Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Army Communiqué No.5 : Stop Striking !!

I did not post the army communiqué No.5 as I should in time yesterday but here it is.
General Mohsen El-Fangary did not send that communiqué to the TV but he announced in a strong tune to send a direct message : Stop these strikes.
The army believes that these strikes are harming our economy and stability , thus it urges the citizens to stop it now.
Since last week and the country is full of strikes in almost all sectors especially the public sector , the employees are no longer to express their anger and refusal to the corruption in the sector and also to their inhuman working conditions.
Some people are with these strikes as a guarantee that the people do not give up this protesting spirit while most of the Egyptians. They also think that this is a threat from the army.
I am torn between the two opinions because as much as I understand the army council does not have a magic wand to solve all our problems in 7 days , I know how much people are suffering. I think it is not the in hands of the armed forces council more than it is in the hands of the cabinet and this is why we need a national interim cabinet not another NPD cabinet with the same corrupted faces like Sameh Fahmi !!
Again the general was careful to remind people that the army does not want to rule and that it is working for a civil state.
Now I am so curious why the media considers this as communiqué no.5 , well according to experts the announcement to freeze the constitution and disband the parliament is a constitutional declaration not a communique
Due to its constitutional nature general El-Fangary did not read it.
General Mohsen El-Fangary , the aide of general Tantawy has become a public figure in Egypt with huge popularity more than you can imagine.

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