Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Night In Khartoum

Yesterday many Egyptians slept earlier in sadness after our defeat against Algeria , it is a game and we know we could lose and it is not the end of the world but while they were sleeping many Egyptians all over the world kept awake till the early hours of morning watching the night were our fans in Khartoum were being chased in the streets by crazy Algerian thugs if I may say.
Thousands of Egyptians have spent their night in fear hiding either in hotels or in restaurants or in Egyptian companies HQ in Khartoum or even in the houses of Sudanese for fear they would be killed on the hands of the Algerian thugs brought by military Algerian planes.
According to testimonies these Algerians in the Sudanese stadium were not the regular Algerian fans we used to see , they did not even sing their famous “1,2,3 Algerie”. They were professional thugs who emptied the markets of Um Darman from knives ,Swiss knives and swords for complete three days. Of course we have been warned but we did not think it would reach like this especially we have lost. Already for the record many Egyptians did not go for fear of something similar would happen.
The Algerian thugs chased our fans bases and cars with stones and bottles , several Egyptians have been injured for real. The Khartoum airport seems to be I do not know what kind of word to use , may be poor despite the economy there is booming ,really booming.
The whole night the country listened to terrifying calls from Sudan coming from celebs , journalists, MPs and regular fans who trapped in the streets of Khartoum for hours and did not know where to go. I will get it here soon. There are so many
The Egyptian government immediately announced some kind of emergency situation but of course the masters of chaos made things worse. First many Egyptians reported that when they reached to the embassy they could not find the ambassador and had to go to the airport where their buses were attacked by the thugs. I wonder what could happen to them if the celebs did not call the live TV shows especially Amr Adib TV show “Cairo Today !!?? 
The ministers of information, aviation and health kept speaking on air in almost all TV channels to calm people down and tell them what to do.
The Sudanese authorities also suffer from this chaos syndrome regardless of what they claim , our fans had to wait in front of the Khartoum airport closed gates for hours till they were opened after our angry calls to TV shows.
Things officially began to escalate between Egypt and Algeria when Mubarak told Sudan that he would send our special forces 2 AM if the Sudanese forces can't control the situation.
You must know that an Egyptian Citizen called Marwa Abdel Karim has lost her eye , it seems that there is something about eyes and Algerians from 20 years Baloumi did the same thing to another Egyptian citizen  in 1989 too.
I am so angry and frustrated.
Update :
Here is the complete episode of Amr Adib :


  1. What happened to you, almost three years I have followed your blog, because I found it interesting I respected your way of neutrality and objectivity. But what concerns your blindness in this Algerian-issue I have to confess that I'm totally disappointed. You seem to be totally blind and you swallow everything that your country's media gives you. Please stop, and start to use your reason again. Please, read atleast what soudanese press writes, and how they called your ambassador for hearings, after they found out lies that egyptian media is nurturing while Khartoum has been calm without any clashes. Sorry my ruthness but wake up!

  2. Plz post the link for this story about Marwa. Im so sorry for her and for all Egyptians who were attacked yesterday and before that. Like many Egyptians I'm shocked, sad and in bad shape. A lot of ppl are upset and we are trying to be positive but not sure how or what to do :(

  3. Mohamed Elqusbi11/20/2009 08:26:00 AM

    Such a lies you are spreading around! , Really I am in shock with all what you have written.
    I think you are now just like a miserable Parrot who repeats every single word from The Egyptian Media.

  4. @ Anon: Sudanese reports admitted there were attacks and illegal actions by Algerian fans, they contested the complete lack of security and the severity of attacks only.
    They also confirmed in some articles the news about an Algerian fan stabbing a Sudanese carrying the Egyptian flag one day before the match.

    Granted, some in our media were off line but ppl were calling scared. Now, my question to you is where is the international press? If Khartoum confirms targeted attacks by Algerian fans and how they purchased knives etc in Khartoum and violations on their side, why isnt that reported? where is the FIFA that wants to punish us for a rock in a contested video by the team that claims to have been hurt? What about the attacks on Egyptians in Algeria? Is that fair reporting? is that fair play?

  5. Sorry, but your link is nothing more than a private letter from a individual person that was kindly published in soudanese webpages.

    I was talking about official soudanese media:


    What's wrong with you? I was living few years in Egypt and I always remember to mention about the hospitality of your people. We don't generally like the politics of your government, but we have always loved egyptian people. Do you know that in many arab countries people were against Egypt?

