Egyptian Chronicles: Mubarak’s residence in Sharm

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mubarak’s residence in Sharm

Officially former president Mubarak has not left the country , he said it clearly that he would live in Egypt till the end of his life and will be buried in it after his death.

Officially former president Mubarak is in Sharm El-Sheikh. Some sources say that he is so sick to the level of being currently in coma , other sources say that he is fine but he is deeply depressed, while other sources like the Times says that he eats Caviar and Swiss chocolate in his self-exile at the Red Sea.

Der Spiegel shared with us the location of Mubarak’s palaces or rather villas at Sharm El-Sheikh Maritime peninsula hotel & resort.  Mubarak and his sons got three villas or rather palaces in an excellent location there.

Where the Mubaraks are currently staying

Now I have got a question : Are these villas or palaces or whatever following the presidency !? Because if they do , then they are state owned properties !!

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  1. What I read somewhere is that he personally owns stakes in this complex which is owned by a friend of his FromJoanne

  2. His friend Hussein Kamal El Din Salem was the one caught with 500 Million $ in Dubai


  3. Be aware that there are 2 Maritim hotels in Sharm !
    this is where he stays
    then there is this one as well

    Nicolas C. Solari the opening manager for the Maritim Royal Peninsula & Spa in Sharm el Sheik has a blog where he describes the hotel
    scroll down to Thursday, April 26, 2007


  4. sorry here is the link

  5. lol leave the poor man alone. He left so khalas.. are we going to stalk him too?

  6. who is Maritem, that they can buy all these resorts in Egypt £700million for what was crocodile Island now kings Island.
    lots of stories now on guvorner Dr Samir Faraq the thief,

  7. Hi
    been following you on twitter over the past few weeks thanks for keeping my up all night during the protests, great job done thanks to the youth Egypt is on its way to being a free nation, long way to go but with the determination shown it will get there long live the revolution ,
    I am A Welshman been here in Luxor since 2003.
    the regime took many of my blogs down. even threatened me on a few occasions because I talked of the corruption here in the courts.
    you can now read my story in parts as I am now trying to shame the British ambassador to help me get my rights.on
    no need to put this on your post but feel free to do so if you wish.


    I was so happy for you that night. But I should have known better.

  9. Off topic but... CBS News reporter Lara Logan was separated from her camera crew and brutally gang-raped. The perpetrators presumably were anti-regime, since the attack took place amid February 11 festivities at Tahrir Square.

  10. Hans Houmøller2/16/2011 02:29:00 AM

    That's exactly the place we went from January 29. to February 3. We heard that Mubarak did the same and was told that police had increases in numbers but no military.

  11. Regarding Lara Logan this is unfortunate news. Many years ago, while acting war correspondence in Iraq she had a quite steamy sexual affairs. But it was all consensual.

    In another bit of this daily news, more than a dozen U.S. veterans who say they were raped or assaulted by comrades filed a class-action suit in federal court Tuesday attempting to force the Pentagon to change how it handles such cases. This subject is also off topic.

  12. pleased to see the Egyptian society was able to overthrow the president a hard head, more interested in personal than in the community,
    now living improvement for much better:)

  13. ABC news reported that the Mubarak family owns several properties around the world, namely in Egypt, London, Paris, Spain, New York and LA.
    A high ranking Saudi was quoted that Mubarak has given up and is determined to die in Sharm Elsheigh.

  14. Not state-owned, the entire village Jolie ville belongs to his best friend Hussein Salem who has already fled on jan 29th to London.

  15. They are not state owned, Zeinobia.
    Back to the year 2000, i've known they were a gift from Hussein Salem to the Mubaraks


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