Saturday, November 17, 2018

Media Empires of Egypt : Ghada Abdel Razek Vs. Egyptian Media

Earlier Saturday, I found people sharing a screenshot of a famous Egyptian actress boldly attacking Egyptian Media Group, Egypt’s biggest empire on social media asking whether the army or the intelligence was behind it only because she wanted a higher pay as usual.
Late Friday, famous Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek posted a post with the photo of her daughter and two granddaughters “Yes, she is a granny” with an unrelated surprising caption. "She removed it"

Dear fans , I am being fought by a group called Egyptian Media that does not want me to work in drama this year. It is not only me but many people including artists and they say that we will make you stay at home if you do not like and if you ask them on behalf of whom you speaking , they will say on behalf of the army or the intelligence. Is that true ? This is a question because the whole field “actors”are asking with me whether it is truth or a lie. Please someone answers.
The actress who became a fixture in Ramadan drama annual race with a TV series posted that on her Instagram wisely closing the comments.
Instagram screenshot
A screenshot of the controversial Instagram post
In no time, a screenshot of that post was shared and went viral. Some say she is outing the truth about the media empire whose alleged affiliation to the General Intelligence service was brought up over and over.

In a few hours, “#Ghada_Abdel_Razek_is_most_failed_actress” topped Egypt’s Top Twitter trends amazingly to the level I wonder when it had all that time to top all other hashtags.

Aside from the people who make fun of her and the people who gloat, most of the tweets in the trends are repeated by twitter e-flies “as Jamal Khashoggi used to call them” aka trolls attacking in the most disgusting way sharing infamous inappropriate photos of her to the rest of that crap.
Ghada Abdel Razek has been pro-regime since the time of Mubarak.

She already was the celebs who led the infamous Mostafa Mahmoud square protests “demanding Mubarak to stay in rule” when the world was echoing Tahrir square’s call for him to leave.
Abdel Razek then supported Egypt’s strongman Abdel Fattah El-Sisi since he was a minister of defense and publicly supported him in a way that made Bassem Youssef make fun of her in that famous episode that he paid its price dearly.
She did not change her hear or her political beliefs but according to some of her problem with the Egyptian Media Group is not its monopoly but rather her paycheck.
Ghada Abdel Razek
Actress Ghada Abdel Razek

One of the highest-paying actresses in Egypt, Ghada Abdel Razek got LE 22 Million ( USD 1,238,180)  for her latest TV series in Ramadan 2018.

Now rumors say that she is demanding LE 50 million for her upcoming TV series in Ramadan 2019 and that the Media Empire that controls main TV channels in the country refuses such high numbers.

Rumors say that it is not Ghada Abdel Razek that is bitter because she is staying at home but other big stars who demand ridiculous numbers have joined her too.
Some say the economic crisis has hit the media city and it is not speculations.
Famous director Kamla Wagih Abou Zekri wrote a post on 28 October 2018 telling people that the filming of most Ramadan TV soap operas was suspended this year and she did not know the reason behind that.
Abou Zekri reminded people that Ramadan TV soap operas season was a source of living for nearly two million Egyptians aside from the big stars, but rather a big crew of technicians, editors, make-up artists and etc.
I believe Kamla Wagih Abou Zekri and her concern more than Ghada.

Now Ghada Abdel Razek has spelled the bean about Egyptian Media Group and most Pan Arab and Arab news website whether a serious one or partisan one or simply tabloid one is sharing the news that Egyptian Media is owned by the Egyptian army and intelligence.
Maybe she will pay the price and maybe she will not.

But for she was not the first celeb to brought up the connection between Egyptian Media Group and the intelligence agency or the state.
Former footballer and current Sports TV host / Zamalek sports club fanatic Ahmed Hossam aka Mido said on his official Twitter account that Sports Media company “Presentation Sports” was a state-owned when he was attacking it for signing a sponsorship contract with Al-Ahly Sports club in October.

Mohamed Kamel , the CEO of Presentation which is owned by the state , cries because he sponsors Al-Ahly club saying that if he dies today , he will be happy despite he sponsors Zamalek too. Today , the state confirms what we have been saying that the state favors Al-Ahly club and the proof is in Mohamed Kamel and Presentation !!
He said and aside from that the fact that the state does not favor Al-Ahly and he is just bitter in a way that I can’t understand it but he mentions a naked truth about Presentation Sports, the country’s biggest sports media company.
Presentation Sports company is one of the Egyptian Media Group’s companies.
Following his attack on Presentation, Mido was a subject of constant attack in Egyptian Media’s Youm 7 in the last month of October.

