Monday, June 24, 2019

AFCON 2019 : Great opening ceremony and humble football match

The African Cup of Nations 2019 kicked off in Cairo in a very beautiful short opening ceremony.
It was a short, elegant and beautiful show aside from that dancing lady at the start.
Part of the AFCON ceremony  in Egypt "Twitter"
Part of the ceremony "Twitter" 
That show highlighted Egypt’s identity from ancient Egypt to Islamic Egypt to African Egypt to Modern Egypt without big dancing shows.
The start of the show "Twitter" 
Crazy elegant fire shows  in the inauguration of  AFCON19
Crazy elegant fire shows  in the inauguration of  AFCON19
"Fox Sports" 
African identity is celebrated in an elegant way

You can watch it here from CAF’s official TV channel on YouTube.

Nevertheless, in a very Egyptian tradition, there was a technical problem that created a little controversy in the opening ceremony.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

When Israeli media covered Morsi’s death in Cairo

It is sad , it is shameful how the mainstream Egyptian media made international as well as modest local headlines in the past 48 hours on how it covered the death of Egypt’s ousted ex-president Mohamed Morsi.

It is even sadder when you know a correspondent for an Israeli TV channel filmed a news report outside the cemetery of Muslim Brotherhood figures in Nasr City where Morsi was buried early Tuesday and even spoke about the coverage of the death of the 5th president of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Egyptian Press.

Israeli State-TV Kan Arab affairs correspondent Roi Kais filmed a news report outside the cemetery of Muslim Brotherhood figures in the Wafaa wal Amal Cemeteries Complex.

I do not understand Hebrew but I think it is understandable how he highlighted Al-Ahram Newspaper’s coverage on Tuesday. 

I have not seen any local media covering or filming near the cemetery. I saw only photos from AFP and Reuters taken from far away too as far as I could tell.

Monday, June 17, 2019

It started and ended in June for him : Ousted Ex-president Morsi passed away during trial "Updated"

Egypt’s ousted ex-president Mohamed Morsi has passed away in Cairo during his trial on Monday, the Egyptian State TV announced.
A few moments ago, Egypt’s Prosecutor general Nabil Sadek’s office issued its first official statement about the death of the country’s fifth president during his trial.

During his espionage trial in New Cairo, the 68-years-old asked to address the court following the defense of the second and the third defendant in the case.
“The court allowed him to speak and the defendant spoke for five minutes, then the court took a recess,” The statement said.

While in the cage with other defendants, Morsi fainted and collapsed. The statement said that he was then transferred to hospital and it turned out that he passed away when he arrived there at 4:50 PM.
Mohamed Morsi
Ousted Ex-president Mohamed Morsi, the fifth president of the Arab Republic of Egypt
behind bars in court (AFP)
The report added that the prosecutor general order a team of prosecution investigators from High State security prosecution and Prosecution general to examine Morsi’s body and to check the CCTV recordings as well as to hear the statements of the defendants and those who attended the incident.

The prosecutor general also delegated a team from Egypt’s forensic authority to prepare a report about his death so it can issue a permit for his burial later.
There are reports that family would be allowed to check his body as a gesture that there is no fool play.

It is unclear how his funeral will be but I do not think it will be a public one or official one.
Most probably it will be held at night quickly with no media.

Mohamed Morsi was standing a trial for conspiring and spying with foreign armed groups aka Hamas during 2011.
It is his retrial actually.
He was sentenced life  “25 years” in prison by the court in May 2015 for conspiring to commit terrorist acts.
He faced several trials and retrials.

According to my observation, it took nearly an hour so the news would find its way to Egyptian local media after he was pronounced dead according to the Prosecutor General’s office.

Updated : 

Mohamed Morsi was buried at a cemetery for the Muslim Brotherhood in Nasr City, Cairo. Only two His sons and wife were allowed to attend the burial according to his lawyer's statement to foreign media.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Egyptian treasures under hummer : Tut’s partial face at Christie’s along other ancient Egyptian stuff as usual

Egypt’s Ministry of antiquities and Ministry of foreign affairs have called on Christie’s auction house and UNESCO to stop the sale of a quartzite head from a statue believed to be for King Tutankhamen aka Tut.

