Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Regarding Lara Logan

The news of Lara Logan’s brutal sexual and physical assault on February 11,2011 while covering our victory in Cairo overshadowed our the news of the revolution since yesterday.

First of all I am extremely angry for what happened to Mrs.Logan , I am very sorry. I apologize to her and to her family. We did not want this happen whether to her or any lady in our country in any time.

Second of all we do not know who are really behind the attack , whether they are from the NDP thugs or from those criminals that escaped jails or from some first time losers who had not participated in the revolution yet decided to celebrate it as if it were the African cup of nations !! I will not even call them the anti-Mubarak protesters or the Tahrir protesters as some have started to do so because this will be just another insult to the Tahrir protesters who endured too much in the past 3 weeks. We do not have enough details except the statement of CBS News itself that was very brief.

Third of all I do not know why she had to leave immediately without going to an Egyptian hospital like for example like Dar Al Fouad hospital to get an immediate certified report and later she would continue her treatment in the States.Of course if I were in her place , I would not have stayed a single moment in this country. But I know how our mainstream will fire back and this is why I am speaking about a report , our MSM has not spoken or admitted that they were partially responsible for the attacks  up till now by the way.

Fourth What happened to Logan does not give any person the right to stain this revolution or use it to attack the Egyptian people . I know the American media will find something to speak about before the OSCARs now and I Know all the dirty racists of right wing will jump in to the wagon , already they have started and we have been called “The country of savage”and “This would not happen in time of Mubarak”. Ironically the Egyptian journalists and activists were sexually harassed publicly on the famous staircase of the syndication of journalists in 2005 by the orders of the Mubarak regime. What happened to Logan does not give any right to any racist to attack us. Oddly enough I find in some right wing websites the same old blame to the victim to Logan herself too , we have their twin brothers too in Egypt !!

Lara Logan already met troubles in her coverage thanks to the former regime and being a victim of a brutal attack like that in particular makes me wonder if it was deliberate attack.

I will not even speak about the role of the police force in securing Egypt and the festivities because we do not know where the police is.


  1. The sexual assault of Lara Logan could have happen to any woman in any large city anywhere in the world. This violence occurs against woman every minute somewhere in the world and goes unreported often by the victim and rarely by the media.

    Only those seeking to demean the protesters of the #jan25 movement would think otherwise. Without a rape kit we will never know who carried out this heinous act. As an American I hope my fellow citizens will not jump to an conclusions as to who is or is not guilty of this crime.

    I will say a prayer for all who fall victim to sexual assault.

    Beautifully written blog,

  2. There are more holes in this story than ton of swiss cheese. This is not the typical blame the victim approach than respect of common sense. It is common men have ragging hormones aside from any political affiliation, yet it was noted that females especially inside Tahrir square felt safe during the prior two weeks. What did Lara Logan say or do on the time that led to this event. How the mob were able to separate her from her crew and security? CBS statement described Lara 'suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating' why the word 'beating' is added to the mix here?

    Now, "there will be no further comment from CBS News and correspondent Logan and her family respectfully request privacy at this time". meaning there will be no collaboration or explanation from her side. But the story will hit the headlines in all media outlets, no question asked.

    It is not enough to express extreme anger and to offer apology by Egyptians without knowing what really happened. Investigate the security hired by CBS, who they are and did they do or see. Any witness from the women or soldiers who saved her?

  3. On the comment made by "anonymous", It actually makes no difference what she said or didn't say leading to the attack - sexual assault is wrong - and there is NEVER an excuse. NEVER EVER.

    On the actual post, again a very well written update from somebody on the ground and I think I can reassure you that most intelligent people don't blame the entire nation of Egypt for the attack and it doesn't change people's perceptions of the true spirit of Tahrir Sq. Try not to get too upset about the right wing crowd - it might be hard to believe but they are a pretty small minority with very loud voices! Many Americans and those of us in other western countries find their oppinions just as offensive as you do. I guess it's one of those things that goes with true democracy - freedom of speech isn't always fun!

    I'd like to pay tribute to the women in the square who rescued Ms. Logan. One thing the world has learnt these past weeks is just how awesome Egyptian women are ( also tell great jokes on twitter!) it's another reason I hope that women are fully integrated into the new Egyptian society. An old Professor of mine once said that he believed the key to a civil society was to "educate your girls, because girls become women who then become mothers who raise good sons".

    Good luck to you in the days ahead.