Pro-regime supporters, Mido like Ghada Abdel Razek did not have a true problem with Egyptian Media Group or its true owners as long as they are not harmed nor their interests are harmed.
People like do not have a problem with media monopoly or how the state controls media in 2018 as long as they get paid and Presentation sponsors Zamalek only forever.

But some people actually have got a problem and even they spoke about it publicly in a state-owned media publication.
On 31 August 2018, renowned Egyptian poet and journalist/writer Farouk Gouida wrote in his half-page column in Al-Ahram Newspaper about the financial crisis in the private Egyptian TV stations.
“ We should know the true new owners of those private Egyptian TV stations adding that “it was better for the State to spend its money on the State-owned TV and fix its problems”.
Yes, he did not reveal any info or speak about certain companies but it was interesting to bring up that in Al-Ahram Daily.

Now, I expect that Ghada Abdel Razek will remove its post sooner or later but that won’t solve the current financial crisis and how it hits TV drama industry in the country or it will change the facts about Egyptian Media Group.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jamal Khashoggi Murder : Saudi Prosecution’s presser and the narrative that always changes "Updated"

Earlier Thursday, Saudi Prosecution general held its first official press conference to declare the latest findings in the Jamal Khashoggi’s murder investigation.

The Saudi prosecution announced that it was accusing 11 suspects in the murder of Khashoggi and that it was seeking the death penalty for five suspects in the case for ordering the murder of Khashoggi and killing him. We do not know the rest of the charges in the case.
The infamous doors of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul "Reuters"
The infamous doors of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul "Reuters" 
The prosecution added that there 21 detained person in the murder investigation above them the former deputy Saudi intelligence chief “Ahmed Al-Assiri” whom it did not name directly as the man who gave orders to “negotiate with Khashoggi to make him return back to the kingdom”.
The prosecution used the following expression in Arabic that amazes me “to restore Jamal by force !!”  literality.

The word “abduction” is bad but anyhow any good Arabic speaker would be astonished on the level of terms used in that presser to sugarcoat and whitewash a horrible unimaginable act.

A new narrative for the crime is presented this time too.

That team or rather three groups were sent by Al-Assiri to “restore” Jamal back to the Kingdom aka to convince him to return back but things developed in to fight and he was injected by a sedative agent then he was suffocated. The hit team then dismembered his body transferring those parts outside the consulate by 5 suspects with the help of local Turkish contractor.

The crime was planned on 29 September 2018 and that former deputy Saudi intelligence chief “Ahmed Al-Assiri” ordered the formation of that hit squad. He was aided by the media adviser aka Saud Al-Qahtani who believed that the victim posed a danger on the Kingdom because of how he connected to international organization aka "traitor".

Jamal Khashoggi’s body was dismembered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul then those pieces left the consulate through the help of local Turkish man, the prosecution shared a drawing of that suspect. “Turkish prosecution asked for his phone number and his name but got none according to Turkish press”.
It is worth to mention that the Saudi prosecutor general denied that there was a local contractor from Turkey as far as I remember.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Gaza under attack : Lost count of broken Egyptian-sponsored truces

Right now things are escalating between Gaza and Israel after the Israeli decision to end the Egyptian-sponsored cease-fire and truce that took nearly a month to reach if I am not mistaken.
The airstrike on Al-Aqsa TV station tonight in Gaza
Another familiar brutal scene in Gaza tonight from the airstrike on Al-Aqsa TV channel 
It all started when at least seven Palestinian people including a leading military El-Kassem figure were killed earlier Monday in a failed Israeli special military operation in Khan Younis.

The Palestinian fighters killed a high-ranking Israeli officer during the failed Israeli military operation that made Bibi return from France ASAP.

 Israel was showered by nearly 200 rockets or something targeting the illegal Zionist settlements on its borders as a retaliation after that failed Israeli military operation so Israel fired back with airstrikes

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Days at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo : Animal Mummies "Updated"

Last Saturday, Egypt’s ministry of antiquities announced seven new tomb discoveries at Saqqara area. It is a huge announcement.
Three of the tombs belong to the New Kingdom era while the rest four tombs belong to the Old Kingdom.
Very beautiful artifacts were found at those tombs.
Now interestingly those three New Kingdom tombs were used at cat necropolis.

