Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The heroes of Sinai in #Jan25 Revolution

The Mubarak regime mastered the game of splitting the Egyptian society in order to make us weak so we would not be able to confront it. The Mubarak regime mastered the divide conquer game but it forgot that at one point it will not work anymore and this is what happened in #Jan25.

For too long the Mubarak regime and its media kept on treating our people in Sinai as traitors who are working against us , for too long the Mubarak media spread lies about their loyalty and but in #Jan25 revolution all Mubarak’s lies were exposed. 

You must know that since January 28th more than 10,000 Egyptian from the locals in North Sinai protected our borders standing at the Rafah crossing 24 hours to stop any invasion from any kind when the police escaped and left the crossing without any security. The police left the crossing I repeat again and for 3 days the people of Sinai protected it. The people of Sinai really considered these days as they were from the Haram months and put all their fights and differences aside to protect the country.

There should be an immediate military tribunal to those officers and soldiers who left that crossing because now it is not about protecting the civil security , it is our borders !! It is a national security now which we can’t give up our right in it.

One of the major achievements in the revolution in North Sinai that the for the first time the Egyptian army is back there , Israel has to accept it at last.

Now representatives of almost all the tribes in Sinai issued this very important statement below

Sinai Bedouin supports the revolution

This is a statement is behalf on the majority of the tribes at North and South Sinai where they announce their full support to the revolution and their pledge to protect the Eastern borders “ where is the pledge of the police force ? "

Our people in Sinai demand the prosecution of the police officers responsible of murdering the protesters , the immediate lifting of the emergency laws and of course their right to own land in Sinai.

The tribes will elect a delegation next week in order to start negotiations with any government and also with the current armed forces council. The delegation is made mainly from the young Bedouins. About 350 men from nearly all tribes in Sinai gathered at Wadi Watir , South Sinai to issue this important statement posted above.

God bless our people in Sinai.

By the way the former governor of Sinai general Muard Muwafi who headed the military inelligence before has been appointed as our new spy chief instead of former VP Omar Soliman


  1. Could you please translate what the man says?

  2. long live the revolution
    solidarity with the revolution
    we the Bedouin tribes of north and south Sinai
    in the light of the end of the corrupt regime
    which have neglected our demands and oppressed us
    we support the same demands of the revolution
    we demand
    end of the emergency law
    end of the military court rulings
    release of our prisoners
    compensation for the families of our martyrs 250 all killed by the police
    legal register of our lands which we have been living on for thousands of years
    we support the protests next friday and we will join them here in Sinai

    long live the revolution
    long live Sinai
    long live Egypt

  3. Thank you for translating.

  4. I felt sorry for this people! they are Egyptians but the the mubarak regime have been treating them like second citizen. they dont have the rights to own their land too! they have been mistreated by the regime all their lives! I hope the new Government will treat this people better and give them their right and released of their people from the prison who are been there without reason or without trial! and start building the Sinai area just like the late President Sadat wants.

  5. Thank you for the translation!


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