  4. Unfortunately I heard some eye witness accounts that suggest whoever did that was a random mob of people from the nearby slums who came out to celebrate, it was not an organized thing. Some tried to pick up a fight with her and started yelling that she was Israeli and the situation escalated very quickly. Some of the Tahrir guys tried to intervene and form a circle around her, but there were too many of the aggressors to fend off. She was actually dragged away and assaulted for a complete 30 mins before the army intervened. My friend was telling me they were broken hearted hearing her screams while not being able to do anything to save her.

  5. @Anonymous 2/16/2011 03:44:00 PM "why the word 'beating' is added to the mix here?"

    Perhaps because in addition to being raped, she was beaten? Just a guess.

  6. Well done. Also, regarding any official medical report as to the nature of the attack, there is "sexually assaulted" and there is flat out "rape"; not to diminish what happened to Logan in any way, but by not being clear, U.S. media is contributing to the sensationalize of an incident that, as indicated here and elsewhere, serves the purposes of those who would only demean Egyptians in general and their achievements. I agree it is tragic that Logan left Egypt under such dire circumstances, but again, what happened to her should not and cannot possibly take away from what the Egyptian people have suffered in the past 30-years under dictatorship. There are witnesses to the crime against Logan, and it is my hope that the necessary reports and statements in support of finding and persecuting those who attacked her were made and that justice will be served.

    Incidentally, for those of you unaware, on January 8, 2011, The Egyptian Gazette reported that in 2011 Cairo became one of 20 (and growing) internationally-based cities to join a project launched by the Association of Development and Enhancement of Women (ADEW) aimed at making cities safe for girls and women; the project is part of a larger project initiated by the United Nations.

  7. Ah, well. Seems ol' Hosni was right after all. Arab barbarians just can't exist without an oppressor to keep them in line.

    I'm disgusted by Egyptians. Disgusted by your lack of care for others. I hope you will never get a place at the table of the league of nations. Pigs.

  8. If you really want to find out what happened, Zeinobia, then find the two dudes standing behind her in this picture and ask them:,0,7874593.story

    This was "moments before" she was assaulted, and you can see how afraid she was. You can also see the security guy on the left with his fist clenched while he's trying to hold the guy on that side back. And the security guy on the right seems to be trying to trying to help her escape. That's a clear shot and I imagine the people in the photo would be easy to identify.

  9. ON feb 11. the watch guards who gaurded the entrances to tahrir all left their posts and celebrated. Tahrir was open for everyone. I was there..there were like a million or more and you don't walk... you get pushed

    ..and there are several stories about sexual harass incidents that happened there.. am Egyptian but have to state the truth

    Who did that were not the protesters nor Mubarak thugs..rather some Egyptians who harass women all the time in the streets and found it a good opportunity to join the celebrations in tahrir to celebrate.......and more

  10. To the poster who said we should investigate the CBS security, why? It is not hard to believe that a group of thugs separated the security from Lara Logan.. What should have happened is, the security should have pulled out guns and shot every single Egyptian that was involved. Why should Lara have to prove anything? I think her saying that this happened is enough, I don't think she would lie about something like this and even if she did lie, CBS is a big corporation with a lot of integrity to protect.. they would not release this statement without looking in to it. If they felt that Lara was somehow making this up or exaggerating, they would have not even commented.

  11. Physical or sexual assaults are unacceptable and bad. As a matter of fact any assault is. I feel sorry for any victim of rape or abuse anywhere in the world regardless the reasons or motives.

    Following the twitter trending for Lara Logan was, on the other hand, a complete farce. Trying to change an incident of assault into an attack on Egyptian culture or society shows how biased and ignorant most twitter users are.

    First of all, take a look at which clearly shows that the US has the highest rate of rape account all over the world, and 9th if compiled in regards to population (per capita).

    Second, she's a reporter who choses to go on the field to cover hotspot events round the globe. This is a risky field but she made a free choice to have this as her career. Meaning she's more prone to attacks in any form than a normal foreign person anywhere in the world.

    Third, Egypt is going through a Revolution. These are not calm or ordinary times round here. Emotions are running dangerously high on both anti and pro regime sides. The people, the society, the whole atmosphere is not running around any norm in order to distinguish any of its behaviors as a trend or phenomenon.

    It's a sad incident, but I have to say it's nothing compared to 365 dead, 5000+ injured in a country revolting against a tyrant.

