Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breaking News : Muslim Brotherhood "Updated"

Khairat El Shater
Despite that the Shura council of MB announced that it will hold a meeting next Tuesday to determine the brotherhood’s position from the presidential elections , we find that that the MB Shura council hold a meeting today from couple of hours and they reached out to a decision.
According to the leaks and the announcement of Masr25 TV channel “owned by Muslim brotherhood” the Shura council has agreed to announce the brotherhood deputy chairman Khairat El Shater as the potential presidential candidate on behalf of the Freedom and Justice Party.
Allegedly 58 members of the Shura council have supported El Shater’s presidential bid from 108 member.
Masr25 TV channel says that SCAF pressed MB to push for Khairat El Shater to presidency !!!!!!!!!!!!
The official Facebook of Freedom and Justice Party has announced that the parliamentary committee of FJP has announced Khairat El Shater as official presidential candidate. Already I do not think that El Shater is a member in the FJP.
Of course the news is no surprise for weeks the most important man in Muslim brotherhood was rumored to be their presidential candidate as many of you may know.

Mohamed Badie , the supreme guide of MB announced in the press conference at the MB HQ in Moktam that Khairat El Shater has resigned from his posts in the Muslim brotherhood. The MB issued a statement where the brotherhood announced that it decided to have a presidential candidate because SCAF threatened to dissolve the parliament , SCAF refused to dismiss Ganzoury's cabinet and now there are hardships facing the constituent assembly !!
ONTV : The Muslim brotherhood Press Conference
El Shater during his famous trial
The Muslim brotherhood claims that they are not seeking any power !!!!
From what I heard Mohamed Morsi , the leader of FJP and former MB Supreme guide Mahdy Akef were against the candidacy of El Shater but here is Morsi announcing the name of El Shater as a presidential candidate !!!!
Ironically on April 12th,2011 Khairat El Shater said that the brotherhood will not have a presidential candidate and that if El Shater himself runs for presidency the MB will not endorse it.
Anyhow there is unclear point here related to the legal position of El Shater who was released from jail on health ground , can he run and he still is accused and convicted in the MB's militia case ? The MB and their TV channel say that SCAF has dropped all the charges  but as far as I know they did not.
Already knowing the health problems El Shater faced through his imprisonment , I wonder if he can handle a very tough job like Egyptian presidency in the first place !!
On January 14 , 2012 Speaker of People's assembly Saad El Katatany in an interview with Mohamed Saad on Al Nahar that Muslim brotherhood said that the MB will not have a presidential candidate for the upcoming 5 years.

Here is a great profile by dear Amira Howeidy about the socialist that ended to be one of the most important thinkers in World according to Foreign policy: Khairat El Shater

It is expected that this decision will cause a lot of noise among the youth of MB.We began to see tweets like " I have just met a group from MB youth and they are angry from choosing El Shater , they will announce their defection shortly"
Most of the observers consider this decision a political suicide from the Muslim brotherhood , in fact most if not all of my friends , from the x-MB youth they believe that this will be the beginning of the end of the brotherhood.
Again from several sources I trust the MB Youth did not approve this decision and actually according to internal surveys the MB youth preferred Abu El Fotoh then Hazem Abu Ismail then Salim El Awa.
Now there is a group of loyal MB members online who launched a twitter Hashtag called " We are committed" to announce their support for the Shura council's decision regardless of what it was.
The MB is trying to justify its position especially now the Shura council withdrew its previous decision not to have a presidential candidate , a decision that ended with expelling a man like Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh from the brotherhood after two decades of being a leading member.
It is worth to mention that one of the reasons why Abu El Fotoh was expelled/resigned from the brotherhood is his fight with Khairat El Shater.
Mohamed Habib,the former deputy chairman has slammed the Shura council on his official twitter account.
The leadership of the MB has the right to have a presidential candidate in the race but it has to remember that it has expelled Abu El Fotoh because of his presidential candidacy.
Habib who is considered from the reformist branch in the brotherhood supports and endorses Abu El Fotoh.
In a very quick reaction Al Nour Party has announced its endorsement to El Shater and the Salafists are extremely angry because this would affect on Hazem Abu Ismail’s campaign.
Veteran leading member Kamal El Helbaway has announced his resignation from the Muslim brotherhood on Dream TV from short time ago. It was expected for sometime now.


  1. Ahavat Eretz Israel3/31/2012 11:36:00 PM

    So funny. Not even Iran has a President with a Santa Claus beard. Egypt is becoming the laughing stock of the world for sure

  2. Santa Claus has a white beard.

    Very interesting, Z, thanks for the analysis of this.

  3. Good analysis; sounds like El Shater would likely privatize businesses & encourage free market policies just like Turkey has done.

  4. Good article. But to add info:

    - MB youth who supports abo-elfotoh are already (or in the way) to leave MB, supporting elshater just added insult to injury and put them in a bad position of supporting abo-elfotoh only for running for presidency first.

    - as you mentioned, kamal elhelbawy is already outside MB since long time. You can review any of his interviews after revolution.

    - Internal elections where done in all MB offices in Egypt (i.e Sho3ba, which counts in hundreds), and supporting internal candidate always had high percentage (+50%).

  5. حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل


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