    Maybe I am wrong, but I have a feeling, that all this was planned beforehand in Fifa. Huliganism is widely known problem in football and there are many researches and experience about its behaviour. Sports is so politic. I think Fifa is behind this and they planned it well when they find opportunity. Firts, look all the mess between Algeria and Egypt now. Before people in the arab world separated egyptian people from the "Misrael". I am afraid that this is an attempt to isolate egyptian people, and as you know, without you, no peace or justice to the Middle-east. So please Zenobia, come back, leave those stupid nationalistic feelings aside for a while, and remember that many algerians love Egypt and its people.

  6. I see the fingers of copts behind the scene as Everybody know they wanna isolate Egypt from Mulsim World and bring it back to The Christianity Realm.
    The Egyptian Media started all this.
    The fire started there! under the nose of sphinx

  7. So,I'm (Krim) behind the comments number one and five.

    Lets not blame copts, or is there any evidence? As far as I remember, copts were very proud of tehir country which I considered as positive thing (even thou I heard about some maltreaties as well)

    Just think, who benefits. Netanyahu and Sarkozy are having good time right now. This is a good example how stupid we are. Our leaders are so bad that they are ready to sacrifice the relations of two populations to use the situation for their purposes as well. If you are not able to see this, I think we can only wait things to get worse.

    Instead of hyping things up, we could calm down.

    Was the algerian football team attacked in Egypt?

    Were algerians harassed in the streets of Cairo?

    Did algerians attack egyptian civilians and companies in Algeria?

    What is our media doing? Why they see all the blame in the other?

    What if Fifa had reacted from the beginning of attacs towards algerian football players? Instead they didn't do anything. Do you think that the same would have happened if swedish football team would have been attacked in Paris?

  8. The copts have the majority of private channels in Egypt ( Dream & OTV & ..etc ), and these channels are the main reason for this outrage.
    Just watch them , don't talk too much!

  9. @Anonymous , with my all due respect it seems that you do not know much about our media.
    Dream TV is owned by Ahmed Bahgat
    Al Mehawar is owned by Hassan Ratab
    Oribit is Saudi Channel in the first place.
    Al Hayat TV is owned by El-Siyad El-Badawy Shehata
    Modern TV is owned by Walid Dabas
    Naguib Sawiris only owns OnTV and OTV
    Already I do not know why I am replying
    Why did the Algerians smash Egypt Air ??

  10. Shame on the egyptian journalism. It seems like Egyptians learn comedy in the elementary school. Even the the president's son is participating in the Khartoum agression propaganda. In addition, he lies saying that Egypt had never problems with other maghreb countries. They always behave badly with Moroccan, Tunisian and Lybian teams. Surely, Egyptian are hated because they talk so much and are such hypocrit people.
    From Casablanca

  11. behind the scenes Naguib Sawiris and his pretty coptic fellows and their friends secular Egyptians own all these channels.

    secular Egyptians = copts

  12. Well anger has been in everyones hearth for a few days, first we hurted Algerians with our reception in Cairo... The rocks incident was the firestarter... then the end of the game with the crazy rumors about supporters deaths got Algeria as a whole on nervous breakdown and when you know how fudgin proud are Algerian you know they're gonna get maddddd, also I condamn all what they say and done we helped theim.
    Then Masr as a whole got hurted by the reaction (egyptians interest in Algeria being destroyed, soudan bordelo...) and everyone forget in this mess that we're freakin brothers or if we're not brothers we're not ennemies, please don't bring now the copts as a diversion or whatever. We all know the big mens up there are behind this and it serve their interests...
    Let's not forget that Algerians & masr are living under the same kind of regime. I wished intelligent people on both side stood up & said something but it didn't really happened.
    After dbeeing hurt & digesting all the ugly crap I read everywhere about us, being angry at my best friends who are Algerians I let all this BS go to Hell and told theim I love theim and they have nothing against us really and I encourage all of us to do so. Let's stop this please. One Love Masr One Love Dzair.

  13. To the one who commented on the link of the article, Im not sure if you speak arabic but if you do please listen to the statements made by Sudanese officials to Mona Al Shazly's program. One time they say there were no attacks, then there were some, then there were some but we dealt with them! Where is the truth?
    With all due respect to Sudanese, I am against any insults that were said in our media to their security but they are being very sensitive towards us and do not care about Algerians who broke their laws, embaressed them with their actions against our fans and even published that they sent official troops into Sudan before the match? Just because they thanked you doesnt mean you turn on us because they thanked you with their mouths but insulted you by disrespecting your hospitality.

    The stupid proposition of this being the working of the christians is just that stupid. Rumors speak of a business struggle between those supported by the Algerian army the real instigator of this whole fiasco and egyptian business men in Algeria.