  12. Beautifully written, Yet again! Thank you!
    I have read too many stories that blamed Islam, the Egyptian people as a whole or the fall of the regime that failed to keep her "safe"
    Sadly this there are bad people every place in this world and they can not all be stopped.
    I have lived many years in Egypt as well as the USA. Not once have I ever been harassed or felt threatened in Egypt, even uncovered with long blond hair out in the open, not 1 man ever laid hands on me or gave me more than a passing glance.
    The same can not be said for the USA where I have been touched harassed and gawked at many times by heathens. I have always felt a sense of security at home in Egypt.
    Egyptians have morals that they actually live by. This was seen many times in Tahiri and during the revolution. People came together, took care of one an other, the normal every day spirit of the people shown threw to the world.
    I am 100% sure if these men who assaulted Ms.Logan were known they would be brought to justice right away and if truth be known they would more then likely already be known criminals.
    I hope the revolution goes down in history for what it was, a peaceful over throw of a violent regime by the brave proud people of Egypt.
    M.Baioumy @sweethabibi

  13. You make excellent points that need to be said.

    I want to share my perspective as an American who has been following the events unfold since Jan. 25. Many conservatives in the US are very disturbed over the support and solidarity the vast majority of Americans extend to the Egyptian people who toppled a dictator. Since before 9/11, these conservatives (for lack of a better term) have been steadily brainwashed (willingly) through certain media to think that all Arabs are the enemy. Corporate interests (oil, military suppliers) profit and control people by maintaining this stereotypical view. Media, corporations and our own government have nurtured fear and hatred in the society.

    At the same time, American pride rests in our history as a country founded through a revolution. For generations we have been prideful that our ancestors fought and sacrificed for freedom. Most people see the similarities. But when Americans that accepted the brainwashing see Egyptians courageously fighting and sacrificing for these same things it creates cognitive dissonance. They are confused and they know that criticizing Egypt's revolution is hypocritical. The most they could do was spread fear and fabrication about the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Sadly, the attack on Lara Logan gave them a focal point for hated. Never mind that the US leads the world in the number of reported rapes. They were grasping for a straw, and they found it in this sad episode.

    Finally, I am more heartened than ever by the kindness and humility of Egyptian people. They have started a Facebook page to apologize to Logan and wish her well.

    To my knowledge, America has never united to apologize publicly for a crime committed by criminals against an international visitor!

    Please don't be distressed over the reaction of right-wingers in America. If it wasn't this, they would have made something else up. Americans that support Egyptians' democratic movement will not turn against you.

  14. Under no circumstances can anyone in his or her right mind "criminalize" the jan25 protesters and activists...they have proven to the whole world what they are made of and have given us a lesson in courage and dignity. They do however to some extent represent the young secular intellectual "elite" of Egypt and not necessarily the reality of Egyptian society. Also, I would agree that rape and sexual assault of women are a worldwide phenomenon, although I am not aware of any accurate statistics (mainly because a significant percentage of women do not come forward or press charges). It is however mathematically certain that a woman (especially western) getting on a crowded public bus in Cairo will inevitably be know where. This constitutes a severe sexual harassment and does not occur in other parts of the world (at least not as a "fact of life"). It is also a fact that there are huge misconceptions about women (especially western) and sexual emancipation is on a pitiful level. In other words, it may be hard to point out in light of the magnificent and inspiring events of these past weeks, but Egyptian society has a problem when it comes to sexual harassment of women.
    And while I very much hope that the future will reveal all the facets of poor Mrs. Logan's ordeal with the perpetrators being punished, this is not the immediate issue. My sister lives in Cairo's Tahrir square many months of the year and she actively and courageously supported the frontline during the revolution where many of her friends were struggling. She was celebrating in the square all night long and in tears told me of the fantastic atmosphere and proud moment, mentioning in a by-the-way tone...apart of the "usual" ass grabbing...!
    Alberto Ghiringhelli (alghirin on twitter)

  15. The sad fact is women are raped and sexually assaulted in ALL countries buy ALL races of people. I know of women in the US and UK that have been subject to violent gang rape. I am sure it also happens to men. It is truly awful that it happened but is not unique to Egypt, or any country.

  16. This horrific incident is just another sign what is coming to Egypt. You just have to keep in mind that intellectually balanced Egyptians like the author of this website are a strict minority in Egypt. He is probably a little naive/young and not really aware or simply ignorant of this huge cultural/intellectual/political division within Egypt.

