Friday, November 20, 2009

Official Escalation

It was supposedly to be a game but after it was over the game turned in to a Political regional crisis by all measures.
  • Egypt has summoned again the Algerian Ambassador who boldly from couple of days warned us from playing with fire !!??
  • President Mubarak met with the minister of foreign affairs today 
  • Egypt has summoned our Egyptian Ambassador in one of the strongest move up till , one of the major points that our relations are from bad to worse with Algeria rapidly
  • The Algerian Ambassador is no where to be found in Egypt , I think he is starting to pack his stuff.
  • The security of the Algerian Embassy in Brazil St. in Zamalak is competing the security measures of The U.S , Israel and Denmark Embassies.
  • There have been calls to attack the Embassy since early morning in the facebook beside calls to
  • The Egyptian football association has issued an official statement rejecting and condemning the attack on our fans , it is expected that we will report to the FIFA
  • The EFA has withdrew from the North Africa football association 
  • An Egyptian cinema production company “ The Arabic company for cinematic production and distribution” has announced that it is going to boycott Algerian festivals.


  1. this just irks me :


    dunno whether to laugh or cry but it does remind me of adel imam in SHAHED MASHAFSH HAGA when he said 'darabnee be'wesho 3ala edee ya bey!'

  2. I really want someone to help me understand the following. As far as I know, our political system isn't that one that cares that much about its people abroad. Yes, they care, but not to the extend that the take such actions because some football fans were wounded. I can recall many similar accidents were Egyptians were humiliated in other Arab countries and no one took such sever actions. Now, the government and the official media are standing side by side with other media outlets and they are attacking the Algerians - not just the Algerian people, but the political system there.

    So, is there something else that we don't know other than the football match and the violence acts that took place after it. Is it possible, that there were an ongoing tension between the Egyptian and the Algerian governments and our government was waiting for the right time to start attacking the Algerians. And the match is just the spark they were waiting for?

    I really want to hear your opinion about this, especially that you usually have a respected point of view and good analytic capabilities.

  3. tarek this far from the normative ridicule of egyptians being degraded by gulfies or libya! we are being attacked globally by the algerians in various arabic enclaves in france, australia, england and the US. and what's even worse we are the ones getting penalized BY FOOTBALL'S GOVERNING BODY.

    so yes this is not the typical attack ie regional, the algerians have taken their aggression globally wherever egyptians may dwell. in NYC we had the riot police come out in 'little egypt' after the match-----not because of egyptians but because of various people from the 'maghrib el arabie' attack egyptian owned businesses and shops!

  4. Dear War Machina,

    Could you be kind and stop propagating hatred toward egyptian people around the world. I will stop right here, but I hope that ofter few weeks you come back to this site and read the exagerations you are making.

  5. Dear Sir,

    'Could you be kind and stop propagating hatred toward egyptian people around the world.'

    kindly elaborate as i'm puzzled at your unfounded accusations? all you need to do is you tube said sundry events and witness the malays yourself!

    btw zeinobia your candid reporting is superb keep up the amazing work!

  6. Pax Machina is coptic.
    He's trying to put more gas on the fire

  7. I agree with Pax Machine this is not a normal football challenge and it has no bearing on facts whether one is christian or moslem,you're the one putting gas on fire by even mentioning religion which has absolutely nothing to do with the facts. The facts are that the Algerian regime is having a hard time and is aiming to try and cause a civil war here like they had/have there so that there is total chaos here. What happened in Cairo, in Algeria and in Sudan are all planned events, clearly, just look what happened to many Egyptian businesses in ALgeria, you don't do that as a result of a football match. their media claims that seven Algerians were killed in Egypt during the last game here, which is totally unfounded, as if that were true there would be a very long trail of paper work and bureaucratic and diplomatic steps to take before a corpse can be moved from one country to the next because they have to have an autoposy by a state coroner to see what the cause of death is and that takes time. So the whole story was concocted by their Ambassador here and their media in order to enrage the people prior to the final game in Sudan. The Algerian government transported nearly nine thousand people by military airplanes to go to the game in Sudan and cause problems. The game they played here was preceded by an escapade that involved so called "attack with rocks on the arriving Algerian team" in which supposedly three of the players were slightly hurt. Only the broken glass from the window was all outside the buses and the video shot in the bus shows nothing. So who threw the rock? Some one who wanted to try and disqualify Egypt from the World Cup even before the game. So when the Egyptians won it became necessary to make another plan to eliminate them and that is what these so called fans did.

  8. cont.
    So when the Egyptians won it became necessary to make another plan to eliminate them and that is what these so called fans did. They arrived in Sudan about three days before the game and bought knives and maps. They planned on the maps the main routes the buses carrying the Egyptians would travel to and from the airport and planned how to chase the buses so that they would try and escape by turning into side streets where gangs of Algerians were waiting to beat them up and burn the buses. Meanwhile, during those three days, in Algeria, mobs were destroying Egyptian businesses such as Orascom(who has decided to get rid of all assets in Algeria), Seweidy Cables, Egyptair, Arab Contractors etc etc.. meanwhile after the game Sudan, the Algerians began attacking with knives and sticks etc. total chaos. To the point where the President's sons went to the hotel with the team to provide them with their own protection and accompanied them to the plane, which was the a plane carrying Egyptians back home.Some Egyptians were forced to hide out in Sudanese homes where they were welcomed until they were picked up by police or army personnel to take them to the airport. Clearly you haven't been following all the news since the game, it's been on all the channels. Last night there was a huge crowd demonstrating in front of the Algerian embassy in Zamalek, near where I live, because to add fuel to the fire, there was a video that came in from Algeria showing Algerians burning the Egyptian flag and running it over with cars in Algeria. This of course drove the Egyptians to the edge and they came out in hundreds to protest and demand an official apology from the Algeria and that the ambassador leave Egypt. Today we recalled our Ambassador from Algeria and the Algerian Ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry where the minister informed him of what was happening and demanded that the Algerian government must make reparation for all the physical, emotional and financial losses caused by the chaotic hooliganism of their people. Criminal charges have been filed in Sudan against the Algerian fans behaviour towards both Egyptian and Sudanese people. Instead of driving a wedge between the people and the government, these violent conspiracies have only made Egyptians, people and government closer and tighter knit because all must be one family when an outsider attacks. you know, ana we akhoya 3ala ibn 3ami. Sadly some media people here took advantage of the situation, really adding fuel to the fire, but they did not start the fire in all fairness. Many Egyptian unions and businesses and organizations no longer wish to deal with ALgeria on many levels and they have definitely lost all Egyptian business, and camaraderie. We have discovered we do not speak the same language at all, another Nasser disaster. Well, maybe the intelligensia who are outnumbered by the not so civilized. Look, I lived in Paris for a while and the French police are afraid of entering the ALgerian quarter for fear of getting knifed, so if you are ever robbed by an Algerian in Paris, don't even bother going to the police, that's what reputation of violence they have. There's no country or people who are all good, it's not human, but they can't be all evil either. But the Algerians who attended the game in Sudan were mostly petty criminals who were collected in hoards and sent to encourage the team in Sudan by the government in Algerian military planes.....just think about that normal you think???


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