Sunday, November 10, 2019

Happy belated Mawlid Nabawy 2019 : Do not forget your brothers in faith in China and India

Happy belated Mawlid Nabawy for all Muslims all over the globe.

To be honest I wish we as Muslims can celebrate Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”’s birthday anniversary in better circumstances where Muslims are not suffering like now as many of them suffer from wars and dictatorships, even both at the same time.

The Mosque's entrance at Prince Mohamed Ali estate in Egypt's Cairo مدخل مسجد قصر الامير محمد على
The entrance of  Prince Mohamed Ali's estate Mosque 
This year in addition of having millions of Muslims as refugees “If you gather Muslims from Syria, Burma, Palestine and Yemen, you will have the biggest refugee group based on faith worldwide” and Muslims killing Muslims “Whether governments in Muslim countries killing other Muslim population because they are dictatorships or radical terrorists killing Muslims because they are terrorists”, we got millions of Muslims in China and India who suffer in silent and nobody is helping them for real, even with a condemnation statement.

This week, we found The Independent publishing a very disturbing report claiming that Chinese Uighur Muslim women are forced to share bed with Chinese Han officials as their husbands in Prison to make sure that they are not practicing Islam !!
Even if the Independent’s report is fake “I hope it is fake because this level of oppression is disgusting”.

There is well documented and confirmed evidence that the Chinese Uighur Muslims are suffering in China.
The BBC documentary about those scary “transformation camp” is real evidence that there is a trouble for Muslims in big China.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

MP El-Tantawy has no place in Egypt now according to parliament speaker

On Tuesday, Egypt’s House of Representatives announced that it referred MP Ahmed El-Tantawy to a disciplinary committee.

The decision was taken after reportedly 95 MPs reported him and demanded that he would refer to the disciplinary committee with a possible outcome of being expelled.

“Who speaks about the elections, the constitutional amendments, the nation and the political leadership negatively has no place in Egypt,” House of Representatives Speaker Ali Abdel Aal said on Tuesday while raising the bar for Pro-regime speakers before him or after him.
MP Ahmed Tantawy in one of the parliamentary sessions in Cairo
"Cairo 24" 
The speaker added that just because that freedom granted to humans, did not mean that they are allowed to speak in everything with no limits !!

So how did El-Tantawy speak negatively about the Egyptian nation and the political leadership?

The Nasserite politician presented a-12-points initiative about forming 12 parliamentary committees made equally from the opposition and majority MPs “How many real opposition MPs do we have in the first place ?” to support political and economic reforms in order to end this political deadlock in Egypt on Sunday in an hour and something video.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

The NYPD Cops are really bad so we should not follow them in Egypt

On Saturday, hundreds of people mostly from Youth protested downtown Brooklyn for hours the infamous New York Police Department’s treatment to people after two incidents last week that were filmed on video.

The first video showed a brawl between a group of teens and NYPD policemen in a Brooklyn Subway station where one policeman was filmed punching two teenagers in an attempt to break up a fight between two groups of teenagers on Friday, 22 October.

The second video which was also filmed on Friday, 22 October showed at least 10 NYPD police storming a Subway train car to arrest young African American man violently o suspicion of having a gun.
19-years-old Adrian Napier did not have any gun. He did not have a ticket too.
Officially, he was charged with the theft of a ticket.
The video caused huge controversy because it showed again the racial bias based on color when it comes to New York finest, nothing is new here.
Here is the video from the protest by Blommbergy’s Tictoc

Saturday, November 2, 2019

October was a busy month for Egypt’s Giza Zoo : Animal death , Animal births and a fire

This is an attempt to post somehow cheerful stuff in Egyptian Chronicles once again or some ting light.

The month of October was a busy month in Giza zoo.
It started with the unfortunate news that Giza Zoon’s elephant star Naema died after decades of pleasing children and adults alike while in captivity.
The Zoo administration told the media that it was currently searching to acquire and import a new elephant from South East Asia or South Africa.
According to news reports, the price of the single elephant is LE 3 million.
I do not know but for the sake of animal rights, I hope they do not get an elephant.
I know some people won’t like this but elephants on the verge of extinction.
According to statistics, elephant numbers have dropped by 62% over the last decades and African elephants like late Naema are listed as vulnerable animals because of the ivory bloody trade while the Asian elephants are officially listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Now to more merrier news, October witnessed several animal births in the Zoo despite its modest resources.
I know it is in captivity but the midst of bad depressing political and economic news whether in Egypt or in the Middle East or in the world, the news of new animal births is like a fresh breeze of air
I love the photos of baby animals sticking to their mom in their first way.
Now in October, the Giza Zoo witnessed the birth of the following :
  • A Baby hippopotamus aka baby hippo aka baby Siyad Eshta

We do not know much about this little baby hippo except it is fine and was born in October. 

Giza Zoo' new baby hippo that was born in October
Giza Zoo' new baby hippo that was born in October 
In standard Arabic, we call hippopotamus “فرس النهر” in standard Arabic as a direct name to its name in ancient Greek. In Egypt, we call it “سيد قشطة” or “Mr. Cream” {Siyad Eshta}, it was the name of the first hippo in the Giza Zoo when it was inaugurated in the 19th century.

Since then, Siyad Eshat became the common name of hippos in Egypt.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Happy Halloween 2019 From Egyptian Chronicles

The Noi guardian of Sensoji temple in Tokyo's Asakusa
The Noi guardian of Sensoji temple in Tokyo's Asakusa 
Happy Halloween from Japan once upon a summer night at the famous and ancient Sensoji temple in the heart of Asakusa of Tokyo.

This is one of the Nio statues guarding the temple’s South Gate. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Actually we need the LE 300 Billion Rain drainage system ASAP in Egypt

From a week ago, East Cairo technically froze for nearly 8 hours or even more because of the rainfall.
The streets and tunnels were flooded for hours, people stuck in their buses and children in their school buses till from afternoon till the early hours of the morning.

Up till now, there is no official or unofficial estimation for the economic losses resulted on that day or the whole wave of bad weather conditions that followed it.

Egyptians began to ask questions as they should about why we do not have a proper rain drainage system to save the capital from flash floods like what we saw last week.

The answer came from the cabinet spokesperson Nader Assad who said on an Egyptian TV channel the following :
We need LE 200 to 300 billion to build a rain drainage system in Cairo alone and even if I have this money , shall I spend it on a rain drainage network to be used for a day or a two in the year or every couple of years !? It is better to use it in more urgent things like building schools and hospitals.
I do not know where to begin but I and many Egyptians believe that this money “if the government has got” is not spent on building things like schools and hospitals.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Lebanon Protests : What do the Lebanese protesters want ? These are some of their demands

 Eleven days have passed and the Lebanese protesters are still occupying main squares and spaces in Lebanon united against all the sectarian political powers and against all odds too in an unprecedented moment in the Lebanese modern history.
Lebanese protesters form a human chain
On Sunday, Lebanese protesters from different backgrounds, Classes and sects made the longest
human chain 
On Saturday, Lebanese protesters organized a huge human chain from its North and South in a message to the political powers that they are united from Tyre to Tripoli