    The main masses in this birth-rich country consists of poor, uneducated people. Many of them are brainwashed through the constant and highly intolerant Wahabist television propaganda sponsored by Saudi Arabia (any non-Muslim is basically an enemy). Look at how the Egyptian Christians are having to cope with the ever rising Muslim fundamentalism (AKA fascism).

    The attack on Lara/CBS was carried out through Egyptians who represent in extremis a large part of Egypt, brainwashed men from the slums/poor suburbs. Taught to hate people of different religion, culture, etc., and to suppress female influence at any cost. Not surprisingly, these regions are the territory of the Muslim Brotherhood...

    Countries get leaders they deserve. Quality of leadership reflects the state of development of the nation and its people. Egypt was content with a sole leader for 30 years...

    To think Egypt will become more democratic in the Western sense is naive. Sure, there will be a transitional phase with some democratically elected interchanging parties/governments. But this pseudo-democratic phase will not last when the Muslim Brotherhood have transformed themselves into a full political force, backed by the poor masses.

    In 3 years from now, Egypt will be just another banana republic of Muslim fundamentalism.

    However, I'll cheer if the Egyptian majority proofs my sceptism otherwise by then.

  17. What happened to Lara was horrible, but we cannot blame "Egyptian men". This crime was committed by thugs. We can only pray for Lara, and all women who endure this at the hands of people who cannot be called real men.

    Real men don't rape women.

    Thank you, Zeinobia, for writing this.

  18. @Sweethabibi "Not once have I ever been harassed or felt threatened in Egypt, even uncovered with long blond hair out in the open, not 1 man ever laid hands on me or gave me more than a passing glance. The same can not be said for the USA where I have been touched harassed and gawked at many times by heathens."

    LOL. No one ever gawked at you, heathen or otherwise.

  19. Thanks for the writing this apology to Lara. I know this incident involved just some bad people, and there were good people who rescued her. I am so happy for the Egyptian people, and I wanted to show my humble support by visiting Egypt in late April with my boyfriend. We both love history, and it would have been a dream vacation for us. But he's been a bit reticent about visiting so soon after the demonstrations. Unfortunately, now his answer is a definite no. It's very sad, but I understand his feelings, and I would now be afraid to go to Egypt with just one man protecting me (I am blonde, petite and about Lara's age). It's all just so sad.

  20. @programmer craig
    I can't see anything of that what you interpreted in your posted photo link. She lloked a little bit pissed, but not afraid, and also the people around her doesn't look angry in any kind. To blame especially this people for the sexual harrasment is proven by nothing, that could have been totally another guys moments later, who aren't on this picture.
    And no one can blame the #jan25 movement for this, this happened not in the days before, when activists controlled the place. At this evening there where more people than ever on this place, and I guess a lot of them the first time, there were no control.
    And for the right wingers who want use this terrible incident as a proof for their fearmongering and islamophic bias I could only say 2 words: FY

  21. She got what she deserved, Egypt is not Sweden what was this woman thinking running around in a country that loathes non-Muslims and even worse Americans or Jews I hope they all get the message or get the same

  22. first : there is ZERO prove regarding what she is saying ( and she even doesnt want to clarify anything further than what she said)

    second: if we assumed its true,, it happens by and large in big cities, and big crowds !!

    third : why everybody DO concentrate on the assailants and refare all egyptians as rapists ,, and completely ignore that she was actually saved by Egyptians !!!! and EVEN egyptians who were celebrating in crowed !

  23. What happened to Lara was horrible. They must know who did this. Has anyone been arrested?

    We have heard that it was a group of Egyptian Women who brought the troops to rescue her. We would like to know who they were and send them a big Thank You.

  24. Not all Egyptians are to blame. Full credit and thanks to those who rescued her. But some commenters in this thread pretend Lara's being a pretty blonde non-Muslim is a coincidence. I say pretend because nobody with any common sense believes that, no matter what their religion, nationality or politics. The assertion is just insult heaped upon injury. Here's a thought experiment: You are a rapist. You really want to rape someone. You choose... a lady accompanied by television cameras and security guards?

  25. Sweethabibi: I have lived many years in Egypt as well as the USA. Not once have I ever been harassed or felt threatened in Egypt...

    That account differs from the account of every other woman I've encountered who has lived or worked in Egypt.