    Al Jazeera's position very shady!
    The one who wrote how all other Arabs hate us because we are etc well look into yourself first. We never claimed to be angels we took in more insults from all Arab countries for all sorts of things, we are blamed for any failure and never thanked for any positives well now youve got what you want let's deal with each other based on interests let us see how you angels can deal with each other, solve the Palestinian issue that has been dragged into this by Algerian and some other Arabs in a shameful way. Look into your self first and tell me how would u feel if this happened to your own fans? how would you feel when Algerian media targets your country from the very first match in Bleda and teaches their youth that we Egyptians are Jews (as if this is an insult i thought we muslims should not curse any one and respect the ppl of the book!) and misr is now misrael. Tell me how can you deal with ppl who are cursing you and every thing that has to do with your country day and night and making videos threatening to kill you all around you tube. Watch them, check the facts from the very first game and them come and curse us as liars.

  14. @Vagabond: The firestarter was actually Egypt kicking Algeria from the WC Qualification in 1989. The Algerian team responded by guaging an eye for the Egyptian team doctor and since then whenever we played our team was harrassed, terrorized and insulted. Now we are facing persecution in Algeria and we luckily escaped Sudan without casulty.

    Right, we cannot blame an entire Algeria for this, and right, there is a lot of agitation by the media.

    However one as to acknowledge that wherever Algerians are trouble follows them or they bring it on others. Suburbs of Paris and Marseilles are going up in flames, they quarrel with their neighbors and they quarrel with us.

    Brotherhood goes two ways - so somehow they have to come to their senses.

  15. @Anonymous ok for the first fact...
    But the "it's not us, it's them" game is getting me tired, I'll go for the F#ck football gettin so important for everybody over important matters & debility instead.

    As for the troubles going with Algerians, I'm well well aware of it, being egyptian from outside I live in a city ruled by Algerians in France :) To 'Celeber' some of them burned cars broke stores & prepared well organized riots, once again being violent with french symbols.

    We Egyptians doesn't have the same image at all, peoples sees us from the fake exotic postcard image & all inclusive travels we're selling worldwide but truth is we're mostly serious & hard workers...

    Like I said in an other post some of the Algerians mostly critics anybody & even theimselves, their image worldwide is terrible & won't get better I think.
    French medias & TV took 'fait et causes' for Dzair in the incidents because Algerians are consumners so medias gave theim what they want in order to get French Algerians money (Canal+ wants to sell abonments to Algerians = Ethnic Marketing)
    If they want to run the show, & critic us or how we've acted with our ugly neighboors, let them go up front we'll all laugh really loud.
    It was really stupid to bring Falastine in this as a caution by the way.

  16. Sorry for the faults, plus the comment box is small & not helping for relecture :)

  17. liars, get over yourselves, where is Aljazeera? alarabiya? CNN? Reuters? France media, Canal+??

    when you attacked Algerians in Cairo all the world showed how brutal the attacks were.

    So why they don't show if something happened in Sudan? even your media which is barking for months now, has no picture nor video of the attacks in Sudan.

  18. I am Algerian and I'd like to tell you that the Algerians didn't start the violence so I think that you know who started first don't forget that
    Egyptian fans pelted a bus carrying the Algerian team with stones and injured three players.
    Several hundred Egyptian fans rampaged in the streets around the Algerian Embassy and 32 people were injured in clashes between Egyptian and Algerian fans.I feel sorry for what happend for the Egyptian people in Khartoum!!!

  19. I am a Sudanese observer.

    This webpage summarises the views and sentiments of the Sudanese people regarding this fiasco - we are angry and unreleting.

    Sudanese-Egyptian relations have taken a major hit in the aftermath of this football match - and I speak of the popular, not official level.

    I find it insulting that anything Amr Adib says is used as evidence - did he not falsely allege that the Egyptian football team was soliciting prostitutes ahead of a crucial African qualifying match?
    His denigratory statements on Sudan, Sudan's hosting of the match, the way in which he spoke to the head of Khartoum Police - who called to say things were under control, his statement that the President of Sudan should be woken up from his slumber...have all resulted in him being vilified in the Sudanese press and people are demanding an apology.
    He refuses to take calls from any Sudanese media outlet.

    I will do nothing more than to refer you to a Facebook Group
    'Against Egyptian Insults to Sudan' whose membership is some 5200 individuals - there you will find solid evidence of the lies, fabrications and insults levied on our country and people by Egypt's television presenters and celebrities.
    Ibrahim Hijazy had the good grace and courage to apologise whole-heartedly twice - but the rest, and yourself, if I'm not mistaken, would like to sweep things under the rug.
    The situation got so bad that the Egyptian Ambassador was summoned to the Sudanese Foreign Ministry and the next day the Egyptian Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Intelligence visited Khartoum to 'thank the government on its successful hosting of the match'.

    Things have changed irrevocably and the genie is out of the bottle.
    We will not accept slander and sub-par treatment.


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