The people are amazed by this fact but I am not surprised because in the end ancient Egyptians worshiped cats and they buried them in groups in tombs like those which were discovered in Saqqara.
Now I seize this opportunity and share bunch photos I took in December 2015 and November 2018 from the animal's section at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.
Ancient Egyptian animal sarcophagi at the Egyptian museum of Cairo
Animal mummies in their wooden Sarcophagi at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
"Yes, this is moi at the reflective glass in November 2018" 
There is a whole small section dedicated to animal mummies including cats as you can see at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo's second floor.

Ancient mummies of animals at the Egyptian museum of Cairo
Different Animal mummies and skeletons at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo "December 2015"

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Jamal Khashoggi murder timeline : The disappearance and murder "Updated"

Some think that the World is over with Jamal Khashoggi’s murder as suddenly the media pressure on Saudi Arabia began to loose a bit.
Yes, the media pressure on the Kingdom began to a bit because it is busy in covering the US midterms but I believe that this murder, this crime will be an important catalyst for major changes in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf.

Jamal Khashoggi
A file photo dated May 6, 2018, shows prominent
Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, Turkey. "Anadolu"
It is not the end yet.
I have been working on a timeline for the murder compiling all important details as well and its planning as revealed by Turkish authorities and press in addition to a timeline to the Saudi officials’ too many statements.

I mainly complied timelines made by France 24, AP, New York Times, CNN and Washington Post as well as Turkish newspapers. I could not do it alone with the efforts of tens of journalists.

Some of the information has not been confirmed officially and they won’t be confirmed officially anytime soon like for the instance the fact that Turkish authorities knew what happened on that night in the Saudi consulate because they were spying on it or why he was killed like that.
I was planning to post this timeline after one month of late Khashoggi’s murder but I could not as at the same time we had the tragic Minya attack in Egypt.
Tonight marks the 40th day of his disappearance and murder, it is an old important day in mourning traditions in Egypt. It is a strange coincidence.
I post the first part of that timeline today and I will post other parts throughout the upcoming days.

Jamal Khashoggi’s murder Timeline “From 5 June to 11 October 2018”

The start of this timeline did not start in October 2018 but rather 18 September 2017 when Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi published his first op-ed in both Arabic and English declaring to the world that he became self-exiled citizen criticizing the policies of Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman aka MBS in the Washington Post.
Since that date, Khashoggi became a regular columnist in Op-ed section of the Post. In a year, Jamal Khashoggi became one of the most famous Saudi dissident vocal voices against MBS and his men keeping his stance at the same time to support Al Saud as well the monarchy.
  • On 5 June 2018, Jamal Khashoggi speaks with Canada’s Global News about granting the right to drive to women expressing his fears of what might happen to him if he stayed in the Kingdom. The interview was released by Global News on 24 October 2018.
  • On 7 September 2018, the British intelligence allegedly knows according to London-based Express Daily that there was something sinister being planned by Saudi regime for Jamal Khashoggi because he allegedly wanted to expose the use of chemical weapons in Yemen by his country.
The screenshot
The screenshot Dehghan posted it last before he
deletes it.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Fighting terrorism is not a revenge game in Minya

Earlier Monday, Egypt’s interior minister Mahmoud Tawfik visited in Cairo Pope Tawadros II, the head of Coptic Orthodox to present his condolence officially for the tragic death of seven Christian citizens in the terrorist attack on Friday.

Now why minister Tawfik visits the Pope on Monday to present his condolences after three days, well he is acting according to an authentic Upper tradition: Not mourning, no condolences except after getting the revenge.

From the funeral of the victims on Saturday Roger Anis for Masrawy
From the funeral of the victims on Saturday Roger Anis for Masrawy 
On Sunday, the Egyptian ministry of interior announced that it killed 19 suspected militants allegedly involved in the terrorist attack in the desert of Minya near Samuel the Confessor Monastery with no further details on who they were.

The MOI published graphic photos showing some dead bodies.
No one was caught alive to be interrogated or to stand a trial.
The MOI says that it had no choice to shoot them down because they opened their fire first.
Thus after avenging for the attacking of those citizens on Saturday, the minister can present his condolences !! "According to the traditions, the families of the victims should take their own revenge not the government if we are speaking per the Upper Egyptian book of revenge !!"

 The words “Avenge” and “Revenge” were used repeatedly in the mainstream media.
I am sorry but fighting terrorism according to the law books is something and taking revenge for the victims is another thing that it is opposite to the state of law.