    Anonymous: You just have to keep in mind that intellectually balanced Egyptians like the author of this website are a strict minority in Egypt.

    Well, after reading Zeinobia for some time off and on, I'm left dazed and confuse by your claim she is "intellectually balanced". Did you read her posts about the Turkish terror flotilla? I can't think of any case where I'd call somebody who makes such inflammatory statements that directly contradict the available evidence as "balanced". And now she's complaining when the same thing happens to Egyptians?

    schnellinger: I can't see anything of that what you interpreted in your posted photo link. She lloked a little bit pissed, but not afraid...

    CBS released that picture for a reason, and the reason is that it was taken immediately before the incident in question. And she certainly does look afraid. And not only that, she looks like she is trying to escape. What is your purpose for denying what's shown in that photo?

    ...and also the people around her doesn't look angry in any kind.

    Who says men only beat women and commit rapes while they are angry?

    To blame especially this people for the sexual harrasment...

    Harassment? What is your purpose in trying to characterize an alleged beating and sexual assault as mere "harassment"? proven by nothing, that could have been totally another guys moments later, who aren't on this picture.

    And maybe it was, but those two guys know what happened and I suggested that if Zeinobia really wants to find out the truth and deliver justice for this incident so that Egypt's reputation won't be harmed, those gentlemen in the photo need to be interviewed by police.

    And no one can blame the #jan25 movement...

    I can blame you for your attempts to whitewash the crime and help the perps avoid justice, though, right?

    And for the right wingers...

    Right-wingers? Lara Logan has been attacked and smeared by all sides, including by Egyptian protesters both at the time the incident happened and afterwards in attempts to do damage control. It's your attempt to make it seem as if this is "right-wingers" causing a problem where none exists that will fail.

  26. first : there is ZERO prove regarding what she is saying ( and she even doesnt want to clarify anything further than what she said)

    Her career is over. You'd have to be some kind of idiot to think she fabricated this incident. In fact, I'd guess from the delay of 4 days before CBS released any information that she didn't want word to get out about what had happened to her, at all.

    Zeinobia, you have a lot of subhuman cretins commenting in this thread and I don't think any of them are American right-wingers. Just making an observation!

  27. "the horror the horror"

    Kurtz was right.

  28. This is a tough woman, and as difficult as the details of her assault are, the perpetrators should be exposed for who and what they are. The Mubarak regime was behind the earlier detainment and torture. Were his henchmen behind this assault too? While protesting the abuse of Muslim women by non Muslim men, Muslim men seem to think that non Muslim women are free to abuse. Come to think of it, they seem to think that all women are free to be sexually abused unless complicit to the religious police.

  29. By the way. I will not be surprised, considering how many video-enabled cell phones were in Tahrir Square, if a Lara Logan rape video turns up.

  30. I'm a very liberal American and I've lost all sympathy for Egypt. When will middle Eastern countries start taking responsibility for how they treat women?

  31. I'm shocked by how indifferent and apologetic Egyptian posters are to this attack. "Happens in America too!" So what???? Are you out of your mind? Is it a competition in your country? The nation that rapes the most women wins?

    I hope a day will come when Egypt is mature enough to see how wrong this is. I'm so sorry for Logan. What a horrible world to live in.

  32. The main problem is and always has been the Muslim attitude to women.I think that Muslim men are frightened of the interlect of women,which is why they need to dominate and abuse them.

    This is a social ad about sexual harassment in Egypt, which is a huge problem and from today. Unfortunately Lora didn't know that :(

  34. programmer craig's term of 'subhuman cretins' sounds exactly like well known german Nazi-language. Thats what I expect from a so called Liberterian whos intellectual skills are to weak to get even a single point from other posters here.

  35. Good for the strong Egyptian women that intervened and assisted Ms. Logan. Shame on the weak men that took part in the crime. How "manly" is it to take part in a gang assault on a woman? How "manly" is it to stand by and let it happen? It's truly barbaric and dog like behavior that reflect very badly on Egyptians. Though in truth, these things can and do happen EVERYWHERE the timing on this is bad for the Egyptians.

  36. Am I the only one who remembers a very similar incident involving a couple of young Egyptian women in Tahrir Square during Eid holidays a couple of years ago? And that they were only rescued by some storekeepers who hid them inside, crying and naked? There is no point in pretending that there is not an incredible amount of sexual harassment on the street in Cairo everyday of young and old women, of foreign and Egyptian women, and of women dressed in every way -- short skirts, headscarves and niqab alike. And that plenty of Egyptians, male and female, find it appalling. It is a daily reality for women in Egypt hat should be discussed forthrightly, just as Zeinobia has done here.