The call comes after the announcement of Christie’s auction house in London that it is going to sell two Egyptian ancient artifacts in its “The exceptional Sale” on 4 July 2019.
The exceptional sale

The two Egyptian artifacts are partial quartzite head of ancient deity Amon with the features of King Tutankhamen and partial red granite head featuring King Amenhotep III.

It is an exceptional sale indeed and its cherry on the top is none other than partial quartzite head of our boy King Tut by all measures with an expected price tag not less than USD 4 million according to what I have read in the past couple of days
King Tut's partial statue
The piece featuring mostly King Tutankhamen in
The partial quartzite head got a broken nose like many ancient Egyptian statues and busts.
In March we found a theory on the reason behind that broken nose syndrome and it has to do with the ancient Egyptians’ beliefs on how statues had got a life force.

It is unclear when that fragmented left Egypt or where it was discovered.

What we know from Christie's that late German Royalty Prinz Wilhelm von Thurn und Taxis acquired it reportedly in the mid-1960s. It is unclear where that German Prince acquired it.
He sold it to Austrian art dealer Joseph Messina for Galerie Kokorian in Vienna, Austria in 1973 or 1974.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Just leave the Syrian investments alone in Egypt …for the sake of the Egyptian economy

Ramadan is over and Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry is back to business and he has got a new target: Syrian investments in Egypt.
Samir Sabry presented a memo to Egypt’s judiciary demanding the enumeration of the Syrian investments in Egypt.
Sabry claimed that the Syrian investments in Egypt reached according to statics since the start of the “Syrian crisis” by USD 23 billion adding that they own the most important textile and garments as well as “controlling real state developments market in Egyptian neighborhood !!”
Now I do not know from where he got that number of USD 23 billion in Egypt but I know that he copycatted what was mentioned in a Pro-economic Syrian regime website word by word in February 2017 without even checking back whether it is true or wrong.
This is not the first time Sabry demands such a thing from Egyptian authorities.
He presented a memo from a year ago in May 2018 demanding the same thing from Egypt’s prosecutor general and his demand was ignored.
Thanks to Egypt and to Egyptian people and government
Thanks, Egypt banner in the famous Syrian street in October 
According to the official numbers for real, the Syrian investments increased by 30% in the first 9 months in 2018.
A report published in Al-Watan newspaper in November 2018 says that according to reports and numbers issued by the Egyptian ministry of investment and international cooperation and the ministry of industry and trade the Syrian investments in the first 9 months of 2018 reached USD 69.93 million which is equal to USD 1.2 billion.

Friday, June 7, 2019

It does not feel like Eid in North Sinai

It is the third day of Eid el-Fitr in Egypt. Earlier Friday, Egypt’s ministry of interior announced that its forces in North Sinai killed 8 suspected terrorists or as officially called “terrorist elements” involved in Al-Arish checkpoint attack that place on Wednesday.

This announcement came less than 48 hours of its announcement that security forces killed another 14 suspected terrorists or as officially called “terrorist elements” for their alleged involvement in Wednesday’s attack.

Earlier Wednesday , a group of militant terrorists attacked a security checkpoint called “Batal-14” or “The hero-14” located West of Al-Arish in North Sinai governorate

The security checkpoint was following the ministry of interior.

According to official statement of the interior ministry , at least 8 police personnel were killed in the shootout between those terrorists and the checkpoint.

Five terrorist militants were killed in the shootout.

Later that day Daesh claimed responsibility of  the attack , no surprise here as it claimed most of the attacks in the past five years.

It claimed that it killed 10 policemen in two attacks targeting two different locations yet it only mentioned “Batal-14” and did not mentioned the other one.

Then it released video report about the attack bragging about it.

The video showed the attackers about at least 24 armed young men whose faces were either blurred or masked.

They were all young teenagers as it appeared between the ages of 16 to 20 at most.