in streets to be vaccinated !!

Another reason: Some people do not want the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine and want the AstraZeneca vaccine but Egypt has not got enough jabs yet from either vaccine. 

Another new reason: Some people do not want the Chinese vaccine nor the AstraZeneca vaccine especially after its suspension in seven countries :((

It is madness

Now, here is our live update below for another 15 days.

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