  37. The saddest thing is that this whole situation could have been avoided if CBS has taken some precautions:

  38. Saying that Egyptian culture, and Muslim culture in general is not misogynistic and violent is like saying America is not a country of overweight capitalists. Not the most endearing character traits, but the truth nonetheless. The first step to moving past and growing is admitting and acceptance. A sexual assault like this definitely would not have happened in America, our police are too effective and our citizens are good samaritans.

  39. I am very sorry to hear that a mob attacked Ms. Logan while she was reporting from Cairo. I hope the attackers are caught.

    As a western "good looking blond" who has lived and worked in Cairo and speaks Arabic, I have experienced the usual daily cat calls and sexual comments from men in the streets of Cairo along with the rare 'accidental' physical groping. Most of this harassment, while annoying, is fairly innocent. (ya 'qamr, ya asl, ya 'ishta, ya sukr). What happened to Ms. Logan goes beyond anything I ever saw. It sounds like typical soccer hooligan behavior that develops in a mob environment, not the typical sexual harassment in Egypt. This sounds like an urban inner-city problem that we are very familiar with in the West.

    It is absolutely wrong to ascribe this incident to the religion of Islam or the 'Arab mentality'. In the villages of Egypt, where I traveled on business, and which are far less westernized than Cairo, I never experienced a single sexual comment or cat call in the streets. It is all but impossible to imagine this incident occurring in any Egyptian village I saw. In fact, Arab culture may be a big deterrent as it would involve(haq arab)for the transgressor with the host of the female guest.

    I must say that every time I was being bothered by a jerk on the street, there were many more Egyptian men nearby who intervened on my behalf and apologized to me. I have always felt very safe in Cairo, day or night.

  40. @ Anonymous: "Saying that Egyptian culture, and Muslim culture in general is not misogynistic and violent is like saying America is not a country of overweight capitalists."

    "A sexual assault like this definitely would not have happened in America, our police are too effective and our citizens are good Samaritans."

    You apparently do not know Egypt or America.

    In the US in 2009 according to the FBI there were over 1,300,000 violent crimes; 15,000 murders, 88,000 forcible rapes, and 800,000 aggravated assaults. I do not have the Egyptian crime stats, but I am sure that compared to the US Egypt is NOT a violent place.

    During the LA riot, only one of many well-known riots in the US where mobs attacked people, there were 53 murdered, 2000 people injured, 3600 fires set destroying at least 1.100 buildings, unbridled looting, and 11,000 arrest in 5 days. Remember the Reginald Denny beating video where American samaritans stood and watched? Mobs can be violent anywhere.

    The Egyptian revolution was amazingly peaceful by contrast. However, I am sorry for everyone who was killed or hurt in Egypt, including Lara Logan.

  41. "A sexual assault like this definitely would not have happened in America, our police are too effective and our citizens are good samaritans."
    Wow! What's the color of the sky of the planet where you living on? Green? And could the unicorns there speak?
    Your statement is dumber than dumb.


  42. What happened to Lara Logan is exactly why Israel has nukes on the ready, 3min fly time away from every major Egyptian city... in case of war we cannot ever allow you pigs to take, even briefly, any Israeli town or village on the border because all the women there would become Lara Logans...

  43. What a horrible thing to say Anonymous. I'm not worried for you that sometime you'll be in bed staring at the ceiling asking yourself how you could say such hateful things. I'm worried for you that you won't.


    What do you think of that "2/20/2011 12:35:00 AM" you fucking moron.

  45. Zozo, This is not an American. This is a Subhuman Zionist Jew. They are malodorous heaps of subhuman trash. You can literally smell them if they are in any building. Suddenly you feel unable to breath because of the stench... Ask any New Yorker :-)


    What do you think of that "2/20/2011 12:35:00 AM" you fucking moron.

  47. Unbelievable.

    What I find ironic, or hilarious, or f*cking outrageous, depending on what time of day it is, or how much booze I have had to drink, and so on, is the fact that the people who are calling Egyptians "pigs" and "savages" because a woman was brutally raped on their soil are the last people in line to do a damn thing about women's rights in the world. Women get raped and brutalized every day around the world. Do not for one minute think that I am fooled by your use of women's rights as a guise for your own bigotry. If you truly care about women's rights and if you are actually truly mortified by what happened to Lara Logan then shut up and do something. There are all sorts of organizations out there who are currently working to end the terrible atrocities that happen to women every day, in every corner of the world, including the good ol' USA. Put your money where your bigoted mouth is...

  48. Dear Anonymous:
    Rape is not endemic to one single group of people, gender, culture, or nation. Moreover, the violent rhetoric and tone of your comments reveal the same kind of rage, social inadequacy , flaccid imagination, and psychological sexual anxiety exhibited by most rapist. Could it be, that you are a latent rapist?

    Or, perhaps you have already raped inside your mind?

    Better yet, perhaps, you're an ideological rapist --
    a rapist of dreams, decency, peace, innocence, sunny days, civility, music, art, and everything that is holy and wholesome in the world.

    You see, my dear, "anonymous" friend: anyone who conducts himself/herself in the same kind of narrow-minded violent terms as you, is also a kind of rapist.

    We'll pray that God sends you love and illumination.
    There is still hope for you.


    "What happened to Lara Logan is exactly why Israel has nukes on the ready, 3min fly time away from every major Egyptian city... in case of war we cannot ever allow you pigs to take, even briefly, any Israeli town or village on the border because all the women there would become Lara Logans..."

  49. OMG so much hatred and cursing @ the Egyptian people! what happened to Lara is tragic and I am really sorry for her and my prayers for her recovery. People need to understand there were millions of people on that Square and we should not blame or label all Egyptian people as pig/rapist/thug/moron! this has nothing to do with religion or culture! sex assault and raped happens everywhere even in a civilized and liberal countries! and dont forget she was save by Egyptian women and the military! we just hope that there will be witnesses that will come forward and bring this thugs to justice!

    as for an Anon for his remark "A sexual assault like this definitely would not have happened in America, our police are too effective and our citizens are good Samaritans."

    are BS! I lived in Atlanta, GA and there were so many cases of sex assault and raped and I even remembered in 1996 on a Freaknik Parade girls were sexually assaulted and raped and until now the Mayor against having this parade in Atlanta but that didnt make me judge all black Americans or Americans rapist, pigs or moron or uncivilized people!

    As for the Zionist Jewish who thinks they are perfect and better than other people, read here:

  50. Lara was attacked by a bunch of filty animals. The culture is designed to subjugate and opress women. No wonder their women wear burkas, the men can't control themselves and society accepts and excuses their behaviour.

  51. @last Anon,

    I dont know from were you get your info but it seems you watched too much Fox news!! I bet you have not been to any Gulf or Middle Eastern countries, Asian Muslim countries or even Cairo to say such bullshit comment! or even know any Muslim people in your community!

    "The culture is designed to subjugate and opress women. No wonder their women wear burkas"

    Dont compare what you see on fox news about women in Afghanistan or Pakistan to other Muslim countries and FYI, there are women who wears burkas on their own choice and not because they were force or oppress to do so.

    'the men can't control themselves'

    Even in the liberal West countries there are so many cases of sexual assaults, raped and domestic abused on women and children! at least in Muslims countries we dont have to spend thousands and the need to put security system in our own home for our safety!!!

    'society accepts and excuses their behaviour'

    No Muslim societies will accept and tolerated such behaviour in their countries as you indicated!

    We all know that we are not living in a world where there are no crimes! crimes happens and we have to deal with it! So GET A LIFE!!!

  52. The last anonymous didn't say anything to defend whom he tried to defend. All he said is that these sort of things happen elsewhere too, in a way he justified the barbaric act.

  53. Eyewitness accounts of the Lara Logan incident:

    Hmm. Evidently Lara Logan is the new Jessica Lynch.

  54. From Almasry Alyoum English Edition, March 2: Planned Tahrir demo for allegedly assaulted US reporter sparks controversy.

    Almasry Alyoum's comment is disgusting: "no evidence of the alleged assault has been produced."

    Here is Alice's link enlivened: Eyewitness: About What Happened To Lara Logan. @Alice, I don't know if you agree or even noticed, but Female Faust apparently thinks that if Logan's assailants were shouting "Jewish spy" at her rather than simply "Jew!" then that's perfectly fine.

  55. there are a lot of people are blind. This assault was the public and held in apublic place where there was a lot of people who accept this extremely cruel act. Makers did not hide anyone, nor ashamed of it was the whole crowd on the street, and probably the majority view, it was normal.
    Sorry for spelling errors, using the google translate.

  56. Here is an essay for you all, The Arabs have a very long way to go, discuss.

  57. Here is an essay for you too, the racists who want to paint this attack as unique to Arabs have a long way to go, discuss.

    Everyone has condemned the attack on Lara Logan. The dispute is over the racist attempts to attribute the attack to Islam or Arab culture. The painting of Muslims and Arabs as savages, while the West and Christianity is civilized should have died with colonialism. The statistics of western violence quoted in a comment above should be ample evidence that violence is not unique to the Arab world. (And those stats do not even include all the violence used by the western militaries, including torture, assassinations, etc. Abu Gharib, anyone?)

    The narrating of the story as a "sustained sexual assault" in which she was "rescued by 20 women" in the middle of all those Egyptian men in Tahrir Square is disturbing because it is a very unlikely reality. It sounds more like the stereotyping of Arab men in the American imagination. It is almost certain that Arab men rescued her from her attackers. This detail makes the narration lose credibility and detracts from constructive discussions.

  58. I am troubled by several things. First, CBS reported she was "stripped naked" then "beaten by poles" and "savagely gang raped and sodomized for 30 minutes by hundreds of men. THEN the story changed to she was "bitten all over" and "beaten with fists" but up (yet there are NO signs of any physical trauma on her when she did her interview a month later!). Next she claims that she was stipped naked and she knew it because she felt air on her breasts. Wait... WTF?? A mass of men are raping you and sodomizing you yet they never grope your chest? Really? NOW she is saying they "pinched her all over" and "stick their fingers in her vagina and anus." Really? A mob of crazed men have you naked for a half an hour and all they can think to do is stick their fingers inside you butt hole? So what? they like celebrating with white girl butt-smell on their hands? If you watch her interview, she is RECITING, not remembering. Everything she says is contrived. Even the camera man clearly does not say that she was naked OR bleeding. How is that humanly possible? Arab men physically destroyed Kaddafi within 5 minutes of him being grabbed. Yet she has no facial damage whatsoever? No pain a month later, can talk calmly and recite very interestingly worded yet devoid of specific details claims a month later. All she kept talking about was how they "pulled on her arms and legs." What? Really? It just all seems very manipulated for attention to me. I do not believe that woman. I believe she got scared and groped. I believe she may even have gotten shoved around.The rest I am thinking is just trying to further her career and get as much attention for herself as possible.

    The whole things just sounds difficult to believe. There has to be other cell phone video out there. I reserve my judgement on the truth until it surfaces. I just do not buy into the whole "lets nuke Egypt because Lara Logan is upset" song and dance. I see way way too much radical racism stirred up by this one woman.

    Seriously, it was her own news station that claimed she was "savagely and brutally gang raped and sodomized for over half an hour." Now she is trying to turn the initial LIE into some sort of feminist rant about the treatment of women world wide. Am I the only one wondering why there are so many things that do not line up with this?

    Seems the media needed a new reason to stir up interracial hatred and specifically American hatred toward people in the Middle East. And the mindless masses are immediate to think what they are told to think, believe what they are told to believe and hate whom they are told to hate.

    Reporters are by their very nature "creators of truth" rather than "recorders of truth." They are histrionic, attention-seeking, and vain. I am thinking this is the tale of a very emotionally needy and damaged woman. But I am thinking that happened a long time before she went to Egypt. I believe she saw this as an opportunity to stir up attention for herself. As sick as that sounds, I am tending to believe it is a better explanation for all the "changes" this story has gone through.

    I would venture to guess that there was NO semen found in Egypt and that when they examined her no rape was discovered.

    She returned to the USA and spent 4 days in the hospital. Why? Was she dehydrated? She says she was "torn" vaginally? Really? Yet a month later she has no pain? I do not know that a gang rape victim would only be monitored in a hospital for 4 days. And interestingly enough, she never mentions the fear of having contracted HIV or herpes or anything.

    Why not? Oh wait... the hundreds of men who grabbed her never actually penetrated her with anything other than their fingers? And then they used those fingers to PINCH her skin and pull her hair... after RIPPING ALL HER CLOTHES OFF... Does this make sense to anyone? It sure doesn't to me.

  59. You are full of shit. She didn't lie once. You may as well be denying the holocaust. Idiot.


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